LCD & LED TV Repair – No Picture No Image & Blank Black Screen Flashlight Test – Fix LCD & LED TVs

Bernard Jenkins


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  2. I have a samsung 55fh6030 led tv wen watching tv the screen blank periodically for a few seconds

  3. I have a vizio d32x-d1 smart tv. power comes on but screen is black, in the dark you can see the netflix logo in red, when using a flash light, but no backlights,,, any idea before I pitch it in the trash lol

  4. Bra I don't have this TV am not looking at this thanks for not helping

  5. LG 65 inch flat screen first day HDMI ports wasn't working wasn't catching the signal got those got to take now now the TV turns on but has a black screen got sound but a black screen

  6. I have a Samsung UN46D6000SFXZA while watching the screen went blank and no sound. I did the flashlight test and the picture shows up underneath. I think for what I have watched that the power board is out. what do you think is the suspected problem and fix. I am a DIY person with lots of soldering experience.

  7. so on my Vizio 55" the flashlight test showed an image. I replaced the slave inverter… now no image at all. Do I need a master inverter as well?

  8. 55 inch LG LED TV. Sound but no picture. Flashlight Test shows video menu. I followed your recommendation and changed the Power Supply/LED inverter board but it did not fix the problem. Any suggestions?

  9. Hello, I have a question. I have Sony kdl 46nx720 that shuts down after 30 minutes of use and has red flashing 8x . From what I discovered that means main board. But also when I plug in tv to restart sometimes it will sometimes I have to do it several times to get to come on. I just want to be sure as to how differently is the red flashing?

  10. So we replaced all boards and still no picture but there is sound. I have a tcl year bought 2017. Any help will be appreciated.

  11. Hello sir my led tv devant 40" 40CB520 doesnt have led backlight but have picture and sounds how can i fix it
    [email protected] thankyou sir🙂🙂👌

  12. What happens if I don't see any backlights or the screen menu using the flashlight? The only light that turns on is the red stand-by one. Thanks in advance

  13. I have an RCA rtu6549 tv.
    Have black screen. When I turn tv on I see the backlight come on then will go off (flash) .
    I do not see a board for this. Is this built in to the power supply board.

  14. Hi I got a Samsung ue55es8000. I've checked to see in the dark if i can see the backlight at the back of the TV. I cannot see anything. I've also checked with a flashlight if i can see any picture at the front, i cannot see anything (also done in the dark to be sure). I do have sound. What do you think ?

  15. Samsung un60j6200 – I have this TV on my patio with a Roku streaming device. When the TV power is OFF, the Roku menu can be seen with a flashlight and apps such as Netflix play with sound. As soon as the TV is powered on, the image goes away and cannot be seen with the flashlight and the screen is completely black with no sound or menu functionality.

    Most of the videos I’ve watched address the flashlight test with the TV on, but none discuss being able to see video with a flashlight and the TV power OFF.

    Any ideas?


  16. Does the Westinghouse LD-4055 have the LED driver and inverters built in to the power board or are they seperate?

  17. Dear Sir, Please help-
    Samsung LED TV – UA40D5003BR, Sound is ok and backlight is on but there is no picture, did flashlight test but nothing shows up. Samsung tech checked it and said I'll need a new display and proposed a hefty charge for replacement. One thing i noticed while he was working on my tv is that once he removed one of the two ribbon cables from tcon board, my half led screen lit up, though nothing showed up and other half lit up when he did the same with other ribbon cable.
    So is there really a problem with display or can a simple tcon board replacement fix it ?

  18. I have this problem with my Musrun MP3 player display right now. It looks blank until I shine a flashlight on it, then it becomes barely visible.

  19. TV-Toshiba -20HLV15, CHARGER#77L20876A. I have sound but no picture. Charger connection when plugged in seems loose. Moving wire around, in the past would regain picture. Not now.

  20. I have a Westinghouse ld-3240 the blue light that comes on when you push the button remains blue but I can't get any sound or picture. Help?

  21. I have a Vizio VP422 that has sound but no picture. What is the problem?

  22. sony kdl40hx701..no pic no back light no audio..no image screen seen with flashlight..tv turns on shows green light

  23. Samsung model un55h6203afxza. Did the flashlight test. No backlight but audio. But, how often is the failure the actual backlights versus the led backlight driver on the power board. My power board shows no signs of failure. No burn marks and no swelling caps. If I get the power board and it doesn't fix the problem, can I return it and get the backlights to try to fix it?

