New Bypass Rhino Emulator Detected Tencent Gaming Buddy | Fix 10 Minutes Ban | Dragon Gaming

Hi guys Dragon Gaming back with another Amazing video New Bypass and completely safe Worked in TGB as well as Smart Gaga Downloading link given in description Will show you how to download this file After Downoading Extract file Copy these files Paste it here Now open TGB Turn on root explorer Now follow me Install these apk files Open Xposed TGB will close automatically Again go to Xposed Restart TGB After downloading fix 10 minutes ban extract it Turn of Defender / Antivirus These steps are must to do It will delete temporary files Ware is used to change Hardware ID Type %temp% Delete all files Type prefetch Go to bypass check clear data and click on Dose Now restart TGB If your TGB is not opening then go to task manager And end the TGB in background process And start TGB again Run the game from bypass If you don’t know how to convert gameloop to TGB You can watch the video on my chanel Now login with your ID Successfully Bypassed!!

Bernard Jenkins


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  2. May b this is good. But using the previous version of Rhino Bypass, I got 10 year ban.

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