Nintendo Wii U Controller Tear Down, Cracked Screen Fix, Button Cleaning. No Fluff.

Alright, today I’m going to show you how
to fix and repair almost anything on the Wii U controller. We’re going to start off by
taking out the battery. It’s underneath two phillips head screws underneath the back
battery door. Take that off and then just unplug the battery from the main controller.
They do sell bigger batteries. I’ll link those in the video description below. It gives
you a whole lot more play time so you can check those out. And then there’s a bunch
of little black plastic tabs covering all the screw holes right here. And underneath
all these little tabs is a screw that’s called a tri wing. So you can take that and
unscrew all the little screws and then the back plastic bit just pops right up. There
is a little plug holding the back plastic part to the main board so you’re just going
to grab that and unplug it. Pretty straight forward. And then you can see that all the
little buttons…so we’ve got the triggers right here that just pop up and out. Same
thing with this other side. They’re just kind of stuck down in a little clasp you just
have to wiggle free. And same thing with these top buttons; the left and the right just slide
down the little grooves. And then right here, this is the little contraption that controls
the majority of the buttons. So there are a bunch of screws holding that in place. And
you can see this little ribbon cable that you have to lift up the latch and unlatch
it. So if your buttons stop working, most likely you’ll need to replace this guy right
here or just the ribbon cables depending on what they’re selling. Now the little stick
that you’re going to be playing with, these break a lot and so the whole pad comes up
with the circuit board and just plugs into the main board that you can see right here.
So if it ever stops working or if it gets stuck or broken, just buy a little contraption
and plug that in and you’ll be good to go. Now the bottom sync button as well as the
port is plugged into the main board as well as that little ribbon cable connector. So
I’m going to unplug both of those things and then wiggle it free from the little white
bracket that it’s in. It’s got the little hooks on the side there. Now that’s free.
Then there are four screws holding on the main board to the controller. So once those
are done you have a few more power cable connections and ribbon cable connections to undo. Lift
up the little clasp, pull the ribbon cable out. Lift up the other clasp, pull that ribbon
cable out. It’s all kinds of fun. Then I’m going to take apart the other side button
control panel I guess you can call that, just so I have more room to work with. You don’t
necessarily need to do this if you’re just getting in to replace the screen or something.
And then just unplug that other joy stick. Get rid of a few more tiny connections. And
this one’s pretty important so lift up at two points on that little latch so you don’t
break it. If you lift up at one point it might be too much pressure and it might snap it.
Anyway, keep on working with all the little connections that are attaching the main board
to the controller. Going to pull those loose. Just working my way around the outside. Now
that releases most of the things attached to the main board. There are two sensors that
are still attached up at the top, but you need to lift up the main board in order to
get to them. Now remember what…remember the orientation of the wire as you lift this
out. So right now the wire is facing in towards the board. And then on this other side, the
white wire, it’s still facing the inside of the board as well. So untangle that and
then lift it up from the slot. You can see right here where I take apart the volume slider
switch, remember that when you put that into the mother board it has to fit on the groove
of the little slider as well, otherwise your volume will stop working. And there’s the
main board. You can see right there the camera as well on the backside. And then right here
you can see the little pad, so if you ever need to take that apart to clean it there’s
a little notch in the corner there that aligns where it needs to be. And now for the screen
bracket. So there are four Philips head screws around the outside of this that you’re going
to unscrew. And the plastic screen bracket just kind of keeps the screen in place. So
once those screws are undone that’ll come loose and you’ll be able to pry up the screen.
Be super careful while you’re doing this; only pry up on the metal frame of it and don’t
pull up on the screen in any way that will break the LCD underneath. Now when you’re
replacing the screen it could be one of two things: it might come with the digitizer,
which is the outer part, or it might just come with the LCD underneath. So you might
need to separate that little contraption in order to finish the repair. But it’s not
too bad; there are just little clasps that hold the two sections together. Now the buttons
are kind of fun. Remember that game you used to play as a kid where like if the plastic
square wouldn’t fit in the circle hole and the circle wouldn’t fit in the square hole?
This is kind of the same thing. Each of these little buttons has its own little notch so
one button won’t fit in the other button’s hole if that makes sense. It’s kind of fun.
Interesting way to keep all the buttons in the right spot. Anyway if you have any questions
be sure to leave them in the comments below. Don’t forget to “like” if this video
helped you and don’t forget to subscribe. It really does mean a lot. Hope to see you
around. Thank you for watching!

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Hi. I opened up my gamepad to fix the B, pause and select buttons. But now the gamepad is outright refusing to turn on… Do you have any idea what I could have done wrong?

  2. -Dear JerryRigEverything

    -They don't sell a tri wing screwdriver in my country (Belgium) and I can't for some weird reason buy it off Amazon. I really want to fix my wii u gamepad by myself because its really expensive to buy a new gamepad. Do you know any alternative screwdrivers that I can use or am I screwed (I'm sorry).

