Little Mermaid Ariel’s Makeover Part 1- Hair Repair

I’m going to show you how I transformed Ariel’s hair from messy to marvelous! [Music: Rosie’s Tea Party theme song] Ariel’s makeover part 1 hair repair These are some of my dolls waiting for makeovers Ariel is getting her makeover today She’s in pretty good condition except for her hair It feels waxy and sticky It could be a glue seepage problem Ariel’s makeover will be done in 2 parts Part 1 is the hair repair Part 2 will be the new hair do and new dress This is part 1 The hair repair I’m going to start with Goo Gone This product helps remove anything that’s sticky, gummy, greasy and or gooey You can find this where cleaning products are sold Spray it all over the hair Cover every strand with Goo Gone Removing the sticky goo first will make it easier to comb through the hair And you’ll pull out less hair Rub it in good and leave it for 30 minutes Now to comb the hair We didn’t use Goo Gone in our first step in Rapunzel’s hair repair and look how much hair we pulled out! That’s a lot! Look at Ariel I hardly pulled out any hair! Next wash the hair Washing the hair is done exactly the same as my other doll makeover videos So I’m not going to show you again here I had to wash Ariel’s hair 3 times to get the Goo Gone out It’s nice and clean now This is really easy to comb No tangles at all To curl her hair I’m going to use straws These are the big straws used to drink smoothies I’m using 2 colours Pink for the inside rollers And yellow for the outside covers You can use any colour you want. It doesn’t matter Cut about 2 inches. Like this And then cut through the centre like this You’ll need about 15 pieces just like this Take a pink straw and wrap some hair on it. Like this I could have all my pink straws cut to size before I start but I like having a long straw to hold onto Open up a yellow straw and snap it on over all the hair Now cut off the extra straw Careful not to cut any hair This straw method was suggested by some of our viewers It’s very easy and safe to do and it won’t leave any dents in the hair This is the first time I’m trying this method so I’m really excited to see how it goes [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] All done! Now for the hot water dunk Get all the curlers under the water and leave it in for 3 minutes 3 minutes later Next, it’s the ice water dunk Oops. I think I put too many ice cubes in here 2 minutes later Take her out and put her on a towel Let the hair dry on it’s own I don’t know how long it’ll take to dry because this is my first time doing this method 3 days later The hair on the straw was still wet! The yellow straw prevented the hair from drying! I’m glad I tried this method because now I can tell you It doesn’t work! This is what I had to do I pushed a bobbi pin into each pink straw and took off all the covers [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Then the hair dried in just a couple of hours Now to take the straws out I think this is going to turn out really nice [Music: Sunbeam Waltz] Oh my goodness! Check out these awesome curls! They’re so beautiful! And her hair is so soft! Let’s see the front! Whoa! This is amazing! Ariel looks so gorgeous! She doesn’t even need a new dress! Look at her! It’s like, she’s gorgeous times 10! Such a beautiful colour too! This is so much wow! Remember what she looked like? She was a 99 cents doll! Now she looks like a million bucks! In my video, dolls waiting for makeovers I asked, Who will have the best makeovers? Ariel? Or Belle? After watching part 1 of Ariel’s makeover Now who do you think will have the best makeover? Post your answer in the comment section Or click on the icard and take our poll Thanks for watching! If you like this video, click like Check out this video! In part 2 of Ariel’s makeover watch me transform her into Aqua Fantasy Ariel! Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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