Keysight Automotive Radar Test Solution

It’s exciting to see wider adoption of automotive
radar technology. But these systems are evolving rapidly and
that makes it difficult for your engineering teams to stay current with stringent test
requirements and the challenges of millimeter wave signals. Working with mmWave is much less forgiving
than RF or microwave. Every stage of every test setup must be exactly
right. Over-the-air testing is another obstacle and
great care is needed to ensure meaningful results. There is a direct line between insufficient
testing, redesign and project delays. Safety is always the imperative. Inaccurate testing leads to poor radar performance,
which leads to dire consequences. Hindering your engineers with patched together
test setups makes it impossible to confidently identify, isolate or correct critical design
flaws and once the radar has been deployed, there is no room for error. The better approach ensures the integrity
and performance of your unique mmWave signals. The key elements are a coherent test strategy,
a scalable future-ready test platform and a flexible architecture. Together these attributes transform your ability
to quickly adapt to changing requirements. The core capability is precise verification
of radar signals. To fit a wide range of needs and budgets,
we offer six scaleable radar signal analysis solutions and one performance radar signal
generation solution. The foundation is Keysight’s leadership in
mmWave technology. A key example is the UXA signal analyzer which
covers 3 Hz to 110 gHz in a continuous sweep. It’s the core of a calibrated integrated solution. No external mixing, no down conversion and
no compromises. The result is unshakable – confidence in your
ability to ensure safety on the road.

Bernard Jenkins

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