Iyanla Tells Le’Andria Johnson to Fire Her Booking Agent | Iyanla: Fix My Life | OWN

Does he know your
true height desire? Does he know that? I believe he do. She told me you don’t
want to sing gospel music. I don’t want to
sing gospel music. But that is not what
she means when she doesn’t want to sing gospel music. She just doesn’t want to be
involved in the politics. But did you hear
what she just said? She said she doesn’t
want to sing gospel music. That’s what she just said. But do you– you don’t want to
be a gospel artist. – No.
– Exactly. I got that part. I don’t want to sing
gospel music either. So it doesn’t serve her for
you not to hear what she wants. She’s saying that the
excitement, the joy, the connection to doing
these gospel things has been gone with
her for a while. And part of why she
fails to show up is because she doesn’t want
to do what she’s doing. But your belief is that you know
better than her what she needs. And that’s exactly
what her parents did. He’s not serving you. Fire him. Fire him because you’re
not serving her well. And that’s the part
that I didn’t agree with. But–
– You don’t have to agree. I don’t– I don’t know
you from a can of paint. Absolutely. I don’t have a dog in this
fight or a nickel in this dive. You all came to me. As an objective third
party, I’m telling you what I’m looking at, OK? Mm-hm. When you don’t tell
people the truth, you don’t give them
what they need to make the necessary correction. This is a classic
example of what happens. Do you get that? I get it. Yeah. When you set your life up so
that people treat you as broken and wounded instead
of as whole and great, they won’t tell you the truth. He’s done everything he’s
done the way he’s done it because he’s catered
to your brokenness and your woundedness,
not your strength, your power, and your
greatness because you didn’t even know what it was. Makes sense? Yes. We have this look
that we give each other. But I want you to start here. I love you. Tell her.
– Ah. I love you. I love you too. And I realize now that
I haven’t served you well. Not that you didn’t do
everything you could for her. Because I don’t believe that. You don’t believe you haven’t
served her, even though you’ve allowed her to be late, even
though you’ve allowed her to get away with this behavior
because you loved her, and you were afraid that if you
weren’t there to protect her, she would fall. You kept her from hitting
rock bottom because you forgot God made the rock. And that hasn’t served her well. That’s what I want you
to confess not that you haven’t done the best you
could because you did, and we’re still here. Right. That part. IYANLA: So tell her that. Everything she just said. Breathe. My job was not to break
y’all down, to separate you, to break you apart. My job was to support
you and give you what you need to move to the next level. I don’t have a problem
doing that because I’m invested in your healing
not in your feeling.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. LeAndria ☺️You are a wonderful person…. Let me tell you something lovely and Bless voice You are giving up on yourself and God ….The one main and true person to help you….. U are giving up on him….No No No Hold on sweet heart ,☺️ u don't know me but I love your voice,,, It is one in a million…. Girl have u listen to yourself God gave u this voice to use for him …. He is not like people he will forgive us Don't look at people in the church look to god …. The church belong to him not man …. So fight the Alcoholism with prayer and counseling.. no one can look down on u … God said all have sin not man God said that …. So get up girl a fight back,,,☺️👍u can do it ❤️ Dont give up your children needs u … Do it for them please .Im sorry I don't know u to talk to… LeAndria But I hope some one that knows u will tell u this .Alcohol is a Spirit only God can help u with it…And the devil wants to destroy you …You have to make it up in your mind to fight back .. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 The way u fight back is every day you wake up talk to God,, and surround yourself in positive environment and listen to Miss Iyania God already knows your problem,, Be serious with him and he will help u.. .My hearth goes out when I see u cry😂😂😂…. Go look into the mirror girl u too beautifu🌹🌹🌹l to allow yourself not to fight back,, Fight talk to God he'll help u ….Don't give up on God please Don't give up on yourself….. The moment anyone make a step to do something for the Lord the Devil is right there to stop u.. Don't let him destroy u . Fight Fight Please 🌹🌹☺️❤️❤️❤️☺️👍🌹

  2. Your children needs u LeAndria You can do it,,, ask God he's just waiting for u to ask him to Alcoholics is a Spirit honey I will pray🙏🙏❤️ for u girl I mean that

  3. She asked Le'andria if it made sense.
    What is sense? Is there a standard qualification or a formula for what is sense?
    I ask because I've seen people loose their future,marriage and lives over what made sense today but turns out to be foolishness tomorrow.
    Even a lie sometimes makes more sense that the truth.
    What the devil told Eve made sense to her at the time. What would make sense depends heavily on our level of understanding therefore placing us at a disadvantage where knowledge may be required.
    Our goal should be truth.
    Sense is relative but truth is absolute.

