Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Troubleshooting

I need your advice about Kenmore Elite refrigerator
troubleshooting. The F1 error usually means the control board
freezes up and the freezer doesn’t. You can try power cycling the fridge to fix it,
but you’ll probably lose all the food in the unit. I never thought that my fridge would be so
advanced I have to reboot it like a PC. The Kenmore Elite fridges also have problems
with all the drinks next to the ice maker freezing. You can solve that by leaving the space around
the ice maker and its dispenser. Kenmore Elite refrigerators made by LG have
a known problem with early failures of their evaporator coils and condensers. That would cause things to stop freezing too,
though a leak by the ice maker might be to blame for the things in the door freezing. Their water lines tend to break, causing leaks
and extra ice where the water flooded and froze. That means you might mistake dripping
down the side of the fridge for a refrigerant leak’s condensate when it is actually runoff
from the ice maker’s water feed. Until the defrost heater kicks in and the
fridge actually floods the floor because the freezer drain cannot handle the volume. Any time you get flooding like that, expect
the control board to start acting up. You’ll probably need to replace the control board
if the fridge can’t maintain temperatures or repeatedly errors out. I’ll have to shell out to pay for a new
control board. This fridge can also have a problem with ice
building up behind the freezer panel. It’s a freezer – you want it to freeze
things. When ice builds up behind the control panel,
that’s due to fans failing, not by design. The fans themselves or the fan motor? Expect to replace the fan motor more often
than the fans, but the fans themselves do break, too, sometimes. Motors go out a lot by use and abuse. Their ice makers have problems too, whether
because the rubber around the door dispenser came off or the thing is frozen shut depends
on your situation. Add an ice maker to any model fridge and the
reliability goes down. Consumer Reports buying guides show that drop in reliability every
year, for every make and model. If the Kenmore Elite refrigerator’s ice
maker stops working, it may be because the water and ice dispenser fill up and then freeze,
literally freezing all the components in place. That would be a new type of failure. I supposed
turning off the freezer and airing it out fixes the problem. That thaws out the block of ice, but the water
dispenser’s control board may start to fail, endlessly cycling because the controls are
messed up. The first thing to try is rebooting the fridge.
The second is calling for service.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. my freezer door is stuck closed on my Kenmore Elite. It has french doors. How do I get it open?

  2. my Kenmore Elite is infrequently making a chime sound (the sound you get when you use the touch pad to activate the Express Freeze feature). When it does the freezer and refrig temp lights up on the LED panel. Any ideas?

  3. my produce is freezing in my crisper drawer. changing humidity level makes no difference

  4. My one year old Kenmore Elite started to make loud buzzing noises after the motor clicked on for a minute or two.  Turns out the repairman noted a hot compressor and  dirty condenser coils; a quick clean up solved the problem.  I was surprised the condenser coils were enclosed in a marginally ventilated compartment, unlike what I seen in other refrigerators.  My advice is to pull your refrigerator out and clean the coils yearly and save yourself $$.

  5. I tried to warm up the freezer but it would only go in the negative direction.  How do I warm up the freezer to the appropriate temperature.

  6. i have a kenmore elite 4 door fridge that is leaking water out of the ice maker compartment. how do you open up the the cover to find this leak?

  7. Bottom line….. it’s a POS!!!!!!! I will never buy LG or Kenmore again!!!! I’m tying it to the bumper of my truck and going for a long drive!!!! I’m not at all kidding

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