macOS High Sierra/Mojave/Catalina Driver Installation for RME Audio Interfaces

In macOS high sierra 10.13, Apple introduced a new security feature that requires user approval to use new third-party drivers. Because of this many
users are facing problems with the RME hardware resulting in different
malfunctions like audio interfaces are not being recognized. if you are
upgrading from an older macOS and you already installed the RME Drivers, you
don’t have to follow this instruction. Before installation please make sure
that your RME Audio interface is not in class compliant mode. Follow the
installation procedure as usual When the installation was successful the
message system extension blocked pops up. There have been cases where the message didn’t show up, nonetheless it is important to authorize the driver,
otherwise your RME hardware will not work correctly. After the installation
open system preferences and click on security and privacy. You will see the
message system software from developer RME was blocked from loading. Click
allow and the driver is now authorized. if your hardware is not recognized
disconnect and reconnect your device. Please note that you have to enable the
driver in 30 minutes after the installation. Otherwise the driver is
blocked and you have to reinstall the driver.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. What does Class Compliant Mode mean? How do I access this to check its status? Cheers.

  2. My machine is Macbook Pro 15 Retina 2015. Which driver should I install? thanks

  3. Hey, big problem right here. My internal microphone cannot detect any surrounding sound ( even vibration)..please help…
    plus ..=How will i check which RME interface I am Using…? I am Using Mac Book pro 2012 version. now with Mac Os High Sierra 10.13.3

  4. hello i have a fast track pro. witch driver should I download?

  5. Hi friends, please, how to connect RME Fireface 400 to new iMac 2017 or Macbook pro 2017 touch bar???? Adapters TB3 to TB2 and TB2 to FIREWARE 800 doesnt working :((( thank you!!! 🙂

  6. Thanks for ur video.

    am still facing this problem. I click Allow but nothing happens. Any can help me with this please??

  7. Im so lost and frustrated. I have an mbox mini and a scarette 2i2 and neither work. I was able to at least install the driver for the mbox and it shows up but it doesnt work. The scarlette doesnt even show up at all. Can anybody help me? I just got a macbook two days ago and have been researching and researching but havent found anything. Also i have an ignition key for reason, normally i would connect it to a computer and it would unlock the daw software but on my mac it seems like it doesnt even recognize it. The usb light turns on tho

  8. Thank you for this video. I though I didn't even know how to install a program anymore

  9. Hi, I am using Prodipe Studio 22 Pro with iMac High Sierra 10.13.3 , can't recognize, which driver should I install? Thanks a lot.

  10. I love using my Fast Track Ultra 8R. But with this update has a-lot of people using Avid products such as m -audio considering to stop buying these product all together .I know some1 will come up with a solution. I just hope its very soon . I know a-lot of people is looking forward to doing what we do best. Apple or Avid should fix this problem. These companies have the abilities to fix these problems very easily . As loyal loving consumer we will love and be grateful of.

  11. this unfortunately doesnt work and I wonder why this problem pops up now. until a week ago the fireface 800 was working just fine and now it stopped being recognized. host led stays red. I tried so many things, but the allow info / popup doesnt show up in the security settings and the fireface settings or totalmix wont start. reinstalling the driver dont change anything. damn you apple! i just wanna make music.

  12. Hi, I am using Motu Audio Express usb2 and High Sierra 10.13.6, but it's doen't work fine. Can I use RME Interface?

  13. I just got Babyface pro, I am trying to install it but there is no indicator that the driver has been read, even though I followed all steps in the manual and video, also Totalmix doesn't really work, any suggestions to what I should do to get around that?

  14. Great help ! I had the same after I performed a Migration Assisent operation to my new I Mac with a Saffire pro 40 driver. The warning did not pop after installation so I was puzzled. That and the fact that that new driver had be authorised within 30 minutes is what made me realise that your solution could work and it did! Thanks!

  15. You are a legend. I was searching and getting all different types of different information online. This easy fix did it. Thanks so much!

  16. Bro pls help me I have a m audio fast track ultra w high Sierra 10.13.6 is there any link I can use or do I have to buy a new interface

  17. I just installed pro tools 12.7.1 and runing 2017 imac mac os "majave" .. It installed with no problem, but the only problem is my protools is not detecting my mbox pro 3 interface in the playback engine.. How can this be resolved ?

  18. I have a 2019 Macbook Air running Mojave, I installed the most recent driver for my Fireface UFX, and while my computer says it has been successfully installed, once it has restarted the drivers are nowhere to be seen. When going into my privacy and security settings, there is no option for me to allow the blocked driver. Any suggestions? Thanks

  19. I have an iMac2019 now and my interfacerme fireface400 firewire do not work. I installed the latest driver the mac said its succesfull, but I cant´t see the total mixer and the fireface settings can´t get open. is the fireface400 no more compatible with the iMac 19 or where is the problem..any suggestions?

  20. Good advice but having done everything you described here. No interface shows up in my midi devices. Damn you Apple. You've made the Sierra OS so secure that even the license owner can't use it. Back of the class.

  21. i have macOS 10.14.6 Mojave, i have downloaded the correct driver for Babyface pro. installation was successfull, but still the total mix window is not opening, there is no message shown in security & privacy in System preferences.
    pls help

  22. Mac apparently so good but this has been the biggest pain in the ass trying to get all my stuff to work it’s insane. It doesn’t show anything in my privacy tab after I do the install even if I unplug it and plug back in multiple times.

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