  24. My 3d TV screen just went out and now the sound to. It want even make a sound when i cut it on.

  25. Hi, I have an RCA 65” LCD TV that abruptly went black & lost audio while watching. External speakers still have audio though. We tried changing the power supply board but that did nothing. The model # for the tv is LED65G55R120Q, any help would be greatly appreciated

  26. Hi there, my LG TV 55UJ6300 was damaged (no image and sound)after thunder storm lighting and I bought from you a motherboard, electric board, and a T-con! I have replaced both of them and only sound was back no image! Can you please advise what Can I check more to be able to have the image back and fix my TV!
    Thank you in advance.

  27. Hello i have a 51 inch Samsung tv
    Problem is no picture and this is the model

  28. I have a vizeo E70U-D3 TV. It has a blank black screen. I had to replace the main power supply board because the voltage was fluctuating and I had burned spots on the board. After performing the flashlight test I can see my volume bar on the screen. When the TV originally went out I had a sound bar hooked up to it and I had volume through the sound bar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

  29. Hi,i have LG lcd tv in repair and the problem is when switch on tv ,sometime picture come and when switch off and on again ihave only soud but no picture.when tv drive normaly there is a green led flash on T-con board and when there is no picture it's don't flash ,my question is do you think there problem can be in T-con board ,i have check bad solder on all panel and on power supply all voltage mesure is ok and thaks for your answer lee

  30. Hi,i have a Toshiba tv LCD 32D1334DB ,i have sound and can see picture when i shine a torchlight at the screen i can't see any back lights and wondered which board to change,there are 2 boards behind the screen,any advice would be appreciated,thanks Paul

  31. Great real video thank you so much for the information I definitely would attempt changing what needs to be done I luckily Ihave a warranty so I will be pursuing that direction thanks again

  32. My tv is a led haier tv. I can see the light but no picture. There is also is a back light that's white that I can see through the back of tv. I don't know what's the problem an have done some research. Plz contact me as soon as possible

  33. Sharp lc32m400m-bk my tv image problem how can I reapair it give me a help

  34. TCL 55P605. Watched TV today. Turned it off did some chores then went to turn it on and it won't even power up. I bought it 1 yr ago

    What do you think?

  35. DEVANT LED 32inch Tv
    Problem: No Picture, No Sound, On and Off light is on

    Pls help thanks

  36. Damn it's always it might be this one or this one couldn't you just visually inspect the suspected module to see if you have a blown capacitor or fried circuit board?

  37. I have a LG tv mod. 70lb7100 that powers up and shows image, but within a minute or two the screen goes black the audio works but no image. I’ll turn the tv off and back on and the same thing happens works for a minute then black screen with sound.

  38. I have audio but no picture. I could only see one tiny lights. This is a Sharpe, model # LC 60LE650. 1080P, LED
    Failed the flash light test.
    Does this mean I need a T con board. Bought new 2013 from Sams club.

    the tv screen is dark but you can take a flash light and see the words on the screen

    this tv has no holes in the back so i cant tell if the back light powers up or not

  40. Thanks jimmy! My tv screen got black Suddenly and there is no sound too so what can be reason?

  41. where do I order the tecon broad and main broad I have back lights but no audio

  42. In Samsung 28 inch led TV sound of video is coming but video is not seen…..what is the problem

  43. I have a Sanyo 1 year old television set it's model # is fw50d36f its120v,60Hz,1×0w. I have sound for each channel ,it's on antenna. The screen is white and once in awhile it shows stops of blue white and red
    What's wrong or can I fix it

  44. I have a Sony Model KDL 52WL135 LCD. It just started blacking out. I could wait a while and I could start the tv again just for it to go out in minutes.. Do you have any suggestions as what I can do?

  45. TV on time then the under the green light are not on but the red light are on then the TV are not on

  46. I have a TCL 65S405. I have sound and no light. I bought the entire kit from you after just buying the LED driver. After replacing every single board, I still do not have backlight. What do you reckon the issue is? Bad screen?

  47. I havea 32 inch emmerson. The power will show its comimg on. Even see like previews of things kn tv. But then goes bl k …..help

  48. Do you know anything about Hisense TVs?? Mine is doing something close to this but not quite and I need help fixing it.. I know it seems silly but this is the last thing my mama gave to me before she passed not too long ago and I truly don't wanna get rid of it.. at least not yet

    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🌺. ~Tiff

  49. Bro I have a Philips TV the problem is I have a black TV screen but is sound coming out please help😔😖😖

  50. Hello, I have a 50 inch Hisense smart TV model 50H7GB1 and my tv has power and sound but only shows the logos and goes pitch black. There is no image at all even with the flashlight test. I ordered lights but I got the one side connected lights when I needed the two sided connectors. I need assistance narrowing down the issue

  51. The issue I'm having with my TV is I turn it on I get a clear picture for about 20 minutes and then the screen goes black but I still have the sound. If I power off and power back on the picture comes back for another 15 to 20 then it occurs again …what could this issue be? It's an RCA 60 " led TV

  52. Hi. i have a 55in hisense 4k led tv. whenever i plug it in, it power up (without me using any control) it come on with the hisensens smart boot up logo then go dark. you can see that it have back light etc. i replace the main and tcon board with new boards, but still the same issue. it don't respond to remote or on board controller. and no sound. now i am confuse because now i don't know what to do.

