Intune for Education Deployment Training – Troubleshooting

Hi, this is Jeff Buller. I’m a program manager on
the Intune Product Group. And this session is Intune
for Education troubleshooting. So in this session, we’re going
to review four different areas. We’ll first review
common issues. We’ll talk about tools that are
available for troubleshooting, how do you collect
logs in Windows, and then also
additional resources. All right, let’s take
a look at some issues that you may run into
related to enrollment. If you’re using bulk enrollment,
if you’re provisioning package installation fails during
out of box experience, you want to check
on a few things. First of all that the version
of Windows 10 is 1703 or above and that the device that you’re
installing the provisioning package on is the same version. In addition, you
want to make sure that you have
internet connectivity. If you don’t have
internet connectivity on the device you’re installing
provision package on, it will fail. And then you also want to make
sure that the provisioning package token hasn’t expired. Remember when we created
the provisioning package, it has a 30 day
expiration time frame. Now for self-service
enrollment, you want to make sure that
also you have good internet connectivity. And you can verify that by
just opening up a browser and connecting to a
public internet web site. In addition, you
want to make sure that you have the correct
account and password to sign in. You can validate in Azure AD to
make sure that the user exists and also that they’re licensed
for Intune for Education. Now let’s look at
some common issues related to Settings
and applications not reaching the device. First of all, you want to
ensure that the settings and applications that are
assigned, that they’re assigned to their appropriate group. And that’s really easy to check. You can go ahead
and go into groups, and then look at the different
settings and applications that have been assigned. In addition for applications,
you can go into apps and take a look at
that specific app and look at the different
groups that it’s been assigned. In addition, you
want to make sure that you wait a
sufficient amount of time for those applications
and settings to come down. And you also have the
option to do a remote sync from the Intune in Azure portal,
and then also from the Windows device itself. And then you also want
to check to make sure that there’s no settings in
the settings error report. So now let’s take a
look at some tools that are available for you. The first tool is called
the troubleshooting portal, and it’s a valuable tool that
help desk staff and Intune administrators to use, the
assist then in troubleshooting Intune for Education. There’s two ways
that you can get to the troubleshooting portal. You can get to the
troubleshooting portal through portal.azure.com and
go into the Intune blade. And then you can also go
into it through the link of aka.microsoft/in
tunetroubleshooting. Now let’s take a walk
through for troubleshooting. We’re now in the
Intune and Azure portal in the troubleshoot blade. And so the first step in
using the troubleshoot blade is to select the user. And we’ll select
this user, Jess KL. And once we select
this user, we’re able to find information
about the user, their account name, their email
address, that they’re licensed for
Intune, that they’re device is compliant, the
different groups that they are members of. We also see the number of
applications that they’ve been assigned, and a
listing of the devices that they’ve enrolled. In addition, we can take a
look at the different settings that have been applied to them. And here, we can see that we
have one setting policy that’s been applied. Let’s go ahead and
select one of the devices that this user has enrolled. Once we do that we
find some information about the device, the
operating system, the last time it checked in. We can also look at detailed
hardware information. And even discovered applications
that are on the device. If we wanted to take a
remote action on this device, we would select Overview. And here we can remove the
company data from the device. This is like an unenrollment. We can do a factory
reset of the device. If we select more, we can also
do a remote sync and a restart of the device itself. So the troubleshoot blade
is a very useful application to use when you’re
troubleshooting Intune for Education. Now let’s go back to the slides. The next section we’ll
look at for troubleshooting is log collection. Now you may run into
situations where you’ll have to call Microsoft
support and work with Microsoft support. And one of the things
that they may ask is for you to collect
the Intune for Education logs on the Windows device. And collecting logs
is very easy to do. You go into Settings, under
Accounts, and access work or school. And then you also select the
Export your management log files. And when you do
that, the log files will be saved in your C: drive
under Users, Public, Public Documents, under
MDM diagnostics. And then need to take those
files, those log files, and send them to
Microsoft support to further
investigate the issue. Let’s now take a look at
some additional resources that are available for you. The first is Intune Service
Health in the Office 365 Admin Center. So you can check the
status of Intune service and also view Intune
service messages in the Office 365 Admin Center. In addition, you can take
a look at this information in the Office 365 admin
mobile application. And I have a link there
to go ahead and click on. And this application runs
both on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Microsoft provides free support
for Intune for Education, whether it’s a trial
subscription or a paid subscription. And there’s more information
about Intune support at the link provided
on this slide. I provided some
additional information related to Intune for
Education troubleshooting. First of all, there is a link
to general troubleshooting tips for Microsoft Intune
and Intune for Education. There is a link to
Intune User Voice, which is a site that you can make
feature recommendations and report bugs. There’s the Intune forum to
discuss questions and issues that you may have. And then there is a
link to Intune support. This now includes the Intune
for Education troubleshooting session.

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