  4. I don't have a dog in this fight. A pickle in this dime. Powerful words iylana

  5. drama and after this taping, they all went home laughing and hoping that they fooled everybody

  6. I hope she still sing for Yah and not for samael (satan). One must understand their calling. Shalom

  7. You know what? Maybe I didn't like Iyanla, because I see me inside of her. And, some of those parts I do not like. Lord, help me…

  8. PS 1:1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly…,
    Serpent still talking to Eve thousands of years later.

  9. Le'Andria could definitely do R&B and will be more successful. With everything that she been through, she could put all that pain in her music and really express herself in a way she couldn't singing gospel. She could one of those singers like Mary J. Blige and Fantasia. Just because you grew up in church doesn't mean it's your calling to stay there. She can reach far more ppl outside of the church than she could in the church. There are many great artists that grew up rooted in church but chose to go in a different direction while never forgetting where they came from.


  11. He stared like he was trying to intimidate her completely to stay quiet.

  12. i want to believe that her reasons for not wanting to sing any gospel is because she knows what's really happening inside the glitz & galmour of gospel. She just dont wanna put herself in that hell hole no more! The fakeness in gospel music/life is FAKE FAKE FAKE!

  13. She got her record deal from SUNDAYS BEST! She shouldnt have went on there if she never wanted to sing gospel.

  14. This woman is just phenomenal and completely fully-realised in her powers of support and wisdom. What a blessing she is out here for Le'andria

  15. She may not want to but God is going to be bring her back. She doesn’t have to do it for a label. But she doesn’t want God to take her gift. Maybe just needs a break…

  16. "I am invested in your healing, not in your feeling" …. I wrote this in my first book back in 2013 …. yes Queen!! LeAndria, God got you and I love you … you were built for such a time as this and you are chosen. One Love XO

  17. Iyanla: I'm invested in your healing not your feeling

    Ben Shapiro: Facts don't care about your feelings

    Two different people that talk about different things but same concept. It seems the truth is what we all need in life.

  18. She doesn’t want to sing gospel music because she know she not living right and don’t want to be fake!

  19. I’m here because I saw him singing background for Tamar and doing her hair😂😂

  20. Complicated ….I don't agree with everything being facilitated here …

  21. If she's truly Gods child He ain't gone let her get far. Satan gone tear her out the frame if she go to his team, and the first thing he's gonna attack is her addiction. And then he's gonna make a mockery of her for the whole world to see. The devil been in her ear heavy. That moment we feel like we wanna let go, is that moment when we gotta hold on just a little bit tighter. DON'T GIVE UP 5 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR BLESSIN' LE'ANDRIA!


  23. Ok so you saying you don’t want to sing gospel no more but you still singing in churches and concerts? I’m confused

  24. The church been slave driving her for years. She deserves some freedom. I've seen the unappreciative the church has been to her and her brother for sharing their gifts. I am proud of you LeAnn because you are greater!

  25. This man literally didn’t listen to a thing she said, all because of some damn MONEY‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ smh

  26. My dear when u say that with yo mouth u still hurt about the church and GOD its like u said u don't wanna do anything concerning GOD its like devil is pulling u to his own kingdom qe all fallen but I don't wanna see someone fall.

  27. Smh LeAndria let that demon voice enter her through them drugs and alcohol smh

  28. Straight shoota. She shoot from the hip. I love Ms. Iyanla.♥️💚💯

  29. Girl..work on your relationship with Jesus and you'll want to sing about Him again…in fact, no one will be able to stop you. It will just pour out.

  30. Fire him Le..get your breakthrough..and dont feel bad about it.your healing is greater then any bond or friendship ❤

  31. 2:30 let the tap dance begin hahahaha look what money has done to tour souls.

  32. The devil is fooling some of these gospel singers, they start off in the church and then they chase after worldly music to make more money. God is not pleased!

