Love Unplugged | A Short Film With English Subtitles

Luv Unplugged. Hello! Whats up…what are you doing? Thinking what should be done to
make Reddy the next CM of AP. You can do that later…
are you done with your dinner? No. Can you tell me some temple
where I can go and get some offering, or Should I come to your place? But how will you come hereů
the gates are already closed. I am used to all these. Oh, so how many walls
did you jump for girls? Is she expecting me to go there?
Or is she just informing me? If I go, she will ask me
the reason for coming? If I don’t, she’ll blame
that I don’t care for her. Taxi? Yes…but where?
Nampally. 1 minute. Come…lets go. What’s this? This is hero FZ. What? I am hero and this is FZůcome lets go. This is my sandal…shall I slap you? Wow…they are awesome sister…
that’s ok…just leave it. God knows from which planet
these aliens hail from? Who’s she? Some girl… Girl…drop me at hut house. But why? My girl is waiting, man… Lucky you are. They are not crazy for me, but they are
crazy for you though you ignore them. Cut the crap, man. By the way…
is she original or pirated one? Original ya… Oh original…then you can take your time. No, we are getting late…lets leave. That’s okůoriginal won’t go anywhere. Let’s go. What happened? My foot, tyre is punctured. That’s why you should
never listen to them, it would be good if you’d ignored her. Out of Rs. 200, Rs. 100 will be
wasted for repairing the tyre. She’ll order for burgers and
ice creams over there. Generally we stand and have tea in our cafe. There you have to sit in a/c and
drink coffee…that doesn’t suit us. So take it easy and have
a Ż tea in the Irani cafe. Ha ha ha. Do you realize whats the time now? Excuse me, whats the time? It’s 10:40 AM. See if you want to travel in train, you
have to buy the ticket, not the train. What? I mean if you want to have a coffee…
just buy it, but not the cafe. How is she? Sexy! You’ll never change! I just said it accidentally
not intentionally! It’s over Karthik…we are not
meant for each other…bye I don’t hate him, but I’m scared of him,
though I love him. This is not my job to compromise
and convince myself. It is my life…damn she’s not the
only girl in this whole world. Tell me what’s it? I’ll call you later. So, how was the show with your girl dude? I am not sure whether she is passionate
about me or she is prosecuting me. She says she loves me, but it’s
definitely tough to be with me. Take a chill pillůthis is not
the first time for you… …lets go to pub and have pizza! I do enjoy the thought of a
pub but not a pizza now. I have negative balance, moreover
we don’t have sponsors too. Let’s hang out at Ravi’s place. Karthik. Call our CM, we have
swinging and bumpy roads. These are the effects
of drinking alcoholů Just stop the bike, man. I want to check the condition
of roads and take a decision. I expected something, you could have
asked me what you had while boozingů God is so partial…that he
designed girls so perfectly. He might be good at maths. Those measurements, calculations…perfect
architecture and geometry…cute faces! Exactly…that’s the reason I used to fail
in maths since I never believed in God. Come, lets go,
I’ll drop you at your place. This girl is thinking too deeply. Excuse me, can you tell me
the time, please? Hey, Karthik! Can u just turn back and
show your face, please? You know your original copy is here… …and you are still trying
to download a new version? I just can’t take these twists
any moreůlets leave. Karthik, you are such a cheap person. You know I stay there and
still you try to flirt other girlsů You flirt each and every girl
who walks on the road. What are you trying to achieve
by boozing and all? No Shruthi… I drank in depression that you left me… …and in that emotion and confusion
I just forgot myself. So in that woozy feeling, you’ll kiss
someone and forget me, right? Hey, Karthik! I Just saw your text which
you sent me last night. When you said you will share love,
I thought you’ll share only with me… …and not with every other girl. No, it just happened. I neither want to listen to you… nor I want to see the justice
you do to every other girl. I just came for a final break up
and not a patch up…it’s over…bye. Dude…one pirated version
asked about you. I told her that you are hereůsince Shruti
is outdated now I just promoted her. You are great dude. I am unable to decide
whether to praise you or kick you. Anything wrong? Her introduction made her out. What happened…did original get stuck? Girl wants me to follow the process,
but I never do that… …that’s why I broke our relationship. It’s better to have a pirated version
which offers cooperation. Just a minute. Where did he go? He has just gone for some work. Can you please drop me till there? Oh…yes… Hey, Neha! I came for you, but on seeing Mouli’s
girl there…I was talking to her. Whats the plan for today? Hey, Shruthi…! I was just telling her about
you and meůhow much I loved you… Ok, Karthik. I’m leaving. Hey, wait! I will drop you. How can you just leave me
if I really want to leave? Won’t you ever listen to me? You were behind me initially,
but now you are flirting every girl… What’s all this? Do you really love me?

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Just richness chupincharu, lowest level of acting skills and poor direction story and dialogues

  2. WEll, Awesome bud!!! 😉 Yes,This is a Short Film. Theres a lot in the story if we can think. 🙂

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