iPhone Speaker Sounds Muffled? An Apple Tech’s Fix!

Hi guys, David is David here from payetteforward.com
and upphone.com, and in this video, we’re going to explain what to do when your iPhone
speaker sounds muffled. When your iPhone speaker is muffled, it can happen all the time, or
it could be muffled just during speakerphone calls, or the earpiece speaker can be muffled,
or it can be muffled if you’re listening to music in the Music app. So we’re going to
hit the big problems first that sort of address every single problem, and then we’re going
to move into the more specific fixes for the more specific problems. So a good place to
start is by playing a ringtone to make sure. Yeah. By playing ringtone to make sure, just
so we can see if it’s muffled all the time or just sometimes. Right. So let’s say it’s
muffled during speaker phone calls. Let’s see if it sounds muffled when you play ringtone.
So I can just head to settings and then sounds and haptics, and just drag this around and
you’ll hear a ringtone sound. Normally it’ll be much louder than that, but I’m doing a
screen recording. Yeah, so it’s going to be kind of soft. Yes. But you’ll be able to tell.
So let’s say that it is still muffled. Yeah, all right, so it’s muffled all the time — speakerphone
calls, music, always. Well, then you’re gonna take your phone out of its case and then clean
out the microphones and speakers. Exactly. So I already took it out of the case because
it’s kind of a pain to get out. Yeah, so to clean out the microphones and the speaker,
we just want to use an anti-static brush. And if you don’t have one of those lying around,
use a brand new toothbrush — one that you’ve never used before. Yep. Doesn’t matter — Oral-B,
Crest… we are equal opportunity toothbrush… Yes, right. So on the bottom of your iPhone
you’re going to have the speaker here. Just brush it out gently. And then also the microphone;
brush that out gently. Now, the microphones work with the speakers to cancel out background
noise, especially during phone calls. So if you’re having a problem with a muffled speaker
during a speakerphone call and you’re wondering why we’re talking about cleaning out the microphones,
this is why. There’s another microphone up in the top near the earpiece speaker. We’re
just giving it an overhaul here. A nice little… Looks great. And then on the back, there’s
another microphone right in the camera assembly. It’s a little… looks like a pinhole there.
Okay. So now we’ve cleaned out the microphones and the speakers. Alright. So we’ve done that
and it’s still muffled. Yeah. Well, real quick, we’re just going to restart your iPhone and
make sure it’s not some weird minor software glitch going on. There’s a few different ways
to do this. It’s easy if you just go to General and then scroll all the way to the bottom
and tap shut down. Tap shut down. Yeah. iPhone will turn off. Wait a few seconds, side button
or power button to turn it back on. Exactly. So if that didn’t work, it’s now time to move
to the accessibility settings. So we’re going to go there by opening Settings and tap General.
So General, accessibility — accessibility, right? And first we will look at the mono
audio. Mono a Mono! It’s not stereo. Just, we’re going to look at all the audio settings
that can affect the way that the sound comes out of your iPhone. That’s kind of obvious,
but that’s we’re going to do. Mono audio, it should be off. If it’s on it can change
the way the sound comes out of your iPhone. Noise cancellation, especially if your speaker
is muffled in the earpiece speaker, by turning this off, that might fix that problem. And
then this is the most common issue that we would see the Apple Store. It’s this LR Left
Right slider. It says underneath, “Adjust the audio volume balance between left and
right channels.” A lot of the time would be all the way over there on the left. Well,
that’s no good. Right. And so people would be listening and the speaker’s muffled, but
it really just one of the speaker’s was working at all. Or if it’s somewhere between it’s
going to sound weird. So make sure that this slider here is right in the middle. Perfect.
So if it still sounds muffled, what if you’re just listening to music and it sounds muffled
only, then you’re going to want to check out the EQ settings in the music section of the
settings app. So I’ll go back to the main settings page, tap back to settings, scroll
down to music — to music. There it is. And then down to EQ. So right now I have EQ off,
but especially if it sounds muffled, maybe you’ve got treble reducer on. Well, you don’t
want that on. Right. So just go back up to the top here. Make sure that EQ is off. Also,
make sure that volume limit is off and sound check is off. Well, just turn them all off.
Everything off. Everything’s off! So if it’s still sounds muffled we’re going to do a reset
all settings and try to kill a deep software issue. That’s the way to do it. So go back
to the main page of the settings app, tap General; all the way down to reset. And then
tap reset all settings. You’ll have to enter your passcode. A confirmation alert appears.
Tap reset all settings again. Your iPhone will turn off. It’ll reset turn back on and
everything in the settings app will be reset to factory defaults. So your Wi-Fi passwords
are gone. Your Bluetooth devices are gone. Your wallpaper is gone, but you don’t lose
things like contacts and photos. Perfect. Yeah. And I mean if that doesn’t work, it’s
still muffled — if it’s still muffled it’s probably a hardware issue. Yeah. Apple Store
is a great option. There’s also some good third-party repair shops we’ll recommend in
the description section below and the comment — the card up above. Right. If you’re under
warranty, Apple Store. If you’re not under warranty, this is a pretty easy repair because
it’s just the speaker you can do, which is great. So a third-party repair shop might
be the way to go. Right. And I just want to plug real quick that the newer iPhones have
better speakers. So if you — if you’re on an older iPhone, this might be a good time
to upgrade if the speaker’s really important to you. You can check out upphone.com/phones.
Yeah, to compare all the latest cell phones. Might be — now might be a good time to
upgrade. Yeah, it’s not just a little better. It’s a whole lot better. It really — it
really is one of the biggest improvements. So thank you guys watching this video. Give
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