NEW XBox One controller tear down, fix, and repair video. Best Video.

So right here I have the brand new XBox One
Controller. We’re going to be taking it apart today and seeing what’s inside. To
start off there are these little ridges down along the bottom that you can pop off the
plastic piece. It’s just a series of little snaps that connect the plastic piece to the
actual controller itself. So you can see there are two up at the top, three at the bottom
and two on the other side. Same thing with this one over here. You have to be kind of
aggressive with it, but they are pretty sturdy. Then to get the four screws out from the controller
you have to have that special bit that has a little hole in the center of it. Microsoft
used these special security screws to keep this thing shut. And there’s one more screw
hidden underneath this plastic label underneath the battery cover. So I’m going to pop that
out as well, and then that releases the front plate of the XBox controller exposing the
buttons and the vibrators beneath. I’m also going to pop off the back plate where the
batteries are held as you can see. And then this is the whole controller. Nothing’s
really replaceable on it which is kind of disappointing. You can see the vibrators right
here, they are two different sizes. I guess that gives kind of two different feels depending
on what happens in the game play. And then you can kind of see that even cleaning out
the buttons would be pretty difficult at this point. There’s not a whole lot of room to
go off of. And then so here are the vibrators that I mentioned before. There are also two
little hidden vibrating motors hidden up in the triggers which I thought was pretty interesting
as you can see. Right here you can see that the bigger vibrating motors can actually pop
out but they’re not replaceable because they’re soldered into the motherboard. And
now I’m just going to put on the back plastic again, making sure to line up the screw holes.
And the front plastic goes over the buttons again. Pressing that into place. And then
before I screw down the back plastic I’m making sure that these big trigger buttons
are put underneath so they can keep on moving. If you tighten it down while the triggers
are on the outside then the triggers will be stuck in the out position. Getting that
screw tightened down into place. And then getting those four screws, making sure all
the buttons still work. They’re not stuck at all. Getting those four screws put back
into place and then the back plastics clicked in. You can hear how solid they are. The controller’s
by no means fragile. You can get replacement controllers on Amazon. I’ll put a link in
the description below. Usually they’re pretty cheap. If you have any questions make sure
to leave them in the comments. Don’t forget to “like” if this video helped you and
don’t forget to subscribe. I put up videos fairly often. You can also hit me up on Google
Plus and Twitter at @ZacksJerryRig. Hope to see you around. Thanks for watching!

Bernard Jenkins


  1. I'm trying to learn how to mod controllers, but I may have just broken my controller. 😥 I followed the directions above to trade casings, but now my controller is being weird. I didn't notice any thing weird until I started playing COD. My right trigger isn't responding and just fire erratically. I took it apart again thinking I didn't make sure the trigger was on the right side of the case, but still having same trouble. Then I realized I was using a magnet to remove the screws. Was this a Noob move? Did this just ruin my controller?

  2. i gotta question, you say @ 2:00 you cant replace the motors because there soldered to the mother board. can't you just desolder them like with cell phone charge ports?

  3. i was changing the shell to my xbox one controller and the grey wire broke off from the mother board and i was wondering if it was possible to fix

  4. i was changing the shell to my xbox one controller and the grey wire broke off from the mother board and i was wondering if it was possible to fix

  5. just used this video to remove a build up on the left bumper button that was previously sticking. thanks for the upload!

  6. Does anyone know where I can get my controller repaired. The right analog stick is drifting and I'm out of warranty and haven't mistreated my controller once

  7. I appreciate the effort but this wasn't much of a teardown, what about the two circuit boards and learning about the proprietary back port?

  8. Why do you keep saying things aren't replaceable simply because of being soldered? That's completely silly.

  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH. My trigger came out of place and I thought I had to buy a new controller. Than you for this video

  10. in this video there was no repair of any kind. further more you are some what misinformed about the xbox one controller. you can replace the rumble packs in the controller, actually you can replace all parts in the controller. but hey thanks for the wonderful long video

  11. If you guys have an issue with disconnecting micro USB port then I have a potential fix:
    1) Get a tiny piece of torn tissue
    2) When plugging in your micro USB try to jam the tissue into one of the sides
    3) It works fine for me now, the tissue creates a snug fit prevent loose movements

  12. Does anyone know if there is an easy way to fix the Micro USB port? I got a Play and Charge kit and the battery works fine but it doesn't charge. I doubt it's the brand new cable so I assume it's the port. Would there be an easy fix?

  13. do you think it would be possible to put the internals into a ps4 controller case?

  14. the vibrators should of been plig in directly to the motherboard, and that way they wouldn't had needed any cables, could of been disconnected, and wouldn't haved required any soldering.

  15. i dropped my controller while it was connected to my pc and now it's not connecting properly. i've got to bend the micro usb cable to connect. i think it's the micro usb port. what do you suggest? please reply.

  16. hi, im having a hard time popping the rear cover back on. am i supposed to use any kind of Force, or not?

  17. nothing is really replaceable? better tell all the folks selling replacement buttons, triggers, and thumbsticks.

  18. Where is the freaking LS button? It's very important in the dragon age inquisition

  19. anyone know how to replace xbox one controller's shitty mic jack thats held in place by nothing but being sandwiched between too parts??

