LCD TV Repair Tutorial – T-Con Board Common Symptoms & Solutions – How to Replace T-Con Board

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Sony Bravia KDL-60W610B Serial no. 3013439. TV has no pic nor sound. Red light flashes 3 times, disappears and then flashes again 3x. Had power board checked in a local shop and technician said there was a 5 volt supply thus ruling it out as the defective part. Could it be the TCon board or the main logic board? Can you supply the part/s and how much? Thank you very much in advance. Arcangel from El Paso TX.

  2. Question. I have a vizio tv no picture whatsoever even with flashlight but I have backlights and sound and I replaced the tcom already didnt fix. What should I try now?

  3. i have a sony xbr65x810c i had unpluged for like a week moved it to new room it comes on gets to screen and says no signal change input i can plug a hdmi in and it will change input and will have a picture but no sound have down loaded the software to thumb drive it will boot up on it start downloading it at 40 % screen goes black and the remote will not do anything but turn it on not turn it off took a chance and changed the power board no luck same thing any thoughts tried all kinds of resets

  4. Can you give me advice on a Toshiba 50L5200U? There are a few horizontal lines causing problems but the main thing is that the picture is sluggish: the old image slowly fades away as the new image comes into view. I tried a firmware update and now the entire picture fades slowly to black. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Hi!, this is Farooq from India Mumbai (Bombay). Dear, I have a Dell TV cum Monitor U2410F with FHD resolution of 1920X1200 IPS LCD Display Panel. The monitor has standby light on the key board but no display, no backlights and no menu/picture. It has a Power Board no. 492472000100R ILP-017 RevA and Main Driver Board no. 492271300100R ILIF-129 Rev.B. It has a display panel of LG bearing no. LM240WU4 SLB 1 IPS FHD 1920X1200.
    Many technician went through it to repair but failed as the parts are not available in Mumbai, so if you would be pleased to find me the parts above numbered or help me to convert it into smart TV via FULL HD universal driver board but, to my dismay the monitor has to many circuit boards in it which is very confusing which to keep and which to discard. The display panel has 51 pin strip which are not found on any universal driver board in India. Hope you'll not mind to help me to suggest which universal board may be compatible for the above numbered display panel? And how to install it in the said Dell TV cabinet? You may also wish to record a video on the issue to help others to trouble shoot such cases.
    Thank you in advance.
    My email: [email protected]

  6. Replaced the T Con board and now the vertical lines are worst. Could it be the ribbons or a bad replacement board?

  7. I have an issue with my TV and after some research I think it may be an issue with the T-Con or LED Driver board. Can you provide any assistance? Here's a video of the issue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKZVVCwMf7U

  8. I have Samsung UE58H5200, it powers up and there is sound but the screen remains black, there is backlight but no picture.  is it the T-con board that needs replacing? thanks

  9. Hi. I have a Philips 56pfl9954 lcd ultra widescreen. When turning on the Philips sign briefly flickers on a blue screen (normal brightness) then it just goes black. No picture. The ambilight shows the right colours for what would be on screen. Sound is fine. Any help gratefully received, as I just can’t buy a 21:9 and love it. 😫

  10. I have a Panasonic TC-P46C2…..Won't stay powered on……so when i push the power button I hear a click, the red power light turns on, the TV will power on (there is no picture, but an occasional flash)….after about 30 seconds the TV will power off, then it will on its on power on again….sometimes it will repeat this 3-4 times, until eventually it will power off for good (and the red power light remains off)…….
    I'm aware these tv's have blinking red light codes….in this situation the red light doesn't blink.
    thanks, Kevin

  11. I have a 50” insignia. The tv comes on but after few minutes the screen goes black. Sound stays on but the screen stays black. I can cycle the power and the image will return but will go black again. It can’t keep the image on more that 3 minutes every time. Could this e the t con board as well?

  12. Hello, I have a 55" Vizio M55-c2 s/n LWZQSBBR4502211. My screen is a little blurry and jumping. Also I have several horizontal lines. One thick line about 2 thirds down and about 1/8in thick. I'm assuming tcon board, and not the screen. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  13. I have a (Flat HDTV 50PF7320A/37 | Philips ), there is not picture when my cable box is connected via HDMI. I am able to see a picture when I press the menu button on the TV and the remote controller-I have ensured that the HDMI1 is selected as it always has been. There is a circuit board, just below the HDMI logic board, where an LED is blinking green. I can be contacted at [email protected] Thank you in advance for you help.

  14. my lg 55 inch tv model 55UJ752 is producing half flickering screen horizontally,, can I know the reason and fix pls?

  15. Hey man how you doing?, I have flickering on screen and image is like moving slow, I disconnected right side of T-Con board and the other side works perfectly fine, I unplug the opposite side and and leave the right side plugged in, the whole screen shows the problem. Is that indicator of a bad T-Con board?

  16. I have a 20 inch Sanyo tv backlighting no sound no picture and cannot seem to locate Tcon please help me

  17. My sharp tv model is LC-50LE275x my problem is we watch tv with my family suddenly the picture is out or the shows is out but only sound we heard and a day after i try ON the tv but no picture i can see and no sound i heard only little dim light i see when I OFF the lights.

