Makita Drill Repair – Replacing the Brush Holder (Makita Part # 638494-5)

“The brush holder consists of the brush holders,
the brush tension springs, the wire leads, and the plastic ring that secures it all together. Most problems with the brush holder are the
result of an overloaded tool. If overloaded, the tension springs and holders
can be burned. This can also cause the plastic mounting ring
to melt or worn. Replacing the brush holder is a repair that
you can do yourself and I’m going to show you how. Hi, Mark Sodja. Do it yourself repairs like these are easier
than you might think. From lawn machines to cordless drills, kitchen
mixers, outdoor drills. Our how-to videos walk you through each repair
from start to finish. Doing it yourself means never having to do
it alone. Let’s get started. I’ll begin by removing the rear cover from
the housing. Now remove one half of the housing. There’s a label between the two sides of the
housing. I’ll cut that label with a knife and now I
can separate the two halves. With the housing removed, now I can pull the
complete motor and gearbox assembly away from the drill. I’ll pull the armature away from the brushes. Now I’ll pull the switch away from the housing
so I can disconnect the wires from the brush card to the switch. I’ll note the location of each of the wires. Now I can begin installing the new brush holder. First I need to transfer the brushes from
the old holder to the new. I’ll pull back the brush springs and pull
them to the side of the holder. Then I’ll remove the brush lead from the holder
and remove the brush from the holder and transfer it over to the new brush holder. I’ll pull the brush spring back on the new
holder, insert the brush, clip it into place, and place the spring back over the top of
the brush. I’ll do the same thing for the other brush. Now connect the brush holder back to the switch,
the black wire to the tab marked M2 and the red to M1. You’ll notice there’s a slot on one end of
the oak. That slot aligns with a tab that’s milled
in the bottom of the housing. I’ll line the two, pull back the brushes in
the brush holder and slide the armature through the brush holder. Now align each of the components and slide
them back into the housing. Now place the switch back into the housing. As I do I’ll make sure to align the directions
selector with the forward reverse switch on the switch. Reinstall the heatsink and make sure that
all of the wires are tucked out of the way. Now reinstall the housing and secure it with
the screws. I’ll finish up by reinstalling the rear cover. That’s all it takes to install a new brush
holder in your power tool. Be sure to check back often for new videos
and expert advice. If you found this video helpful, give us a
thumbs up and leave a comment.”

Bernard Jenkins

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