iPad Not Charging? Here’s The Real Fix!

Hi guys, David and David here from Payette
Forward and in this video we’re going to explain what to do when your iPad won’t charge. When your iPad won’t charge, you can have
either a software problem or a hardware problem. We’re going to take care of both in this video,
but we’re going to start by troubleshooting the software. So how do we do that? Hard reset. Hard reset your iPad. So a lot of the time you think your iPad won’t
charge but what’s actually happened is that the software has crashed on sort of a black
screen. So it’s not that it won’t charge, it’s that
the software crashes, and if the software is crashed at what do anything when you do
anything to it. So hard reset — we’re gonna press and hold
the Home button and the power button at the same time usually takes about 15 seconds of
pressing and holding when the Apple logo appears release both buttons, it can take up to 30
seconds. Oh, yeah times. Yeah, so don’t give up hold it together for
longer than you have to hold it. And you should know David’s iPad is healthy. So it only takes a few seconds for him. Yep. Yep, Next Step. Next Step. So we did the hard reset. Yep, great if it worked. Yeah. Plenty more we can do. Let’s take a look at the lightning cable. Also known as your iPad’s charging cable. There it is. Let’s look at it. It’s great. Look for fraying or discoloration. Try a friend’s cable. See if that one works — sort of the best
way to do it. Yeah damaged cables can cause this problem. This cable is brand-new. It looks great. It does look great. Next, charger. Charger. Check for check for debris. Yep, check for problems. Try the wall charger, USB charger, car charger,
any chargers. Fridge charger? Yep, portable battery charger. Any charger you can think of — try with
your iPad. See if any of them work. If one works, not the other, your charger’s
the problem, not your iPad. Finally, we can take a look inside of your
iPad’s charging port. Right. And this is the problem a lot of the time. My friend Ryan just got back from a cell phone
store and he went all the way there and they said you’ve got some lint in there. So that’s exactly what we’re gonna do with
the iPad. You can handle this and if you have a toothbrush
at home that you’ve never used before that’s a good tool to use. We have an anti-static brush here. The point is not to use something that’s wet,
that could do more harm than good with the charging port but you might be described a
lot of stuff in there. Do not surprised by how much comes out of
your iPad. Yep Next Step. So let’s say yes. So the charging port is clean, but still can’t
charge. We’ve really addressed the three main components
of four main components of the charging process. What can we do now? Yeah first let’s just try to plug it into
the computer. Would you please plug this end into your iPad
and I will plug this end into my computer. We don’t waste your time. All right, here we go. Now why are you doing that? Well, because my fancy new Macbook doesn’t
have a USB port who needs that anymore. Thanks Apple. Okay, but I get to buy this fun adapter and
Amazon. So we’re gonna plug it in now if the iPad
shows up in iTunes, it means that there’s a problem with your iPad’s display. It’s not that it won’t charge. It’s already charged. It’s already on screen is black and it’s not
work back it up. You probably need to get your screen repaired
if it doesn’t show up in iTunes. You can still try to put it into DFU mode
and DFU mode is the deepest type of restore that you can do. If you restore the type you can do on an iPad
if it is a software problem a DFU restore. We’ll fix it. We have a great gift you restore video a link
to that up above in a car down below in the description. If it’s not a software problem time to repair
the you got two great options. First of all, the Apple Store if your iPad
is covered by AppleCare plus we also recommend Puls a third-party repair company will send
a technician directly to you within an hour an hour lifetime warranty on that repair can
be cheaper than a sometimes cheaper than Apple great company, we highly recommend them. So that’s what to do when your iPad won’t
charge. Leave us a comment down below if you have
any questions and don’t forget to subscribe to this Channel and click the notification
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Bernard Jenkins


  1. Thanks so much!! I tried using my iPhone charger it worked out fine. it was charged! for now on I will be using my iPad charger because I switched it with my iPhone one. thanks this helped so much and me and my family got so worried 😦 !

