LUKAT FIX IT FIX A PEELING CLEAR COAT ( lukatdetail.com ) 505-304-8652


Bernard Jenkins


  1. would like to try this and do a review can you message me on here please ….thank you

  2. Love this product. So easy to use. My headlights are like new and my paint has never looked better. Awesome

  3. You need a better camera you can never tell how much of the difference the product do and cut back on the talking repeating of the same subject get to the point show the results.

  4. Base coat clear coat sucks. Not good when the sun smokes it.They use it at the factory since it is cheep and easy for them to get a shiny finish Peroid.

  5. Yup most people don't know that clearcoat paint jobs are high maintenance
    Thats why you don't see them on commercials vehicles like semis and combine and caterpillar type vehicles
    Using Lukat Fix It and Lukat EZ wax can save you a lot of money down the road

  6. No not yet were working towards that but you can just call 505-304-8652 and order your lukat fix it kit

  7. This doesn't fix clearcoat. It hides that the protective clear coating over the soft, thin basecoat is gone.


  9. I bought this and it really works. It saved my paint. Now my friends have bought it. Great Product!

  10. Just checked out your website. You're up and running congratulations. When you start making money considering having a web designer set up your website. It looks a bit homemade, the font is wrong, too much dead space, rethink your colors, how does that tie into your branding, it doesn't. You should expand your product line. You're price point is too high. $30 for one bottle? If you do plan on charging such a premium price,which I think is a mistake, then everything else about your product has to show value for the premium price. Which is difficult at best on an unknown product.

  11. I support your Channel and am going to share it with my grown Grandsons. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  12. How much is it for the pack and for the Shipley days will it take to get to my home

  13. How long down the shine last? What kind of upkeep is needed to keep the shine? Or is it permanent with the first time use?

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