  33. Whew!!!! I love this Elders wisdom. She may be an Older "Daughter of Zion" but she's a very effective anointed blessed with wisdom Daughter of Zion and Great Mother amongst my people.

    ~Shabbat Shalom~

  34. Now hold up Lou Lou Le’Andria a grown woman it wasn’t that man job to make her show up and all that as her manager he can try but it’s on her u throwing the responsibility off her .if she wants happy and her heart wasn’t in it that’s on her that’s her issues to work out not blame somebody else .we all lose interest in things I do daily but it falls on me because I get bored easily and have a fragile heart

  35. Omg I love her and I want to hear her sing every day for the rest of my life 🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!

  36. Blisters on my feet.
    I don't have a warm place to sleep.
    Blisters on my feet.
    I can't buy anything to eat.
    Blisters on my feet
    I can't stand the heat.
    Blisters on my feet.
    It's a major defeat.
    Blisters everywhere
    Not one living soul cares.
    Blisters on my heart
    Carry my body on the cold steel cart.
    Blisters please release my pain.
    To late i'm already insane
    Original creation

  37. Sometimes you have to walk away from what you Love to figure out who you love!!

  38. Unlike some people he wasn’t defensive. I think he is a kind person. I may be wrong tho

  39. I am not trying to be funny, but, he is her booking agent, and his job was to and to book her jobs singing the Gospel at Gospel shows and events. Yes, he should of shown more caring towards Le'Andria far as making sure she gets help with the drinking, but at the same time Le'Andria have to take responsibilities for her actions as well.  I don't think the agent should get all the blame for her drinking, she must take responsibility for her life and her actions as well, and of course its ok to have a little help along the way.  I hope Le'Andria have recovered from her drinking, and I wish all of them well.

  40. She’s on it!! I’ve witness it 1st hand. Rob means well, he’s her friend and manager and some people can’t set aside their friendship to take care of business.

  41. Her Manager called it in the first episode. He told her she needed to clean house! I love her! Wishing all involved the very best!

  42. Think about Whitney Houston, Fantasia, and Aretha Franklin….we all know they sing both gospel and all types of music.

  43. He tried the best he could but she wasn't ready. Once she's clean from whatever her soul will start to heal.

  44. I agree with Him 1000% and she knows better then that. Le'Andria is an amazing Gospel singer and deep down that's what she wants to do. And if you think I'm lying then go watch her features on Donald Lawerance song. She cured and all that because she felt.

  45. Giving ppl what they want is not always good buy helping them in need is better. And that's what he should be doing. His job (Period)

  46. This is really very interesting to me but it's sad. I really believe in my heart that LyAndria..was pushed out way too fast. She shouldn't have been a pastor. She should've been properly taught and handled. She also should have been monitored, because alot of times before we can become who God wants us to and walk in our destiny, we have to have the right Spiritual Leaders around us..and she didn't. She needed to be filled with the Holy Ghost and with Power. I also believe that once you turn away from God, it's VERY difficult to return back…so you are crossing the lines of reprobation. It's a very serious hour we are in, and GOD is VERY serious though he loves us. WHEN HE CALLS YOU…YOU MUST OBEY. WHEN HE STANDS AT THE DOOR AND KNOCKS, do not harden your heart. This is what has happened here to her. When she got to the top…she wasn't aware spiritually. It's very important to STAY FASTED AND PRAYED UP AND REMAIN DISTANT FROM THE WORLD, because if not you can fall into SIN easily. You cannot even let a little leaven in or it will spoil the whole lump. YOU cannot PLAY WITH SATAN, BECAUSE HE AIN'T PLAYIN' WITH YOU! 👀🙇👼💞🙏💁

  47. He loves her
    but has learned to not listen to the people he loves in order to protect them…which is dysfunctional.

    I wish them both well

  48. This is prime example why you don't let strangers in your circle and give you advices

  49. 30 seconds in and already he gotta go. She said she doesn’t want to sing gospel and that’s what she meant who is he to try to tell her otherwise? She said what she said. She’s lost joy in singing Gospel, it probably feels like a chore to her because it’s become something to her that she never wanted it to be. Trying to force her to continue is just going to make it worse. She needs to discover her love for it and reconnect on her own and in her own time.

