Lithium ion battery spot welding machine | industrial application with an automatic solution

Hi I’m Frankey from Shanghai Luoliu precision technology. This is introduction of our spot welder machine Flexible design helps to achieve production lines up and down stream automation. If you need more speed, accuracy and high degree of automation we have many modifications to suitable to your requirements This is one face spot welder machine, basic model. It has two CNC axes with servo driver and use the pneumatic cylinder as source of welding follow pressure with our self-development transistor power supply 1. Welding pulse adjustable width small welding spatter, solder joints do not change color 2. Fast writing speed of welding current high quality welding in a short time 3. Dynamic real-time monitoring of welding voltage, current, power and resistance 4. Three combination modes with fixed current and fixed voltage with our self-development transistor power supply. This is spot welder station with long x-axis and servo motors Z axis, save the time of set fixture. We can use a long axis for module We can set two work positions under the module About the z-axis we can use servo motor as pressure source of welding follow. We usually use Panasonic or Siemens servo motor and servo driver. We can set absolute and relative value positioning Or we can use the two heads on x-axis make for soldering points at once time. When we use absolute value positioning we can directly call the parameters of the first machine to the second machine it’s usually suited huge battery packs such as the Four vehicle’s electrode motor power storage There’s another familiar model two sides welder mechanism there’s two same welder headset on both sides of fixture so make the mechanism soldering up and down face of the battery pack at once time We can set industrial camera beside weld needles make the operator monitoring soldering quality easily. Or we can also install CCD monitoring system use AI to help workers. So please trust us we have 10 years experience, we know every factor can affect welder quality of battery tab welder If you need highest speed to improve your capacity of battery packs we have also one ultimate solution for you One machine with two posts and two sides welding at once time. It has the fastest battery tab welding speed in themarket now. It has eight CNC axes make it’s about four times faster than the basic model. When it started for welder head it won’t stopped work. Because there’s no need to wait operating of set fixture we are one of the earliest professional manufacturer battery pack welding and assembly equipment in China we have our speciality skills and knowledge in this field it help us produce the transistor power supply by ourselves designed the unmanned robot assembly line and write our own software the most important is we can supply the most suitable turnkey solution to our customers

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