Judd Apatow Addresses Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

Bernard Jenkins


  1. It's not "if everyone votes," it's "if every GOOD person votes." It's evident that the selfish outnumber the good in America. That's how Trump got elected.

  2. I think it's fair for parents of daughters to be more concerned by sexual harassment than your average person. After all, you're thinking about your daughter being a victim of that. That doesn't mean you have to be a parent to care.

  3. Yet he defended Lena Dunham after she defended a sexual harasser.
    Lena Dunham is more disgusting than any man. She molested a little children and falsely accused a guy of raping.

  4. The laughter in the background sounds so fake in places. Cuts off sharply.

  5. I am not a Mike Pence advocate but honestly his words seem like words for politicians to live by

  6. If you call me & you hear the sound of running water, its most likely that I'm peeing while talking.

  7. I believe Pence refrains from being alone with a female to prevent from any allegations of sexual or deviant conduct.

  8. A tape of Mike Pence sadly talking to his therapist after accidentally praying to black Jesus 🙂
    "But, but…..I just can't get the image out of my head….!!" says the traumatized patient.

  9. Not "everyone" voted. 62% of Alabamans didn't vote. Black women voted. That's who we should thank.

  10. #metoo sexually harassed by black belts is a whole new level of filth Ben tallini and tai kai

  11. " what photos have i taken in my life ?" really! you needed to check if you were a creep…this just worries me

  12. One of the Teenage Sex Workers was interviewed and said "He resembles a grape and is incapable of penetration."
    Doesn't that explain everything?

  13. ok – here's ONE THING we don't want to see…

  14. Why hasn't he been this vocal till now? He condensed people who let this happen yet stayed silent for as long as everyone else

  15. I appreciate him and Seth both not being dicks. I appreciate guys who are out front talking about this when there are no allegations against them.

  16. what a wonderful moment, this year will forever be known as the last year women didn't run things, it will all change soon just be positive(my hippocracy limitless), it is so bad here the women share the blame, I like and hope that all truths are revealed, and the changing of the guard, women we need jobs and education don't wait, we need angela merkel and less atomic and regular bombs and states free of guns

  17. Why do they only interview famous people why can’t they bring in people off the street, unfiltered, it would be different. Everyone is special not just famous people ❤️

  18. Oh, please!  Judd Apatow lamenting Al Franken's photo prank – as though his movies don't contain literally hundreds of examples of exactly the same kind of "humour".

  19. listen to this with seth rogen's voice in your head.. because he writes so much dialogue for seth..and you wouldnt stop laughing..

  20. No. I have said, "oh, I'm sorry, I hear you're busy, call me later" and hung up. And didn't answer for at least half an hour. Not everyone poops & phones. It's disrespectful.

  21. I'm here because I just finished his new stand up special on Netflix and it was so freaking hilarious!

  22. I'm not even from the US, but when he talked about Bernie being president….
    I got that warm feeling in my stomach imagining how different this planet might have become 🙂

  23. Judd's clearly here to redeem himself after the backlash he received for defending white feminist Lena Dunham for victim blaming her writer's accuser. Listen to women of color Judd instead of appearing on talk shows to illustrate how great of a feminist you are.

  24. “I guess we are disgusting. We didn’t know how terrible we were.” How can I believe that? How.
    “It’s concerning. Iwas like what photos have I taken?“ I’m glad men are getting nervous and checking their pictures. But the fact he’s checking tells you something. I hope we’re in a era where a sexist movie like Knocked Up would never get made anymore. I like his buddy Paul Feig a bit more. He seems like he may care about women.

  25. Wish the crashing clip would of turned into a Die Hard line. "Jesus. Who's Jesus? Do I look Puerto Rican to you? He said, Hey Zeus!"

  26. A 20 something male Lyft rider; spring 2017, claimed to have been, as a young man, a paid male sexual partner to Pence. That’s an odd claim to falsify.


  28. Judd Apatow is known for slipping in unsolicited penises in his movies to shock the audience, and he has the gall to point fingers at other people accused of sexual assault? That's rich.

  29. Funny he was harassing Cosby on his tour for sexual harassment but when one of his buddies gets accused(James Franco) he stays quiet

  30. Judd Apatow does a ted talk on Netflix, I think the audience was inappropriate laughing.

  31. It's like Bill gates doing stand up in front of I.Ts, haha you're really funny Sir. ego trip af

  32. Wow….how much hate spewed at Pence because he has character and a sense of propriety!

  33. Virtue signallers like this guy should have their own internet history investigated.

  34. This is soooo ironic, considering his wife of 22 years, Leslie Mann, sexually harassed a reporter a year before this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fX6rII4HP6Q&t=1s

    I guess when it's a woman harassing a man, it does not matter. The double standards are strong.

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