Katherine Gehl | Ranked Choice Voting as a Solution

– Let’s throw out the broken
partisan primary system, and change to a top five,
non-partisan primary. Here’s how that would work. On primary election day,
there’s only one ballot, and every candidate no
matter their affiliation is on that same ballot. And the top five finishers
at the end of the day automatically advance
to the general election. The second thing we need to do is throw out plurality voting, and replace it with ranked choice voting, that’s why it’s called RCV,
in the general election. Ranked choice voting
eliminates the spoiler argument and the associated wasted vote argument, and it also ensures that we always elect the candidate with the broadest appeal to the most number of voters. Elected officials now owe their election to a broader group of voters, and are incented to be responsive
to the entire district, instead of to a narrow swath of partisan primary voters
and special interests. And the existing incentives for scorched-earth
campaigning are reduced, and the competition, the true election, moves from the primary with low turnout, to actually occurring
in the general election. Most importantly for all of us though, the barriers to entry for new competition are dramatically reduced, which leads to healthy competition and accountability to
serve the public interest. Imagine what could be possible
if we change these rules, reclaiming the promise of our republic. This great American experiment is the challenge of our times, and I have no doubt that the movement is beginning across the country
to deliver on that promise.

Bernard Jenkins

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