#ItStopsNow: End Sexual Violence and Harassment in College

I was 14 the first time
a stranger shouted ‘hey sexy’
at me. I find ways to brush it off but
I shouldn’t have to. He said ‘you should
be flattered, who else would go near you’ I felt so humiliated and ashamed as if there was something wrong
with my body. One of the lads sent us
revealing photos of his ex. They went around the college
like wildfire. Maybe I should have
said something. I was raped at a house party in
2nd year of college. We’d been drinking,
I trusted him, I froze.
I didn’t report it. After that, every rape joke
I heard, all the
‘boys will be boys’ comments and the victim blaming They all built up and created
a barrier to speaking out. I didn’t think anyone
would believe me. Every student has the right
to an education free from sexual
violence and harassment. We are all responsible for
making this happen. This is how you can
create a change.

Bernard Jenkins

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