iOS – Troubleshooting a cellular data connection (Eng.)

Hi there. Have you ever experienced difficulties connecting
to the internet whilst using your iPhone? Well, today I am going to show you how to
configure your handset to resolve this matter. The first thing you need to do when you are
experiencing internet connection difficulties is to go to ‘Settings’ in your iPhone. In ‘Settings’, please select ‘Cellular’ Under ‘Cellular’, you will see ‘Cellular Data’.
This should be ‘green’ which indicates that your cellular data is switched ON. Another indication
that your cellular data is switched on is that you will also notice that either the 3G or 4G
signal is showing. This can be seen at the top left corner of your iPhone, next to the signal bars. To reset your mobile data service , try turning your Cellular Data off by pressing the button so that the green is no longer
showing. You will also notice that your 3G or 4G signal has now disappeared from the top left corner
of your iPhone. This indicates that your mobile data network is now switched off. After you have switched off your mobile data
network, switch it back on by pressing the Cellular Data button back to green. Your 3G or 4G signal
will also reappear to indicate your service is activated Now go to ‘Cellular Data Network’. You can
find this by scrolling down under ‘Cellular’. Check that the correct APN name is entered that the correct APN name is entered. If you
are not sure of the correct APN name, please ask your mobile network operator for details. For 1010 or O2f, the correct APN name is “mobile”,
all in small letters. The fields ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ should be blank. After checking that your Cellular Data is
on and APN name is correct, but you are still unable to connect to the internet, please try the following
process. Go to ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘General’.
Under ‘General’, please select ‘Reset’ and then select ‘Reset Network Settings’. The menu option ‘Reset Network Settings’ will
now appear — please select this option. Don’t worry though, by selecting this option,
you will only be erasing your Wi-fi password and restoring your iPhone’s Settings back to the
Operator’s Default Settings. You will NOT lose any of your personal data
such as photos or music. Your iPhone will now automatically restart
and reset your Cellular Data Settings to reconnect to the network If you are still experiencing connection difficulties,
please contact our Customer Service Hotline on “28881010” for assistance. I hope you have found this tip helpful. Thank
you for using our service!

Bernard Jenkins

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