Microsoft Quantum and Willis Towers Watson transforms risk-management solutions

– Willis Towers Watson covers, actually, an amazing range of services. They’re all around, though, the issue of people and risk. – One of the things that sets Willis Towers Watson apart is the use of advanced technology to solve client problems. – The engagement with Microsoft started where we wanted to work with them on the idea of quantum computing, preparing for quantum computing by starting off with what we call quantum-inspired computing today. This is a breakthrough that is going to provide incredible computational power and a different way of really computing. – Risk modeling is a little bit different to classic big data, AI sort of problem. With risk modeling, you’re trying to quantify the whole distribution of outcomes. It requires quite a lot of specialism and the prevalent technique is something called Monte Carlo simulation. Simply put, throw all the dice lots and lots of times and then calculate from the resulting outcomes. – Quantum-inspired optimization leverages the principles of quantum physics to solve optimization problems faster to higher accuracy. – Currently, we can run sort of realistic models in ten or fifteen minutes. If we can bring that down to seconds, then immediately that’s opening up the door to real business value. – What this means for the end user is: we give them information and insights that they were never able to have before. The limits of traditional computing just meant that we couldn’t analyze certain things. With greater insights, then comes more efficiency, and better choices. I love the quantum-inspired computing partly because of the problems that we’re going to be working through with Microsoft today, but perhaps more, because of what we’ll do in the future. The problems we’re tackling today we’ll get some great insights and some great results from them, but there will probably be things that we haven’t even begun to think about today that will give us future results. That’s what’s really exciting.

Bernard Jenkins

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