Mouse Pointer not Working in Windows 10 (One Simple Solution)

Mouse Pointer not Working in Windows 10 – One Simple Solution device manager tab key mice and other pointing devices right arrow key on your keyboard driver uninstall please RESTART your system

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Another useless indian solution thanks for wasting my time. I ain't your fuckin grandma! I fell asleep after the first ad.

  2. Why does it happens? I've face 3-4times and I've always been following this and it works.. Thanks. Just wanted to know the reason.

  3. Mouse pointer option is not coming in device manager section but mouse red light is coming!!
    What to do?

  4. I followed your tutorial and it got fixed bt the problem now is though the mouse is visible and moving, right and left click seems to not be working! Please fix this also 🙏

  5. Worked for me, thanks a ton. Don't worry about negative comments. You are amazing.

  6. Please someone help me, the last thing to be pressed is left and ???? I can't hear it well

  7. Fabulous …just fabulous..i was wondering how the hell it stopped but ur video works like aspirin thanks a lot boii

  8. Thank you so much for uploading this Feb28!! I restarted my computer numerous times and watched other videos and none of them worked besides this!! you're the best

  9. thx so much i just played roblox then stopped working :/

  10. Really nice brother and thanks for your help in this matter
    It's really really amazing

  11. It didn’t worked but nvm glad it worked for others and WTF IS ENDER key?? It’s Enter anyways good work! 🙂

  12. This helped like nothing else. Save me lots of money. Have been looking online and have found the best aid for my computer problems

  13. mines just act up and im not able to control it at all it goes by it self

  14. Thanks so much! I had nothing to do because my mouse was not appearing until I saw this and got it back working! Thanks

  15. Touch pad is turned on or enabled need to turn it on from the computer not from windows how do you do it

  16. Sir isse to ye mice and point device hi uninstall ho gyi cursor gayb hi ho gya 😨😨

  17. I was about to troll you because of your voice and accent!
    But, your trick helped me..im now using my mousepad properly..
    Thank u 😊😊😀

  18. Checked out a few other videos but they didnt work. Tried this one and mouse is working again! Thank you!

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