Macbook Black Screen fix

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Is this a joke or something? Or are you making a fool out of all of us?? This doesn’t work at all.. it’s so stupid to make such a video when people are really in need of some serious help. Plz take this video off..

  2. This worked for me late 2011 MBP 13 running Sierra. But I have a separate prohibition sign problem.

  3. hello po 🙂 I have a macbook pro retina early 2015. okay naman po siya nagamit ko pa. then a day after, black screen nalang po siya huhu i tried connecting it to the hdmi and it worked but nasa tv yung display. ayaw din po magpakita sa display settings na kung pwede ko imirror. Please help po i tried so many steps but wala parin. Okay lang po ba gawin steps niyo? hindi po ba sasabog ung mac? thanks

  4. THIS ACTUALLY WORKED!!! Thank you!!!!!! It is probably going to happen again which sucks but it is working for now. I am shook! Thank you

  5. Bro!! I thought this was a joke but it workedd!!!!!!!!! Lol !!!! Wtf???!!!!

  6. As crazy as it may seem it actually worked for me. I had this issue on my MacBook Pro 13 inches from 2015. 🙏

  7. I was skeptical, making snide comments as to "does the blanket really have to be fuscia?" I grabbed the nearest beach towel, sans sand, and wrapped my inverted macbook pro. 3 minutes later, having tried everything, PRAM reset, etc. etc., I was expecting nothing. For good measure I made sure to keep it wrapped, and even shut off the fan beside (baka malamigan). Pare, your "wala" is actually "voila!" and YES, YES my laptop is again ALIVE ! To all the doubters, like myself, until you try it, don't diss it. Just try it. How you came across this 'pre, I have no clue, but it REALLY WORKED for me.

  8. PRAM reset did work, but screen stayed on for 3 seconds. This Fuscia Blanket method has my laptop working like new. Even the dreaded rainbow pinwheels are gone!

  9. It did worked for me on 2011 early 15”, i ignored this video cuz tough it was stupid. Thanks, now trying the same on 17” late 2011..

  10. I solved my black screen display problem. I dropped my Macbook Pro (13' – 2015) flat on the floor and when I turned it on there was a chime sound and the screen is black and wouldn't turn on display despite my keyboard working.

    I tried doing all the PRAM / SMC reset, but they did not work. After three months of trying, I randomly press alongside the black band at the top edge connecting the screen and the keyboard, and then connected my mac via HDMI to my TV (using mirror mode), and the Mac screen started to work again.

    It works perfectly now. I don't know if this will work for you but it did for me and it save me from spending 400$ to get the screen replaced. Best of luck!

  11. Banged it against my desk lightly and typed in my password and it came back on

  12. my apple logo is off and if i put a light behind the thing its like the apple logo is facing the wrong way and I SPILT WATER ON IT FROM LIKE 2015 I NEED HELP!!!

  13. just fixed mine by hitting the back on the middle of screen and wah la im happy

  14. Hello. I need your help please. My macbook won’t turn on but its charging. 🙁 can you please pm me. 🙁

  15. Wtf is this solution fuck your retarded ways of
    “Fixing” Mac books

  16. I got a qestion my mac was updated to sierra i left it one night and it on normally but hwne trying to use the keyboard and teackpad dont respond altho when entering bootcamp everything work perfect

  17. OOOOMMMMGGGGG!!! My screen works!! Thank you so much, I though that my MAC was dead😭😭😭😭

  18. clearly the guy does know what he is actually doing and why. he is just putting it in a sleep mode. If Mac GPU stuck in a sleep mode use Shft+Ctrl+Eject it will do the same. it will go to sleep and do nothing, no need to wrap it! – OMG it is just stupid! There is a method to force Mac to use integrated gpu (igpu) – you need to make it overheat. Load cpu to 100%, however, this is hard to do, if your monitor is black (Ctrl+F5 – accessibility mode – use Mac as a blind person or access your mac desktop remotely) and put it in enclosed space or just put it in enclosed space but make sure it still runs and does not go to sleep!!!. Eventually, Mac shuts itself down, then quickly reboot it. If you are lucky it will boot using igpu.

  19. It workeddd!!! Thank you so much!! I went to a Mac Store and they told me I didn’t have an option, that my Mac from 2010 was dead… and he is still aliiiive! Thanks!!

  20. I don't know how weird this is BUT IT WORKED MY DISPLAY IS WORKING after trying to get solutions from thr net for more than 8 hours

  21. Damn worked! Mine retina 15inch early 2013.. But if you shutdown the mac and it will do the blank again. And need do the trick again. Thanks pal!

