Lennox Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

I need your help with Lennox air conditioner
troubleshooting. For Lennox split ACs, the E0 error is the
EEPROM parameter error. E1 is the error for communication between the indoor and outdoor
errors, while E5 is for a short circuit or open circuit in either the outdoor unit or
outdoor temperature sensor. I’m not seeing an error with an E in it. Some error messages are the same between the
various Lennox ACs, such as P1 being for over voltage and too low voltage. All it means is that there’s some type of
power supply problem, either too much or too little. That’s rather generic. P1 means it either had a surge and shut down
or too little power during a brown out and shut down. If you did not have a thunderstorm
or power outage, you can try to turn on the unit after it has been shut down for a few
minutes. It would take me that long to find the circuit
breaker. You can get the P1 error if a fuse went out
or breaker flipped too. You may need to go and manually hit the control panel to turn
it on or turn it off at the thermostat and try to bring it on. And if it does not come back on? There’s a bigger electrical problem than
someone running too many appliances at once and more local than the power grid, and you
probably want to turn it off and call tech support. You mean an HVAC guy. Sure, though you could try turning it off,
waiting five minutes, and powering it back up. That resets the control panel, kind of
like rebooting a computer. The downside of smart homes. Unfortunately,
many of their error notices are as inscrutable as the screen full of text during a blue screen
of death. If all the outside LEDs are off, the unit
has terminated due to a communication error. If all lights are on and not blinking, everything
is normal. What if it is blinking? All off but the yellow one means there’s
an EEPROM failure, so replace the control panel. The yellow light blinking is a communication
failure, but it might be fixed by replacing wires or resetting the control panel. If in doubt, reboot, is advice I expect for
a PC, not an AC. The low pressure errors and discharge line
sensor kick in if you have a bad refrigerant leak, though that’s more obvious if there’s
ice build up on the coil, sizzling sounds as it defrosts or really bad moisture buildup. Of course, if the unit floods due to extra
water build up, that can cause electrical problems too. At least that is obvious when you open it
up to look at it and the water flows out.

Bernard Jenkins

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