Mr. Skunk’s Stinky Garbage Truck | Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic | Cartoons For Kids

(xylophone music) (cheery music) – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey, monkey mechanic, is busy cleaning out the
banana peels from his hammock, when all of a sudden– (bell rings) the garage bell rang. That means Mr. Monkey has a visitor. He can’t wait to see who it is. It’s Mr. Skunk, the
town garbage collector. – Hi, Mr. Monkey, what’s up? – Not much, just picking
up some old banana peels. – Oh, I’ll get that for ya. It’s my job, after all. There you go. – Thanks, Mr. Skunk. Phew, that’s some stinky garbage. – Yeah that’s uh, that’s
kinda why I’m here, actually. I need your help. – Hold on. What do you need? – As you know, I collect the garbage from all the houses around town. And well, I can’t smell
it, but I’ve been told that the garbage smells bad, and that it’s bothering everyone. – Really? Um, who said? – [All] We said! – Oh, I see. But that’s not everyone, Mr. Skunk. – We said. – Okay, now that’s everyone. Let me take a look at your vehicle. – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey checks the truck. He checks the engine. It looks perfect. He checks the windows. They open and shut just fine. – (inhales deeply) Fresh air! – [Narrator] Then he checks
the back of the truck. (Mr. Monkey sniffs and coughs) – [Mr. Monkey] Oh. – So what’s wrong with
my truck, Mr. Monkey? – Everybody’s right, it stinks. It’s really bad, Mr. Skunk. – Oh, no. Please help me, Mr. Monkey. I don’t know what to do! – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey
heads to his work bench. Let’s see, Mr. Skunk’s garbage truck picks up all of the garbage in town. Everyone says that it’s making
the whole place smell bad. (everyone coughing) Hmm, if the problem is that
the smell outside of the truck is bothering everyone, then
Mr. Monkey needs to figure out how to keep the smell inside the truck. Mr. Monkey remembers that
when he was testing the truck, the smell went away when
the windows were shut. Mr. Monkey has an idea, but he’s going to need some materials. He needs one giant sheet
of metal, one long hinge, one doorknob, and four bolts. Oh, and a special mask. And of course, his trusty monkey wrench! (triumphant music) Before starting, Mr. Monkey
puts on his special mask so he won’t smell the garbage. First, Mr. Monkey secures
the hinge, using one bolt, two bolts, three bolts, and four bolts. Next, Mr. Monkey puts
the giant sheet of metal over the truck’s back opening. Then he uses a hinge to
connect the piece of metal to the truck. – Is it ready yet? – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey
has one more thing to do. Now Mr. Monkey’s work is done. – Wow, Mr. Monkey, you
made a door for my truck! Um, what’s it for? – When it’s shut, it
keeps the garbage smell inside the truck. – Does it really work? – You tell me, everyone. Open. (Mr. Monkey grunts disgustedly) (everyone groans)
– Ew, ew! – Ahh, shut. (everyone sighs in relief) – Wow, thanks for your help, Mr. Monkey. You solved my problem. – [All] Everyone’s problem! (garbage truck’s engine roars) – Terrific! I can’t wait to get back
to picking up the garbage. See ya soon, Mr. Monkey! – [Narrator] Another satisfied customer. And with that, it’s time
for Mr. Monkey to get back to collecting old banana peels. Ahh, that’s better. (cheery music) (children cheering)

Bernard Jenkins

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