MOST SATISFYING! Paintless Dent Repair! Titan V8 vs. #PDR#PetersonDentRepair#Titan#mostsatisfying

hello world PDR coming at you here with
a really nice truck a big Nissan Titan movie a five point six liter with a dent
obviously right so let’s analyze this dent if you see real close in at this
paint I’ve already hit it up with the perfect it you cleaned it up a lot but
there’s a line scuff line that’s in a moon shape okay
and so obviously somebody’s door opened up and pushed all the way into here and
stopped and then they must gank their door back out and type a hit-and-run
situation if we look at the other dents on this car we see that there are a
bunch of little dings one two three four I see I see about five or six there
there’s also a weird little line that comes through maybe it was the same
occurrence maybe it was a different occurrence it looks like it was
something that was fairly light maybe a garbage can or something or I don’t know
but that’s not our concern obviously this big dances our main concern so what
I did is I cleaned it up and obviously taking a look at it I can tell
right there’s where if I was gonna yank on it you know obviously the most severe
point is right down in the middle but I don’t want to yank the middle up I kind
of want to come from the edges out so if I’m in a woods grip anything I’m gonna
just start right up here see how much of that dent came out guys it doesn’t mean
the dents out it just means a lot of it came out now if we go back up to the top
here here’s what we have left I could probably do a glue pull right there or
just get my tool behind it let me get behind here and got a highbrow hmm
excuse me it’s got a highbrow it’s got a little dent here and it’s got the rest
of the brow there this bull dad was this big now looking down the bottom edge it
sees right at this end is where the impact point finished off and it must
have pushed on this emblem itself now that I look at the emblem really closely
it looks like it might have even cracked it so I might have to come up from
underneath and get some access to this and just work this from the bottom area
I’ve got the window rolled down just in case I need to come in through the top
and get some of this stuff out but if we’re looking down right down into this
you can actually see that broke free from the paint it’s so I mean the end of
emblem has broken free about two millimeters three millimeters so we’re
gonna have to get that out get the rest of this out and I’ll come back to you
guys and show you what we felt when I’ve got a little bit more when my tools are
out come got some progress being made okay guys well here’s what we ended up
with there’s still just you know a little bit like I said that we didn’t go
for but out of what we got oh I do need to buff it a little bit give it a little
bit of wax and rag we got a lot of those brows came out this one right here came
out real nice this one right here came out real nice and this one right here
has a tiny bit of residual to it it was a sharpie and for what we promised and
what we gave I think we did pretty good sorry I didn’t keep you guys in it for
the whole thing I mean this was a long dent I spent probably two and a half
three maybe three and a half hours on this one I sure do appreciate all the
new subs and everybody that hit that notifications bail they always know when
we upload because you see them first five minutes we see them leaving a
comment we love that anyway we’ll keep up the videos you guys keep up the
lake’s this has been PDR and I’m out peace

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Hi Mr. PDR. I think The slapper Tapper by Sal Contreras would work better in the upper crown. What do you think? Thanks

  2. Awesome job my friend!!! I bet that brow work was hard as I did one just like that yesterday and the brow work took up most of the time.. great angles and just awesome work!

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