  53. Half of my LG tv is black it just randomly happened i can barely see trough it but picture is showing

  54. Hey I have an lg smart tv… 55ub8500-ua when I turn it on the lg screen comes on normal, but then when the home screen is supposed to show it just goes black… what does this mean? Like the screen comes on and works… but just goes black after it starts up. Audio works when the home screen should be on…

  55. I have a Vizio tv, model #E65-E3 and when I plug it in the power indicator turns on for a few seconds and then turns off. Already tried power cycling, trying a different power cord to no avail. Theres no backlight, sound, etc. Please help. Email is [email protected]

  56. Hi I have a vizio E601i-A3 one day I tried to turn it on and the screen is black and the power indicator light is orange??

  57. Hi hope your good, I have a LG50LA6210, the TV turns on show LG logo for 2 seconds and the picture gets dim and I can hear sound and if you look good you could see some dimmed picture.

  58. Hi May I know where can I get Led drivers for my Lg 42inches LED tv model 42LN5700 I have screen on I can see with flash light and I have volume as well
    Please help I dont wanna throw this tv away

  59. Magnavox model #32ME303V/F7N  Bought from a pawn shop about 3years ago and all of the sudden the top half of the screen does not work. Not TV picture black…solid black. Movie mode black…pitch black. Menu screen displays very faint vertical white lines through middle of blacked out area. Everything else works just fine

  60. I have a Samsung 40 inch LED smart TV UN40H5201. Using the backlight test I can see an image and I do have sound. After watching the video and ordering the power supply board and switching the two out, I still have the same problem. What next?

  61. Toshiba ct-rc2us -17 4K smart tv w built in Comcast. Was watching tv one afternoon and the tv kicked off. Remote and power button on side will no longer turn tv on. Tv when tv cord is unplugged from power strip and plugged back in power comes on. Tv flashes Toshiba and then powers of after no more than a few seconds. Any ideas for what may be wrong?

  62. Sharp Roku tv I put the flash light on the tv I can see it but it’s dark like this flashlight test

  63. Hello mr. Jimmy. I have a problem… lg 50” 4k smart tv.. 50UH5530-UB power led light is on. When i try to turn it on , the power led light blinks at least 3 times but no picture or sound. And then the light goes away like the tv is on , but no picture or sound.

  64. Hi I am hoping you can help. I have a LG 70LB6560 purchased in 2014. We have an intermittent problem, we can turn tv on and have picture. After some time the screen will go black, will still have audio. Turn off Tv and turn back on and it will be fine. Sometimes it will work for 1 to 2 hours other times only a few minutes. you can make out a picture with out a flash light sometimes. Look forward to your reply. thank you

  65. Dude you Rock!!!! Thank youin Advance before I even try to diagnose my TV. I got a Sharp lc-32Q5200u and the screen is black.

  66. Hi. There's a problem in our tv, TCL is its brand. There's a letter PW in below our tv. We can't see any pictures. What to do ?

  67. I have a question… It is for a 55' TCL Roku TV. So the problem I'm having is that it will plug in and the audio works, but the screen only shows up grey. Occasionally I can get it to show the normal red startup, but most of the time I am unable to see anything other than the grey. I'm not sure what part I would need to fix this, or if it is fixable. If you could help that would be amazing. What should I do to get the TV to work again? Thank you

  68. Sir in night the TV is OK but another day the TV light on and off but no Pic no sound but touch the TV back button the TV is on but not Pic not tv/av playing

  69. I have a 32” element it works good sound picture and the picture will go black still have sound and can see something in the background but the screen is still black but I can turn it off then back on and have picture until it does it again

  70. I was definitely amazed regarding the video I put my flashlight against the TV and I got a picture the flashlight definitely showed the menu I definitely have sound with no picture and no back lighting but the flashlight trick definitely work what will I need to repair this my TV is a https://www.viewsonic.com/us/cde3204.html. How can I repair this TV

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