  18. Hey Jimmy question does the 3D function come from the screen of the board itself video board. Thanks for the video

  19. Great video. But how do I know that it's the T-Con that the problem?

  20. Samsung Model UN19D4000NDXZA, Serial No. Z3013CKB305804Y–Decided to cut the cord and go with antenna only TV. The TV works fine when connected to the cable box by HDMI cable, but when I connect it to an antenna by the ANT IN coax connector, I just get a static picture and an attempt to scan channels it doesn't work and the message is something like weak or no signal. The antenna works on our other TV, so it's not the antenna. I have it partially taken apart and thought I could try replacing the coax connector, but it seems to be soldered to the frame of the metal housing. Does that part come off the t-con board somehow or do you have to replace the whole t-con board?

  21. Hi ,great video bu t have got another issue whit my TV Hisense 55' H55N5500UK
    Set goes in stand by mode after 10-15 min work and i ve been told the main tv board has fault-so i have changed it (not brand new -because cant find )and i still have same problem >How can find were is the problem?

  22. I have a Sony kdl-46xbr2 that has no backlight or picture or sound,I do have standby voltage of 5 volts. I would like to check the backlight turn on signal but I don’t know which pin has that signal. I was wondering if you could help me out

  23. Appreciate the video . I do have a situation for you . I have a 32 inch samsung smart tv model : UN32H5500AFXZA version TS01 . My issue is that . once plugged in , it cycles around 90 sec to 2.3 min.s of powering on and then off . Ive been trying to find the schematic specs for it with no luck . all samsung wants to do is send out a tech . Im trying to figure it out myself cause it seems they dont have any support fo devices older than 3 yrs . Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated .
    [email protected]

  24. Hi, great video, i have a JVC LT-40C860 which has developed a purple hue to the picture, everything else works fine, could you tell me if this could be a problem with the t con board or something else. Thanks

  25. I have a Sharp LC-50LB481U TV. I get a good picture but the bottom quarter of the screen has a line of green boxes across the screen. Hope you can help.

  26. Two black prominent Horizontal lines on my LG Web OS TV UH625V driving me insane! Also oftentimes when turning the tv on the screen flashes. Would this be the t con board?

  27. Hi jimmy thank to the video I have a samsung LCD tv right side goes black blurred and line streak shows the model no:LN-T4661F code LNT4661FX/XAC version AA10 Hope you can help me

  28. Hi Jimmy, Thanks for your so informative videos. Mr jimmy i have Toshiba LED Tv Model 39L4300EE. Before some days the display disappear. I opened its back cove and switch it on but there was no back light. Now i want to repair it and want to know about the problem completely. Thanks. My E.Mail is [email protected]
    I hope i will receive your reply soon.

  29. In not sure if have sound have nothing connected not sure wahllhatbinput it's in. I did the backlight test unplugged main board from power supply led amd screen comes on screen turns on blue what you think is my issue? Samsung u6300 50 inch. I ordered a main board waiting for it to come in. Hoping that's my issue

  30. I have a Philips 42pfl7432d/37 LCD tv and the colors are not right I think I missing blue colors…what can I replace to have my tv fixed.. thnx

  31. TV Model is PN60E7000ffxza s/n z50d3cz801016a turns off and on by itself and sometimes stays off until I disconnect power and then replug the power after waiting a few minutes. Sometimes the picture goes off but the sound stays on but mostly everything turns off and then come back on by itself. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

  32. My Sony XBR65X930E (16 months old) failed a few weeks ago. The screen was dark gray with no picture but did have sound. Geek Squad replaced the TCon board and it ran fine for 3 days and failed again with same symptoms. I have another call into Geek Squad but would welcome your insight. The Geek Squad tech has 20 years experience and seemed competent. What could be causing the TCon board to fail or is something else going on. Thanks for your advice.

  33. Hi Jimmy, i have a LG 50PQ3000, it has a vertical small coloured line down it, but the colours all flicker.
    Should i be replacing the T Con board ?

  34. Hi Jimmy, Samsung model number un50ku6300fxza. The serial number is 05hv3cbh402598t. It has no pic, only sound. Opened and did a visual but nothing looks/smells burned out. My limited knowledge after looking at utube vids is that it could be the TCon board, led strips, or led power supply. I am a visitor at daughter's house, her TV, in Texas and do not have a VM to test. Suggestion please.

  35. Hello, I have a LG42LA640V TV occasionally the screen goes black but it still has sound, if you shine a torch on the screen you can see the image, which would mean backlight failure, but if you turn the TV off and leave for a few seconds then turn back on the TV works as normal, sometimes it will work perfect for hours, then gradually it will only last for anything from 5 to 20 minutes.

    Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

  36. I have a Phillips 55’ tv. It has vertical lines and is doing a scrolling (rolling , jumping) type thing. I unplugged the tcon board and the lines stop and it’s just a black screen. Do I need to replace the tcon board or is it another problem? Model # 55PFL5601/F7

  37. I have a TCL 55inch roku n if I have it full bright da screen blinks n I lower it da screen Is dark

  38. KDL-40R380B. Audio works but picture has a grainy green color in the shadowed and dark areas on screen. Think it's a chip on the Tcon board (AS15G). Think I can replace that chip but wanted to know the right on as there are different ending letters chips, like F and a few others. Help is appreciated. Thanks again.

  39. Samsung 40 inch LCD Model LE40D550K1WXZT problem jittering picture looks like frame problem. where to look for board

  40. Samsung 40 inch LCD Model LE40D550K1WXZT problem picture many pictures in one, vertically – looks like frame problem. where to look for board

  41. I need help help with my LG 55LS4500. I already ordered a T-con board from your site and installed it. But i still have no picture. I have back lights and sound but no picture. What should my next steps be. Any help is appreciated.

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