Mexico City: Eco solutions for pollution

and welcome back to you, Supercharged here
in Mexico City. We’re in one of the most
populous cities in the world and also, the most congested. Now this road was so
crowded that they decided to build another story
directly above to double the flow of traffic. That’s where a citizen led
project called Via Verde comes in, not so much to
clean up the streets, but rather to green them up. FERNANDO MONASTERIO: Via
Verde it is a project that will transform more than
1,000 concrete pillars of these elevated highway. So we’ll get more than 60,000
square meters of new green area to Mexico City. The World Health
Organization recommends around 9 square meters of
green area per [inaudible]. In Mexico, we have less than 4. NICKI SHIELDS: OK. So not even half. FERNANDO MONASTERIO:
Not even half. So we’re transforming
every bridge, every pillar, every wall
into new green areas to abuse oxygen. NICKI SHIELDS: Isn’t is great? You suddenly see how many
different species of plant you’ve got. Well, I’m glad it’s
cleaning out the here. Because even just standing
here, breathing in the air, you can feel the pollution going
into your lungs, don’t you? Plants to do a great job of
absorbing carbon dioxide, pumping out oxygen, and
improving air quality. But at a garage out
of town, they’re taking it one step further,
converting existing gas guzzling cars into brand
new electric vehicles one combustion engine at a time. Check out this old beetle,
really popular in Mexico, because it’s actually been
used for years as the taxis. Now take a little look under
the boot, where the engine sits, an internal combustion engine
pumping lots of dirty air into what is already
a very polluted city. But if we have a
look under here, we can already start
to see the progress. Engine’s been taken
out, motor’s going in, just waiting for the battery. Hector.
are you actually doing? Because clearly, we’re standing
in front of this Peugeot. And there is one big hole
where the engine used to be. HECTOR RUIZ: Hector, yeah,
yeah, it was a interesting car. It was polluting
the environment. It was an old car. And we decided to put
in an electric motor. And so the car is going to be
completely free of pollution. NICKI SHIELDS: So as
well as giving this car a completely new lease of
life, you’re actually taking a dirty car that was
putting pollutants into the air of the road
and putting a clean one. HECTOR RUIZ: Yeah, sure. NICKI SHIELDS: Do you think
other people are going to follow in your footsteps? HECTOR RUIZ: Yeah, absolutely. I believe this is a very
interesting project, because this is somehow much
affordable for the people to get, instead of buying
a brand new electric car, or any hybrid, or
an alternative car. NICKI SHIELDS: Now some critics
of the electric revolution worry about where
the electricity comes from to charge these
cars and understandably so. If the electricity is generated
from dirty fossil fuel power stations, then it
kind of defeats the point. So that’s exactly why energy
companies are investing in renewable sources of power. Clean energy for clean
cars is the last piece in the puzzle of how to improve
air quality in Mexico City. I’m hoping you can help
me answer this question. If I was to charge my electric
vehicle in Mexico City, where would the
electricity come from? And is any of that renewable? PAOLO ROMANACCI: The
electricity come from the grid. The grid gets the energy
from all the generation plant of the country. Today, 28% of the [inaudible]
installed in Mexico is renewable. NICKI SHIELDS:
That’s a good start. PAOLO ROMANACCI: As you
see here, this is Mexico. And this is the resume
of our generation. Right now, we are generating
214 megawatts more or less. That means more or less, we
are giving energy to 600,000 households in Mexico. So that’s interesting. And then we can
get into details. So we can zoom in. And now we see power plants. NICKI SHIELDS: And this all
the different wind farms. We’ve been experiencing out
on the roads today, obviously, the pollution levels are very,
very high in Mexico City. Do you think one of the keys
to solving that problem is more people using renewable energy? PAOLO ROMANACCI: 50% of the
pollution of Mexico City depends on cars,
on transportation. And I think this is going
to change dramatically in the next few years. Clearly, renewable
is very important, but also is very
electric vehicles.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Interesting. Very smart thing that Mexico City is doing to reduce pollution and having clean air. Nice!

  2. yeah, and people who support pumpkin head still saying MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…the following regulations have been
    eliminated according to president pumpkin head and his idiots…

    , lift the ban on the use of lead in ballistics ordinance ( bullets) lead is a carcinogen known to cause damage to humans and wildlife

    – lifting the ban on the use of asbestos in building construction a
    substance banned 50 years ago for its cancer causing effects..

    -lifting of emission standerds for industry leaving them free to pollute the
    atmosphere and water of the U.S. and ultimatelyy the rest of the globe.

    those are just a few of the more advanced forward thinking ideas of the beloved
    president.. Wake up you idiots even the people trump wants to keep out
    behind his "WALL" are advancing beyond you

  3. more of the United States need to go green now for mother earth safe!!!!!

  4. may want to address that drug cartel problem u have there first. because don't matter how clean your environment is if you can't even walk down the street without becoming a victim

  5. Not bad at all, proud for them 👍👍🇲🇽..unlike the u.s. Trump will pollute the country

  6. with all the deportees they should be able to do something for their beloved Mexico

  7. They burn all their trash in the streets ..Plastic and tires included

  8. México is a great nation that's why the dumb marx-zi-0,nist puppet Donald Trumps hate MEXICO.

  9. mexico city, 10 times bigger than shitty new york, suck your wall, yanks.

  10. Mexico City is a city that is taking taking big actions to stop polluting so much. Some alternatives being used are huge a improvements in public transport (like new generation buses and hybrid taxis), different check in and check out hours for different companies and even home office instead of bringing everybody to the office buildings. Hopefully in some years those actions take effect, because this stunning city doesn't deserve that smog problem.

  11. Via verde is not a real solution for air pollution, actually a lot of vertical gardens are dead.

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  13. So this CNN reporter from out of country, fly's to Mexico , to make a video report, fly's back, and then comments on "dirty air pollution caused by fossil fuel"? Really? How about you stay home and let a Mexican national do the report. Stupid in the age of internet.

  14. I honestly do NOT like Mexico City at all. I prefer staying in Guerrero where my parents are originally from.

  15. Mexico City in a state of emergency and the government does not do anything we drown with smoke now #HELP

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