NEW DOOR? NO! I’ll fix it using PDR

Hi everyone it’s Jake Quintin here from
1st Track Dents and welcome back for another YouTube video, okay so today I’m
going to be turning this into this…. Okay so today we’re doing a large rear
door dent on a Volkswagen Polo, if you’ve seen some of my other YouTube videos
you’ll notice that I have actually done a a large door dent repair before on a
VW Polo which is about here, if you haven’t seen that one already and you’re
interested in seeing it go check that one out.
so basically someone’s turned in and damaged this car probably
with their bumper when the car was parked up, the customer didn’t see it happen but it’s
left a very substantial dent on the rear door. It’s quite a complex dent, it’s got
lots going on we’ve got quite a large impact crease here and the body line is
actually quite flattened so that’s going to be difficult to try and reshape,
there’s a groove also running in the top, the frames kinked at the bottom here as
wel,l where it’s going in it’s twisted so it’s also deformed at the top here as
well we’ve got a large protruding crown here where it’s again it’s kind of
twisted the frame. We’ve got the crash bar here as in my previous repair on the
Volkswagen Polo door you’ve seen the crash bar runs this way so the crash bar
is pushing out. We can’t really deal with that until we pulled this section out, so
we’re going to release all the tension from the crash bar, once that’s out we can
then address that we can tap that down remove that. We’ve also got secondary
damage this was damaged before this actually happened but we’re going to get
this out as well and also I believe this was a separate incident as well on this
this dent here. So the customer is actually a student studying at the
moment and he’s taking this to a few body shops and the repair bill for
something like this was just astronomical so he found me online I
initially looked it from the photos and said I think he’s probably going to need
a new door the customer said to me look I’m only looking for an improvement if
you can get it out as best as you can that would be great, but I’m taking on as
a bit of a challenge I’m going to see how how good we can get this I’m hoping
to get it to a stage where we can get to about 95 98 percent it’s a good example
of what PDR can do if used in the right way. So I’ve got the glue gun warming up
I’ve got my tools ready so let’s get started… So I’ve tried my best with the glue
pulling on this unfortunately I think the metal is just too tight there’s too
much tension in the panel for the glue to pull this panel out What I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna take the internal trim off I’m going to go inside the panel using
traditional PDR tools and we’re going to push it out that way. From the noises I’m getting from tapping
this panel I can tell that the panel is actually stretched, so I can’t work in
one area too much as I could lose the panel it could just end up sinking in
and then just popping in and out and so I’m trying to move around different
areas of the panel tightening it up spending a bit of time here and then
spending a bit of time over here bringing the low out here tapping this
high spot here because if you spend too long on one area you will stretch it.
You’ve got to kind of slowly just manipulate back and hope that we can get
the tension back in the panel I’m just moving back over to this area
here where there’s loads of tiny or micro low spots let’s see if I can
remove some of those Okay so the repairs just getting close
to the halfway stage now. This area is particularly giving me a lot of trouble
when I’m tapping around this area here it almost sounds like a steel drum so
I’m having to work that area very very carefully using now some very sharp
tools I’m probably gonna give myself a bit of a break on this one now and move
over to this dent here this is quite standard dent to do and then maybe move
up to this one this one’s a little bit more tricky then come back to this area
and all the fine detail work to finish it off. It’s quite good access up into this area
here there’s no obstruction so I may use I think I only use the bendable Johnson
maybe on this then it’s a shape a bit. So there we go that dent is now done. Okay so this dents a little bit more
tricky it’s very very close to this edge so the edge is very strong if you look
carefully down this this angle you can see that the edge is gone in slightly so
that is also gonna create a lot strength in this dent so I think I’m going to try
and pull it out with some glue, once I’ve got as much as I can up the glue then
I’ll go and behind and push it out using the PDR tools Okay so we finished repair we’ve done it
just in time as daylight is just now disappearing, we site up with the glue
pulling didn’t have too much success with it some of the glue tabs did stick
it may have been that the metal was just so creased and it was so tight and
strong that it just didn’t want to move, I knew that we’d have to go inside the
door at some stage with the PDR bars and push the damage out from the inside, so
I used the the Ultra-Dent screw tip bar with the large rubber tip on this
one, again I went down the almost like going
down the grades really from the large tip to the rubber tip to the Nylon tip
then to the fine metal tips, It’s probably about 90% on this bit here
couldn’t really work it too much because the metal was stretched and we were in
danger of losing it and we had to bear in mind that we was
only trying to improve this repair. I feel about a fantastic result on this
one considering most body shops would put a door on this all day long.
I think we’ve managed to save the door, save the customer some money on this one
and yeah achieved great result . So once again thanks for watching, if you like
this video, it would be great to get thumbs up and if you want to see and learn more about
Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) then subscribe to my channel and you’ll be notified as
soon as new videos are available but for now, we’ll see you on the next video.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Another VW Polo rear door repair. Honestly, I do work on other makes and models too!

  2. PDR’er: Ma’am?, I think I’ll be needing to use the bendable Johnson on your back door to get it all sorted out to your pleasure…

    Madam car owner: oh!, my…I hope it’s long enough!!.

  3. Wow good job! If you have an older car, just replace the door.. But a guy like this will use best judgement for repair or replace!

  4. Do you cover South Yorkshire mate ? Got a similar dint on a Ford Fiesta

  5. Great work, I do body repairs so out of interest what did this repair cost? Thanks

  6. This is a good solution if you want to sell a car. After a year, it rusts because the paint is full of migraine cracks and moisture gets to the metal. And please tell me why you don't show the door inside after work ….. surface protection paint severely damaged?!!!!

  7. Bottom line is this! What would the labor cost be, compared to replacing with a new door.

  8. Unbelievable!
    Extreme Craftsmanship,.
    An artistic trade, displaying great patience and detail.

  9. Guy buys a body expert $1200 +/- VS. buying a door from a scrap yard for $60 – $100 and getting it painted for another $80 for a door being a small area and hour / material cost he would of saved SOOOOO much moor doing the " new " door 😂😂😂

  10. Nice work.
    I had a door ding in one of my doors on my 3 week old new car. The dealer wanted to pull it out then bondo and repaint the door for almost $1000 USD. They were nice enough to give me the number of the Ding Doctor.
    DD cam to my house, used a light and heat gun like you. He then got a little hammer head on a long shaft through an access plug on the door. 20 minutes and $100 it looked perfect.
    This is a great talent.

  11. Absolutely amazing. This understanding of how metal moves is either in you or it’s not (I fit this side). I kinda see it but will not fool myself into believing I could do something like this. You are an expert in my book. That was just amazing to see you “coach” the metal back where it once was. Very very good work sir. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  12. plot twist were watching it backwards and he infact dented the door, just kidding, also wondering what would the price be of some1 doing this and getting a new door

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