  2. Thanks for the tip.Its really great it made my ipad charge.Because my ipad always dosent charge properly,thank you guys for this

  3. Didn't work. Tried hard reset, soft reset, connect to computer, DFU mode, nothing changes. It's showing 'red line battery connect to charger'. My wife connected this to a 3rd party charging station and this ipad and an iphone bricked. IF you do all these steps and nothing works, what is the diagnosis?

  4. Looking at all these comments I'm thinkin apple is scamming and making faulty product smh

  5. My ipad is only charging when i put something under the end of the charger but when there is nothing under its stops charging.Anyone know how to fix?

  6. You definitely don't have a bad battery on that ipad! If you did you'd make different video.

  7. My problem is that I charge it and while I charge it I play with it,but now….I charge it and instead of charging it takes the battery away plz someone help if this has happened to u and respond how u fixed it

  8. My iPad Air is on 90 percent and then it dies if it’s not plugged in so I’ve got to keep my iPad on charge all the time other wise it will die and about 1 month ago my iPad was dead for about 3 days and I tried everything but then it was 100 percent charged. And now I’ve had it on charge all day and now it’s not turning on or anything. Does anyone know what to do??? Please help!

  9. My ipad charges, not charging, and says this accesory may not be supported i use my phone and it works fine so is it my ipad?

  10. My iPad won’t charge. Tried my husband’s cord. Still won’t charge. Changed ports, still won’t charge. Have tried everything I can think of. Nothing works. What do I do next?

  11. Thank you very very very much Guys! The hard reset worked but I had to add a twist to it… So I did the reset and nothing BAH junebug. So I did it again after waiting for at least 5 minutes, I think that the waiting part is very important as it never worked the first couple tries but after watching, and now waiting on the 3rd attempt it worked! I believe the recent update has something to do with it. Anyhoo my young son is a happy boy now, thanks guys!

  12. When I plug my Ipad in it doesn't charge at all but when my mom charges her phone it's perfectly fine

  13. I fell asleep while on my iPad and when I tried to charge it the next day I left it plugged in but when I got home from work it said 3% charged.
    I’m using the original charger for my iPad and it doesn’t go over 5%. I’ve tried hard reset and cleaned out the charging port, tried using other lightning cables and it said “this accessory may not be supported” even though I’m using the original charger???
    I tried plugging it in to iTunes on my pc but it won’t even recognize the iPad or have any response. Help

  14. I have a backup one but something needs to push it because it is a rip-off.

  15. My iPad won’t even show the empty battery icon when I charge it idk what to do

  16. My iPad doesn’t charge when using it 🙁 and it does say it is charging but it doesn’t! I am using a brand new charger, I tried with my old one and it doesn’t work either

  17. Uggh my charger won’t charge but when I put it in it doesn’t charge but sometimes it works but now it doesn’t my iPad is so low ok but everytime I use my sister charger it works doesn’t that mean we just need a new charger

  18. Apple ========> Garbage made for trash cans disposal

    Android========> made for real people who ain't eating trash (apples)

  19. my ipad is plugged in,works but is 1% and wont charge and it made this black bar appear on the top of my ipad im saving for a gaming pc so i dont wanna get set back $500 to buy a new ipad

  20. My wife has been frantic cause her IPad would not charge. The HARD reset worked. Thank you for sharing these tips

  21. My iPad is plugged in I tried both sides of the cord and it won’t show the charging sign and I’ve powered it off before bed then let it charge for 3 days straight and it hasn’t charged

  22. these two guys sugestion works only 5 % of the whole not charging ipad air 2

  23. nothing works it only shows the battery logo and wont hard reset, and wont charge with 5 different chargers

  24. Or you could just watch a DIY video and replace the battery. No real one will ever recommend taking your products to apple for repairs, so basically y’all work for Apple .


    I’ve been trying for 5 days too charge it without finishing the charge the first step helped I’m so grateful new subscriber !

  26. Thanks guys your tips helped me help myself it's a first when it comes to troubleshooting!

  27. These fuckos don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, you have to keep pulling it out and in, works for me

  28. My has been having problems charging a couple months now but if I insert, take it out, then reinsert my charger a couple times then it starts charging. Now my iPad won’t accept my charger and it’s on 1%. Should I still try to restart it?

