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This, my beloved
Rita, is in your heart. And it comes through
your speaking. OK. And your behavior. And your way of being. Wow. You’re culturally arrogant. And you’re a bully. And you fight to be right. I know that’s a lot to take in. No, I don’t need to be right. I don’t need to be liked
but you refuse to be wrong, it’s the same thing. No. And that’s where the
arrogance comes in. Because your perception
and your perspective is of a white woman. Oh yeah. But that doesn’t
take into consideration the experience, the
culture, the expression of everybody around you. Wow. I feel that is very offensive. Yeah, it’s
offensive to me too. It’s offensive to me too. But that’s how I do not go
around and say, oh I am white, I am German. No, no, because I
really don’t think that this stuff is about race. I really don’t. No. It’s there, but I don’t think
this is about race, per se. I think it is about
culture, class, and how you, with
cultural arrogance and white privilege
take your experiences and twist them so that
they’re made to be acceptable. But you’ll write the
same crap about her that your mother went through I was not aware. Well now you are. Yes, now I am. Yes. And the question becomes
taking responsibility for it and making adjustments. Mmhm, yes.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. I definitely think it’s about race, because she wouldn’t mind if her son brought home an white American woman, which are two different cultures. She doesn’t like her sons wife because she’s black. Periodt

  2. One thing that bothers me about this mother in law is why can’t she simply stay out of her sons marriage let them sleep and play in they messy house omg she is something else

  3. I grew up in Germany and to me that is how Germans are, they think they are always right and critize other a lot. They are ignorant. They think they are very good people.

  4. If a white woman can do it- so can any race of woman. The difference? Iyanla would not dare to tell any other race. This lecture is Whites Only.

  5. This woman reminds me of teachers and white women here in europe, they look down on black people a-lot with the attitude of passive aggressiveness

  6. This white lady ain’t Stuttin it 😂 and they always wanna be offended

  7. Her saying "I don't need to be right" is an example of her needing to be right. 🤔🧐🤫

  8. Sis didn’t hear not a damn word Ms. Iyanla was saying, because if she did there would have been an emotional response. She would have been crying and upset by her own actions instead she was probably having a separate conversation in her head and cussing everyone out. Lol 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  9. Germans are very tough. I worked with a very stubborn and racially ignorant woman. They're huge narcissists. Ugh.

  10. Iyanla is racist
    Like most black people they make everything about race
    There is NO SUCH THING as white privilege

  11. They are good becsuse it wouldn't end well for her if it was me.

  12. Passive aggressive, ignorant, and arrogant. Many are like that. AUNTIE V read that chick.

  13. So Rita picked Iyanla because she’s Black and felt she’d be able to relate to her daughter-n-law but on her behalf and at her defense… 😂 😂 the privilege…. #NotTodayMaam

  14. That woman plays dumb but she's not dumb. She knows exactly what she's doing, it's just no one has called her out on it until now. She's now practising her congnitive dissonance.

  15. If she was honest and actually opened up to hearing and accepting the conversation I sense a lot of healing coming her way. And her son's. Good job 👍

  16. Classic narcissist. Never wrong, takes no responsibility, no soul inside.


  18. Sick of these 2 min teases.. Where the full episode man? This lady is hard headed and really just a waste of time to talk to.

  19. She listens to respond instead of actually listening to Iyanla and trying to find a way to correct her behavior.

  20. Rita is still fighting to be right and she's still utterly detached! Rita will change her outward behavior but will continue to have her mentality about her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law's mother. A white supremacist mindset does not change overnight.

  21. I can always relate to someone in each episode. I’m ms. Rita in this one 😂😂😂 I’m so judgmental

  22. I hope she sees herself when she watches this I've been watching the videos and she doesn't look like she is understanding anything

  23. She really thought Iyanla was going to get her DIL straight. She has to be right and controlling.

  24. Define class Iyanla. Define culture. Define white privilege? No guidelines and it is whatever Ivanla says it is at this point. This woman has no air about her. Ivanla has an air about her that she needs to address.

  25. This woman has a huge trauma herself. Why Iyanla dont see it and stays stuck on her own pain of the racial subject. Its about someone with a trauma that is so deep that she can not look at it herself But instead project it on everybody else. Its just a self protection machanism to not feel the pain inside. Im from the Netherlands myself and please because someone is from Germany and white it doesnt mean they are the stereotype. If het daughter in law was not black she would do do the same I guess. Its just the projection thing. Because she can not feel her own feelings Because of huge pain and maybe trauma inside. Hope Iyanla will notice this also later on

  26. This mother annoys me…. that's why she doesnt have a marriage of her own and meddles in her son's marriage….smh!

  27. I'm waiting for Ms. Iyanla to point out Rita's flat and dry responses after every statement Iyanla makes. It is very dismissive, sarcastic, and arrogant. She is in deep denial of her flaws.

  28. Everyone talks about white privilege, but we never hear about black niggage.

  29. Silly. This lady grew up in Germany. You have to grow up in America to learn to be "white.". A real white lady would never be sitting in Iyanla's chair going uh-huh uh-huh.

  30. Everyday I am looking for part 2. Anybody know where to find it. This is hilarious. Poor Umi didn't know what she signed up for 😂😅😜

  31. I'd leave him fast cause ain't nan woman lady mother go eva disrespect me hunny byeeeeee🤑

  32. Shes the typical white person. "Dont change her she cant change.

  33. Search Bloody Chicago on YouTube.

    Search Judi Grace StoryCorps





  34. Excuses Excuses I didn't know. I didn't mean to. The problem is she still isn't listening. I'm sad for her family because how can she accept and love her own grand kids without prejudice. You can always learn from other peoples experiences.

  35. For the folks in the back!
    First I'd love for Germans to see the mixtures of European peoples they are from Nordics to Slavs to Hispanics to Latins to Mediterraneans to even Middle Eastern. Europe and the Middle East have spent thousands of years conquering each other.

    Second, if y'all knew how good that term "white privilege" makes white folks feel. Y'all would never use it again and find ways to stretch out that band because it does nothing good for black people. Start calling everybody body privileged. Light skin privilege, dark skin privilege, Black privilege, Hispanic privilege, Native American privilege, Asian privilege. All it does is buck white folks' heads. You're basically saying because of your "superiority" you this, that or the third. But some how black people have gotten confused with "let me call them out on their privilege". I can tell you as a white guy who was raised in a black environment. Hearing I'm privileged only makes me feel really good and I'm on your side. Imagine what it does to someone who isn't.

  36. my skin crawled at her reaction. I know in my spirit that she didnt embrace change but bitterness and wickedness for being confronted.

  37. This type of hateful unacceptable behavior is exactly why white America went from supporting Obama to loving Trump.

  38. Love how some people in the comment section are calling Iyanla a bully and are defending Rita or Oma. If you don't see the problem….I don't know what more to tell you lol you're more indenial than this lady.

  39. I know not all Germans are this way, but I have met some Germans who think this way. They are taught to be suspicious to outsiders and can be extremely private people. Again, not all Germans are this way, but it's definitely a problem in some German families. Iyanla shouldn't be surprised if she knew more about German culture and how they operate.

  40. So if I told somebody they were arrogant and always think they’re right because they are BLACK I would be a racist? Double standard

  41. IV : you fight to be right
    WW: no! 💪 I don't. I don't need to be right. Never! ✊✊✊

  42. I felt so bad for her son! He was raped on her watch and her response is to say she was there 15 min later. Psycho

  43. Europeans need to be with other Europeans,if you think this is prejudiced then too bad,my belief,my culture-Your Problem🇩🇪

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