Hello guys!
Today I would like to show you, what you have to do, after you get an
error message from the Office Toolkit, when you click on “Activate“. To be
specific…this error message right here, that tells you that you have more than
one TAB Adapter installed and therefor the product couldn’t be activated.
I found the solution on this side. I could put the link in the description,
but it isn’t that important. What you have to do… it actually doesn’t
take long at all. Push the Windows-Button and “X”. Then go to “Device-Manager”.
Then click on “Network-Adapter” and look for the word “TAP”, just like in
the error message; something like “TAP Adapter” or only “TAP” and everything
that includes that word must be deleted. You would… I have
already done it, so it can´t be seen here… You would have to
click on it and then go to this “X”. That’s it. Then try to
activate again after everything is deleted. It should work.
At least it worked for me. So I hope I helped you, I hope it
works for you and Bye!

Bernard Jenkins

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