  29. I found the fix its not your charger its the thing you plug into the wall it might be dirty if you have an extra one USE IT

  30. apple gear is so dangerous crap, I.ll never buy it again. It,s smell of communistic tones bult to Socioeconomic plan should band it

  31. I have had iPads for years now and I’d like to think I know a lot when it comes to iPads. Anyway, my IPad would not charge. Thanks to you guys I saved myself a service charge. Between the hard start and the CLEANING of the port it worked! Thanks guys!

  32. Listen .. mine doesnt charge when i plug it first time .. i unplug it then plug it and repeat for like 10 times so it will charge .. or i just turn it off and it charges from the first plug .. mu charger of the ipad works perfectly for mi iphone 8

  33. Mine only charges with Lightning to USB C cables. The standard USB to lightning cables always say "Not Charging" the charging port is definitely not dry, that's what I thought at first.

  34. thanks, though in a brief moment , it worked but when I put the 6 digit code an for a moment, the apple 'on its side', then it disappears and the iPad asked my code again and it works. does that apple go on its side, I did have a picture I sent , not sure which venue, but it was on its side and can't make it otherwise ?

  35. Mine is brand new and I'm new to using ipad or Apple products.. The problem is I'm using the cable and charger it came with but it charges so slow that i can't use it for anything while charging and it seems to drain very fast as well….im just confused ive never had a computer laptop or device with such poor battery function

  36. i ipad doesn’t charge unless i hold the charger and i’ve gotten a new charger 3 times it’s not the charger, my mom is currently screaming at me bc i’m mad at the ipad -,- it’s at 2% and it’s about to die goodbye 😭😔

  37. TYSM I was about to go to the apple store and probably pay $100 for them to remove a small piece of paper from my lightning port, using the toothbrush was very smart.

  38. For quite a while, my iPad Pro 12.9 will only charge with an actual Apple brand charging cable. Has anyone else encountered this same problem. I have tried to use numerous charging cables that easily charge other iPads and iPhones (3 other iPads and 2 iPhones). The only thing that will not charge on all of these other cables is my iPad Pro 12.9. We do not buy or use cables from the Dollar Store or any other cheap sources. We only buy quality brand cables.

  39. Maybe next time “try” make the video shorter so we ain’t worried about our phones dying when it’s on 1%…

  40. I just had a new battery installed in my iPad, I have a new charger, and the thing you plug the charger into on my iPad was replaced and is also new. My iPad charges very slowly but if I turn it on and try to use it, even though it's plugged in and charging, the charge quickly drains. Help!

  41. You're better off taking your iPad to the two guys from "The IT Crowd" than getting advice from these two useless tits.

  42. When I charge my iPad it says it’s charging then it doesn’t charge and I’m at 2%

  43. Apple Ipad 16GB no power on, no signs of charging, After watching this video I connected my ipad into the laptop, downloaded itunes, itunes detected my device and said it was in recovery mode, it's now downloading an update for the device and it looks like ive solved my problem
    Update: The ipad "IPAD" could not be restored, an unknown error occurred (4014). I'll now try restarting my pc
    Same again The ipad "IPAD" could not be restored, an unknown error occurred (9) I'll try restarting again

  44. So you guys are assuming my screen is off. What if the screen is on and the iPad is working like normal, but when the charging cable is connected nothing happens? When I wiggle the cable/plug the charging icon comes on for brief moments at a time, what do I do then?

  45. Held down Home and Start buttons for…1 minute…IT WORKED! Thanks guys!

  46. My iPad Is charging but it will only charge to two percent and when I turn it on while its charging it stops it won't go higher then 2

  47. The thunder bolt shows up but it doesn't charge or go down its stuck at 2% but I have realized my charger has a cut in it and a green wire is cut what do I do? Update: it does charge when my iPad is off

  48. How to fix the the problem of my ipad, while charging not shows charging icon and automatically show apple logo for a second and diappeared .and it is continue

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