  20. When I brought a new controller the Lt wasn't working everything else was fine but the Lt button goes down and doesn't stick, what should I do to fix it

  21. How do you fix the button below the bumper if it is sticking and it only goes down a little bit and it won't actually Zoom or work at all.

  22. I use my controller on my PC and so I have to have it plugged into the USB at all times. The jack on my controller for the USB stopped working, so I took it apart and can't see if I can fix it. Got any advice?

  23. If anything, you have a future as a radio announcer for NPR if your game controller how-to video series flops. That large reprogrammable CPU in the controller looks like a lattice 912 series controller chip… those are expensive, about $50 each.

  24. My audio jack has broken, it says no mic is in with any mic or headphones and no sound is coming out. Is there a way to fix this?

  25. How do i fix the slot for where you put your wire in? I damaged the metal inside of the wire now no wire fits in it

  26. You didn't fucking fix or repair anything?! You even went as far as to call this the best video?! Wtf… You fail.

  27. Not replaceable because of two solder point?! Come on Jerry your better then that! Lol

  28. I had my controller plugged into my wall right now I smelled smoke and my controller was hot and I cooked it down and the light blinks but it won't turn on how do I fix it or I can't???

  29. my son's headset jack broke off inside the controller…if we take it apart as shown in your video, will i be able to access this hole and remove the broken off part easily? thank you!

  30. I have a very simular controller, its brand new but my arrow kyes are making me nuts.
    By pushing on the right arrow or the left arrow it goes diagonal some times, in tekken
    my character keeps jumping and it messes up my combos.
    Eny sudgestition besides switching to joysticks

  31. Hey how do u fix the part where u plug in the adapter mine is pushed in and I’m trying to fix it

  32. I have a breaking habit like things aren't fixable after so I watch a safety video before decommissioning my only controller.

  33. I messed up on of my vibrator motors. Its buzzes all weird, as well as it making a weird sound when vibrating. What can I do? Do I just get a new one?

  34. Thank you for this video. My kids play minecraft all the time (and think it is an awesome idea to not wash their sticky hands -_-) and the buttons got stuck. So, I needed a video to show me how to remove the face plate in order to give the controller a deep clean. I was able to remove the face plate, clean the buttons, and piece the controller back together because of this video.
    Thank you so much!

  35. "fix, and repair video. Best Video."
    where is the fix?
    Where is the repair?
    how can you possibly think this is the best video?

    Utter shit "Click Bait" video

  36. If you have experience sondering thing on to a mother board all conponent are compleatly replaceable.

  37. My main guess about the reason why they choose to soder the "rumble packs" is because of price. Also I don't think that "security screws" are needed anymore, because of people still can open them up and tamper the controllers. I see that several people would rather repair and or clean them instead of throwing jitter mods and such. Controllers are advanced enough to the point that Sony and Microsoft can throw in software patches.

    One of my Xbox One controllers has a damaged headphone jack, and the other Xbox One remote has troubles with the right thumbstick.

  38. You forgot to tear down the micro USB she'll that's what I want to get at because mines is loose I want to bending it back in shape

  39. well your analog sticks are not calibrated with the casing anymore great work

  40. PLEASE NOTE: Everything is replaceable on this controller. Check Ebay for parts…and a soldering iron.

  41. Is there anyway to remove the circuit board without pulling out the wires? Im trying to see why my controller isn't staying on lol but the circuit board is in the way

  42. Wow stumbled upon this video while looking for a solution to a problem I have, just realised that it's Jerry. Glad to see how much this channel has grown over the years.

  43. A good way to open it without getting a special screw driver is to throw it at the ground really hard👍

  44. Thank you so much for that video bro I broke my controller. Now I know what to do.

  45. As an Xbox fan,I gotta say one thing: Ps4 controllers are more stable but I like where the buttons are placed on Xbox’s. Microsoft need to make their designs better so it doesn’t seem the controller is from the dollar store

  46. You didn't do a full strip down(you need to show how to take off and replace the bit around the "X" xbox button.

  47. Wow, Wtf us up with your description of this video? Glad you're more honest nowadays.

  48. Hey I was just wondering if the round rotating toggle buttons are broken can they be fixed? The left hand rotating ball is spinning loose so it's not working anymore. Is it worth trying to fix?

  49. Great 'tear down didn't even take buttons out or pcbs. So if you buttons are sticking this wont help at all as you'll need to tear it down properly. The conductive pad is hard to get right though.

  50. i rage quitted while playing FH4 and now a panel of my xbox is hanging off

  51. I just realized this is Jerry . damn.. 😮 man you came a long way.

  52. Wtf Zack is this really you ? And you sound so different! Its like completely different person! You came a long way big brother!

  53. I have lost my wireless xbox 360 controller's connecting chip What do i do now?

  54. I appreciate the video, kinda, but it didn't really show me anything helpful. I need to know what can be fixed. What's the point of a "repair" video with nothing fixable? Does anyone know how to clean the thumb controllers so they don't stick or cause erratic reactions? Anyway, I don't want to be negative; this was just a partially-helpful video. Thanks, though.

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