  50. She just feels like a hypocrite singing gospel music because she has not heard the truth

  51. What Leandria doesn't understand is how hard it will be to leave 1 genre of music and begin in another.

  52. I love Iyanla Vanzant, but the thing I dislike about her is she comes in shakes up people's lives for 2/3 days and then leaves them to pick up the pieces and live life.

  53. Hey iyanla my real name is precious Nicholson I'm from Chicago Illinois raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin I was born but consider myself as I am 32 years currently living in Denver Colorado I have a three-year-old beautiful adopt a daughter that I raised him I am married but we are I am in love with my wife I know she loves but I also know she's not in love I really want you to fix my life fix my relationship or should I say help me fix my life you fix my relationship with she's currently pregnant at the and walks in and out my life at this point I have real low self-esteem I don't feel the world all my family except either do my wife she left me for days after we got marriedbut I continually keep accepting her back all her dog is I poured my heart out to her and did a lot of things that I normally wouldn't do I know I have a lot of issues however as my wifeeven though she's younger than me I thought she would have been by my side through thick and thin through death do us PART the vows we made even though I know she's been through a lot do her 26 years she have a beautiful for your daughter that's not in her like I said in the beginning she is pregnant due any day with a baby I genuinely want to be a part of her and her children life and want to help her get her life back on the right but how can I do that is she don't need me I grew up in the dark place in my life I'm the youngest of three girls my mother had three girls and my two sisters tiara iniki is like my mother'smy mother passed when I was 10 months and my grandma passed back in 2003 which I was 16 years old I deal with a lot of things like depression but my sister's don't understand they think I'm just normal and crazy however to sum everything up I am not rich no I am not but I definitely would do anything it takes to be on your show I am a normal women be like I told you in the beginning I live in Thornton Colorado and I work at Walmart full-time raising a beautiful baby girl on my own I need my wife back and I need my family could you help me with that if anybody see this message that's knows IYANLA PERSONALLY COULD YOU PLEASE HAVE HER CONTACT ME [email protected] PLEASE AND THANK YOU I COULD SAY SO MUCH BUT I'M IN TEARS JUST WRITING A FEW THAT I SAID

  54. Well, I haven’t seen him at any of her ministry events a few months after this, so I think he’s no longer on her payroll. Leave it to Iyanla to point out the truth. think he genuinely cared about her, but the lines are blurred because ultimately he needed to make money. Le’Andria has learned to let go and wear loosely many people that did not have her best interest primarily at heart. She is doing so well now, its a completely different person for the better! She uses her past struggles as a testimony of how with God and the help of others anyone can change. And she never fails to give God the glory for what he brought her out of in her own words “a sick-mind state” to a clear mind stayed on Him.”

  55. Iyanla is bad I’m telling you she hits it right where it hurts cause all we do is hold peoples hands and sometimes it’s gotta hurt to change i love her

  56. Iyanla you don't know what God had planned for Leandria. There are times when you get fed up with black folks in the church. It makes you feel like giving up. But we don't know what God has purposed for our lives.

  57. the music industry is full of parasites and dysfunction and all leeching off each other, got to have boundaries and in some cases like illuminati they don't let u leave, well done iyanla for putting in to plain english without the executive jargon. this guy maybe doing his "job" but he's just as broken and needs healing himself as long as he wants it

  58. She probably wants to be an artist like a soul r and b singer like Aretha Franklin and Patti laballe which is alright

  59. She’s performing in December at The First Baptist Church of Glenarden! I wonder what changed.

  60. With all due respect, Le'Andria the answer isn't with Iyanla, Erica or any man. You know where your help comes.

  61. He has been programming her his way all this time now thank god she’s seeking help🙏🏽

  62. This is why I'd rather counsel with the Lord. He caters to your healing and feelings. Her God giving gift is her gift back to him and this young brother did his part of trying to keep his sister on that path. Oh how I know what happens when you start taking baby steps away from the Lord. I'm praying for her as I write this.

  63. Let her do her own thing if she does maybe she will find her way back to Christ if what happens turn her from God that is her choice nothing you can do brother you as her agent have to listen to her and abide by that but don't let her choice turn you away from your religion because she tired of it

  64. And that's how Iyanla make her Money that lady can't fix them that fast and put there whole relationship in one episode

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