Long Windshield Crack Repair DIY (What doesnt work)

okay we’re gonna be attempting a long windshield crack repair on Acura tl picked up recently relatively cheap basically I just need this to pass inspection and as you can see there we’re probably got a crack at say probably about 20 inches long you can see where the impact point was right there but basically I just want to try and get this in the passed inspection as cheap as possible like I said put it up super cheap needed some work I put an alternator in it and radiator and some other stuff but you guys want to see any other repair videos on this vehicle I’ll have it for a while so I’ll certainly be glad to do so just leave your comments below also there’ll be a link in the video description for the windshield repair kit that I used which was relatively cheap I think I got it for like 10 bucks on Amazon it’s got the suction cup so we’re gonna try forcing the resin down to this crack it is an old crack so it’s possible there could be some dirt and other stuff inside of it so I’m not sure how well it’s really gonna work and I’m also going to attempt to do this without without drilling at the end of the crack which it’s completely up to you whether or not you want to do so I’m gonna attempt to do it without it I’m sure probably not the best idea but as I was reading the back of this windshield repair kit it actually states that I shouldn’t need to and that it will stop the crack from spreading so we’re gonna come to do it just to see if it does stop the crack from spreading and I’ll respond in the comments below you know after a few months after the repair and let you know how that goes but let’s go ahead and get this package open and get right to work you is actually done here as I put I didn’t have any grease so I just put some conditioner everybody’s gonna have some conditioner our home so you can just put some conditioner on the suction cups and I’ve screwed this I’ve put this down here I pre applied some of the to make sure it’s gonna slide well and you’re gonna want to screw this in until it sets perfect so you got a little pressure on the windshield itself then we have our actual windshield resin that we’re gonna repair the windshield crack with we’re gonna want to go ahead and put some of the resin into the application device here and then we’re just going to go ahead and screw this in this is what’s gonna this is what’s gonna apply the resin as we screw this down here that’s what’s gonna force the resin out of the tip and this stuff is activated by the UV rays from the Sun and I’m doing this on overcast today so it’s going to give us a give us some extra time for this to cure all right so I got a resin got a resin in the tip here and we’re gonna go ahead and applying this suction cups have pushed all the way down now I have a nice tight seal you can see windshield I’m just gonna start applying a little pressure the tighter fit you have the on the windshield the better the more it’s gonna force that resin under the crack so you don’t want to make sure it’s got as tight as it could be without it actually popping off right now it seems like I have that I have a pretty tight so you can start forcing the resin in I’m gonna go on the wind inside of the windshield and actually push out a little hopefully aid in on flex I crack a little so the resident actually fills it in I’m just gonna slowly pull this long and let’s take a look on the inside see if we can see. It doesn’t look like it’s it was look like he’s filling that crack a little and you can see when I push on it no see when I push on it actually change its color a little bit so yeah you want to push on it and make sure that uh resin gets in there nicely where this is an old crack like I said I’m not sure how but it’s gonna work but I can definitely see the resin going in the in the crack so that’s a good sign keep nice pressure on that okay keep eating there is a name now if you push them from the inside make sure we got you can go over it three times see you don’t have to I’m just keeping steady pressure behind it and on top of it I’m just totally spinning this in as we go okay so our repair is all done I’m just off the excess and we’ll see how it gonna take a razor blade now and scrape come out alright guys we got our windshield crack repair down here and as you can see there is the beginning of the crack where it was actually thinner they seemed like it filled pretty well and can’t see it very good that’s probably the reason for that is because dirt and stuff was able to get in there like I said this crack was pretty old and as it gets more towards the thicker part of the crack you can see I still got some air bubbles and stuff so that just goes to show you how how tricky this repair can be how hard it is to get all the air out of the crack and also the age of the crack has a huge plays a huge part and how all that repair is gonna come out because this crack was old and it had dirt and debris inside of it makes it very difficult for makes it very difficult to fill it so if you’re trying this repair on a crack I’d say that’s more than two or three weeks old it’s probably not recommended and I mean in real life scenario it’s now recommended anyways I mean this this glass plays a big role in the structure structure allottee of the vehicle you know once that glass is cracked they’d even kind of thought saves and that’s why it fails for state inspection so probably not gonna be able to stick around this thing still so looks like we’re plug in and it’s having to replace the windshield but definitely I mean definitely worth the shot if you have a windshield it’s not too too old or the cracks not too too old and you just wanna get sticker on it or what not rather than replacing the windshield this doesn’t work like I said I’d be giving the crack there’s probably a good four inches at the beginning of this crack that you can’t see at all and then as we get into where it was a little wider an old thicker because it had dirt and debris in there it had a really hard time filling it but uh so this is a probably a good example of what not to do when you’re performing a windshield crack repair and that is I’m way too long and obviously I didn’t attempt trying to clean it with some brake clean probably worth a shot but I’m not even sure that would work so I would call this one probably not the best attempt but appreciate you guys watching and hopefully there’d be some good good advice as to what will work and what won’t work when you’re trying to repair a cracked windshield thanks for watching if this was helpful be sure to hit the thumbs up and I would love for you to subscribe to my channel Thanks

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  1. this product is meant for chip repairs not long cracks. says so on the package. probably why it didn’t work

  2. Next time…drill the holes on both sides of the crack and clean the crack with a razor and some compressed air..otherwise good job for your first time

  3. Anytime the crack touches the side of the windshield the integrity and safety of the windshield is gone and repairing cracks that touch any side can result in the windshield caving in and no repair company should ever repair one that does ,if they do sue them

  4. I just called the shop and I was told they wont repair anything longer than 2 inches crack…lol thats stupid just want you to pay for a new glass $500 smh

  5. You can find the windshield crack repair kit Here: https://amzn.to/2MTcIhP

  6. Why do you people insist on giving the life history of the car? Who gives a sh*t where or why you got the vehicle? Fix the window.

  7. Are you alcoholical ? or Alzheimer ? Whats is your hands !!!!!

  8. A!!! I know wher are you !!!! E.T .!!!!!!!! Your finger !!!!!!**

  9. Really sad this didnt work was hoping it would I might try anyway my crack is only from like 3 to 4 months ago

  10. I just purchased the kit. It doesn't show using the suction cups device for long cracks only for where the rock hit. It is listed under "Directions – Cracks". Just apply the rezin directly to crack from the bottle. I just noticed at the top of the instructions it also says (Please see reverse for repair of cracks). What might help as well, it instructs if there is air in the crack apply a small amount of pressure on the inside of the glass to remove air from crack, but not too hard or it might make the crack grow in size. He probably got conditioner in his crack. haha

  11. Definitely requires a technique. I did not have a good outcome. Did it three applying a little more pressure each time

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