MIRROR GLAZE CAKE – FAIL included – buttercream frosted cake with reflective glaze

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Emmy I love you. Your so real and funny. Your videos make me laugh,smile and inspire me to make new things. Thanks your the best

  2. I am so going to try this! I was thinking….. when making the glaze and using gelatin and white chocolate chips, I wonder if a raspberry gelatin would be a fun addition. You'd have that chocolate cake, buttercream, and white chocolate glaze, but maybe with a bite of raspberry flavor (which should complement the chocolate nicely).

  3. i just made it the first time, colors were great, flavor of the glaze wasn't over powerful to the yellow cake and lemon butter cream. how do i post the picture?

  4. Thanks for sharing your fail. It gives me hope. The cake is beautiful !!!!!

  5. I swear my heart broke when you said you had to throw it all away the first time.

  6. How would you make the mirror glaze vegan? What would you use? Maybe agar Instead of gelatin?

  7. can someone please tell me what the measurement's are in grams mils etc or what T and t mean I am assuming that C means a cup but how many grams/mils to a cup

  8. Instead of calling them β€œlife hacks” should be called McGyver hacks. It’s basically what the majority of them are when you see most of these u tubers are showing us and saying they are life changing! They must of been fans of that show as well!

  9. Emmy: "Hello my lovelies"


  10. Random, but I literally, at the age of 30 found out about cake strips. You never have to deal with the cake domes, and the edges are moist like the middle of the cake. I totally recommend.

  11. cake bakers use bench scrapers as it gives great 90 degree angles

  12. I don't feel the need to emulate this recipe. But it's one of the few of your creations I don't desire to duplicate.

  13. I stopped everything I was doing just to admire that glaze drizzle down the cake… 😍

  14. I've seen plenty of recipes and many of them add to the mirror glaze glucose, do you know what is the difference between adding it or not?

  15. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ with me same problem….. aging nd again, good job

  16. WowπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΎπŸŽ‚fromπŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

  17. Emmy. Right out of the freezer, take a paper towel soaked in hot water. Squeeze out the excess and use it immediately to rub all the ridges and blemishes off of the cold cake. Like an eraser.

  18. I was looking forward for the combination of colors on the first cake lol but still loved the second one

  19. Also do I need to refrigerate or refreeze the cake after putting the mirror coat on?

  20. When she said this sucks I actually felt a little scared aaa!!! Who knew she had that in her

  21. These vids don't need background music. The ambient sound is enough. I'd rather just hear Emmy's voice; the music is a distraction…

  22. You may want to measure your vanilla many baking recipes are a chemical formula and altering the amount of liquid to dry ingredients will alter your result. Pretty second cake

  23. To prevent to bottom layer from sliding around on the cardboard cake circle smear about one tablespoon of icing on the cake circle then place the layer of cake down. No more cake slide.

  24. I was amused when I caught myself applauding when you removed the slice from the cake!

  25. Oh danigt.
    This sweets craving I am about to indulge is your fault. I hope you feel good about yourself.
    Because you should.

  26. A nickname the cooking Ninja! Slaying food professionally! πŸ˜πŸ‘

  27. At about 3:49 if you pay close attention it kinda looks like she cut through it before she started to cut it… Like look reallly close to when she was almost all the way through

  28. I like to watch ur videos to hear itadakimasu … love japanese πŸ™‚

  29. When you started pouring across back and forth instead of circling around I lost it lolololol

  30. Please Tell Me You Didn’t Really Throw That Cake Away. Still Can Feed The Homeless with it πŸ€¨πŸ˜’πŸ’•πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  31. Hello Emmy, I absolutely love your videos and have been binge watching your channel! Are you able to please attempt the mouse mirror glaze cake? I’m here all the way from 2019 and I’m sure I will be here for much longer! Keep being amazing! Xox

  32. Not sure if you did it or not, but if you put a bit of frosting on the cardboard and then place the cake on top of that, it will help the cake to stay put and make icing it a lot easier πŸ™‚

  33. Damn you do some amazing cakes. I've only watched this one and the Japanese cheese cake one, I'm gonna make that one.

  34. Emmy's sooo cute when she's happy! (-: I think she has a thing for English accents!(((-:

  35. You're so cute! You made the 2nd glaze seem so effortless I think I'll try it myself! Way to go!

  36. I worked in a bakery for a bit…. I was terrible at flat icing. I just couldn't get the hang of spinning the cake with one hand while icing with the other! Borders, roses, writing – in a few different styles, no problem. LOL

  37. But it is frozen try doing a follow up with room temperature for guests. Good luck, beautiful though.

  38. I remember making this glaze just when it became popular, looking high and low for recipes as there were no real recipes available in English then.
    Made it, came out great and after all that work, my family was like, it's nice but we don't like such fussy cakes. Why didn't you make the usual one?

    Seriously, never again. Seed cake it is for the rest of you for the rest of our lives. πŸ˜‚

  39. Hahahaa i love how u try Emmy. I do that too. So i was just smiling watching u try. Good job my ladyyy. Sure i learned. Thanks

  40. On a non-cake related note… I often see Youtubers promote Wix by saying they just made a web site using it but where are the people who have used it for years without issues? I need more information about that before signing on.

    And the best moment of the video is clearly at 2:40 when she makes a mighty roar and flashes that hilarious quick grin.

  41. Emmy, with your personality and camera techniques you make it seem possible that the common person can make all these good foods. Also it's nice to see another Macgyver fan

  42. My wife, when she's unsure, uses a thin wooden skewer, like the ones you use for a kebab and punctures the cake to see if there's any dough stuck to it.

  43. Hi Emmy, comparing that icing pour to a paint pour the layering of the glaze the white would have been the first colour in the glass, as always a great video.

  44. Thanks to you i was able to successfully glaze an aquaman themed birthday cake ugh your so amazing 😍😍

  45. Hello thanks 😊 for sharing this recipe mirror glaze it looks like very sweet . Can I put in less sugar or not . Let me know please thanks .

  46. Thanks you made my day but first we put gelatine in cold water first right or not also I want to ask. is it sugary the Butter cream ?! Also i want the recipe of the cake and Size of the Pan
    Today i warched the checkboard cake thanks and wild yoΓΌ please answer me

  47. Mirror ganache = white chocolate+sugar+condensed milk+water+gelatin+glucose/corn syrup and last but not least its temperature should be around 35Β°C. πŸ˜‰

  48. Your second attempt looked surprisingly less complicated than your first (failed) one πŸ€” that makes me think I could try and succeed at this too! Thanks for sharing your fails and wins with this one, Emmy πŸ€—

  49. Thanks for sharing the recipe and your video is hilarious. 😁

    Btw, I've ever watched the video of mirror glaze actually can be poured into naked cake. I'm thinking since the mirror glaze already fatty and containing lots of sugar. If put buttercream on the cake will be overwhelming. Just my humble thought.

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