  22. Sir may shop po ba kayo? Yung imac ko po ganyan din problem eh. Gumagana sya pero black screen sya sir.

  23. Still getting dark blue screen with mac open, the Apple logo is lighten up also, help please 💔 I have projects to work on

  24. I updated something on my Mac and now it’s black but the caps lock key doesn’t have a light 😭😭😭 can this fix it?

  25. Pano po pag yung keyboard mo walang response? Gaya yung capslock di nagtuturn green kahit iclick ko?

  26. I tried bc I had nothing to lose. like I legit thought you all had jokes. I feel silly for even admitting that I tried but it actually worked lol. thanks a million for this.

  27. believe it or not sounds magic. i watched online many imes if how to fix my mcbook air but disappointed. i tried the step in this video and yes omg. literally working and now im typing to send my million thanks to the guy who upload the video. kudos 🙂

  28. This is THE most bizarre computer fix I have ever come across, and I wrote my first program in 1975! Shuffling and dealing cards in BASIC. Also 4-quadrant Star Trek on a teletype machine connected to a mainframe in Geneseo College, and hex codes to get exclamation marks to walk across the screen.

  29. Mine turned on for a second then shut off again 💀💀💀💀💀

  30. Wtf how did this work? I thought my MacBook was dead. I turned it upside down and wrap it in a towel and it turned right on. Knock on wood, I hope it doesn’t happen again but idk how in the hell wrapping it in a towel fixed it 🤔🤔

  31. Sometimes the brightness can be the problem you probably just turned your brightness off

  32. Stage 3 PC

    this worked with the latest Mac Book Pro – same issue just wrapped it in a blanket for 15 minutes then like magic. genius guy!

  33. it works… in my case the screen wasn't fixed completely but atleast I could barely see something to retrieve important docs.

  34. I desperately need help and I've watched so many videos and googled insane amount of hours worth but can't pinpoint exactly what is wrong in my black screen situation.
    If I restart my 2015 Reina MacBook, it will have a black screen but kb and sound works fine. The only fix that works for me is draining the battery, seeing the dead battery symbol, then plug it in and quickly press power button. Then my MacBook will be 100% fine and even works when closing and opening the MacBook.
    The only problem is that I can't update it or else I have to go through the process again of draining the battery again because of the black screen. Help! Is it software related?

  35. What if i wrap it in a condom? Would probably switch up to the latest macbook

  36. It works. My screen flickers when the laptop is cold. Usually in the morning but now I keep it in a warm place before I go to bed

  37. Press the Power / OFF button once – this will bring up the dialog box which you can’t see
    Press the “S” button – this is the shortcut to sleep the Mac
    Hold down the Power button until a hard shut down is forced
    Wait about 15 seconds, then hit the Power button again to turn it back on


  38. Thank you so much! I was able to back up the remainder of my research!

  39. I can’t believed this worked!!! I tried resetting my PRAM, I tried the hard rest with opt,shift,control, P, R. Etc etc and nothing worked… except this! I won’t lie I was totally skeptical but your a lifesaver thank you!!

  40. Please help! My mac’s screen gotten smaller if you know what i mean its not full screen like part of the screen dissapeared after i downloaded the sims!

  41. My MacBook Air shows the apple symbol but it only loads up half way and then it shows the white loading symbol in the bottom, it switches between that and the cursor but it never goes to let me enter my password

  42. I didn’t expect it to work, but thought I would go ahead and try it. Low and behold, it popped right on! Thanks dude!!

  43. Had the BLACK SCREEN twice ever since i got my mac. Only did this blanket thingy for them, and it worked.

  44. Literally, it works like a charm. 5-10 minutes later, IT APPEARS AGAIN. I’m shook!

  45. I Just DID IT, and left my Macbook Pro about 30 minutes, AND IT WORKS!, thank You very much. I have a question, what should be the permanet solution? please help me about that. THNAKNS AGAIN!

  46. im trying this for like a whole night becoz my mac crashed in the middle of my work maybe becoz i didn’t turn it off properly for like 2 nights and just had a lot happening. hopefully it will turn on 🥵 i tried all the rituals that was said here in UUuTube. Ill update if it worksz

  47. CANNOT believe this worked, I was freaking out, I’m travelling Asia and had no idea how to get this fixed!!

    Although now terrified to turn it off… am I safe now? Will this happen again? If anyone has done this before and their laptop worked perfectly after please let me know

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