    Some random guy on the internet

  3. yeah, my game pad fell off my couch and it was cracked inside the game pad and i cannot see anything on the screen at all except for a big spider crack. the crack is not on the screen it is inside and i am really disappointed about this. guys, any solutions?

  4. Hi i replaced the screen but after putting it back together the screen doesnt turn on it is just black. Any ideas which cable is the offender. they all look secure and i can hear the gamepad working just no picture.

  5. Have a question?? The 2 tiny ribbon connectors 1 on top on the left side of the wide ribbon and the one on right next to the left analog stick connector. The tiny grey plastic clip that holds the ribbon in place. How do you reconnect them if you accidentally knock them off while lifting them. Unfortunately I didn't find this good video on disconnecting them till after I had to guess. All the other videos skipped pulling those off so I had to guess. Needless to say I didn't guess right.

  6. So on the gamepad I have here, the little clip yo the left of the big white ribbon is soldered, there is no clip to just slide out. 🙁
    I am guessing this is something Nintendo has done with the newer gamepads so they cannot be fixed at home as easily? This was from the smash/splatoon wii u edition from black friday over a year ago.

  7. Where does the wire antenna go in? It got ripped out by the vacumm and now the controller doesn't read the disc.

  8. my brother cracked our gamepad screen a few weeks after we got our Wii u but I'm going to try this

  9. I have problemo: i have BLACK screen bracket instead of like your light gray one. After I unscrew all 4 screws in each corner, it doesnt pop out because the bottom side is strongly attached to another component (rectangle shaped, like a smaller green motherboard with a metal shape on top of it.) below/behind it. If u see what I mean, please tell how to detach the screen bracket from there. THX in advance.

  10. whenever I play smash and other games whenever I move left or right and then i stop moving it makes me continue walking, does anyone if this video can help me with this problem?

  11. So, there's one screw on the battery door on my Wii U Gamepad that no matter what I do to get it off, it's stuck. Is there a way that I can replace the Gamepad itself? Or what should I do? I can't afford a Dremel, nor would I use it on there if I had one.

  12. So i dropped it and it is now cracked and it won't do anything upon start-up what do i do?

  13. How do you know if the ribbon cable is seated correctly for the lcd? What if the replacement lcd also has a black or super dim screen? I've been looking for videos and guides that explain how to evaluate and diagnose different problems but nobody seems to know how. They all say the same thing, just buy a replacement lcd and slap it in there and it's garuanteed to work. The replacement lcd I bought has a ribbon cable connector that sticks out more than the oem cable from the plug.

  14. Hey guys where do you buy that thing to take off the nails please tell me

  15. Replaced the screen and battery on my sons Wii U and now it won't turn on: What did I do wrong 😬

  16. the digitizer face has a thick, raised black border. the new one came without. do you have a link to what and how for that :

  17. In my case, the game pad had been dropped in water. After putting it in rice for a couple days I was able to fix it, but then the down button on the D pad was stuck. It turned out that the simple act of taking off the back cover and taking the D pad out and putting it back together fixed the problem. Sometimes you don't have to do much.

  18. I broke the little ribbon cable on the left from the main big one, now my touchpad doesn’t work, if its not the problem then what do I do?

  19. I wonder do you really need a wifi chip in the gamepad controller if the main console has the wifi chip?

  20. A great run down; quick, to the point, not an annoying presentation.

    I have some information I'd like to add for anyone doing just the digitizer. The original is actually what feels like a hard plastic surface that is attached to the metal frame holder over the LCD, the replacement seems to be a glass. Looking at the LCD assembly from the side one can see this layer on top of the metal. You do not need to remove the LCD from the metal case, just use a plastic separating tool or guitar pic to pry away the double sided tape holding it in. As long as you keep on the metal rim and away from the LCD surface, you should be fine. Second, there is a black trim on top of the digitizer that is affixed the same way. If you don't get this piece it's not too bad but you'll see the metal frame when you reassemble it. There are other things to note like keeping the correct orientation but you'll know when you put it back if the cable is on the wrong side. Making sure you remove the protective film, mine had three. one on top, one on bottom and another protecting the sticky layer. I just want to stress that once you get the LCD assembly out, all you're doing is separating that layer. I spent another 30 minutes carefully removing it from the case for no reason.

  21. I just replaced my screen, but i have put it back together carefully without damaging anything and the touchscreen doesnt work , nor do any of the bottons, what could have gone wrong, which ribbon cable responds to the touchscreen? could i just have a faulty screen

  22. My left analog was sticking to the left, but not physically. Opened the controller and couldn't find the problem, still tried cleaning the analog and now it seems to be working fine. I just don't understand what the problem was.

  23. I have successfully replaced the screen but now my ABXY and start/select buttons will not Work. Tried to troubleshoot but not finding the issue. Any thoughts?

  24. it wouldve been helpful if you explained how to separate the digitizer from the lcd

  25. The tricky part not noted in the video with LCD replacement.

    Use clean vinyl gloves when handling a new screen. It will save grief from trying to clean. Remove the cling wrap at last moment.

    1. There is a bezel around the digitizer that you will need and have to remove from the broken screen. Run the razor around the outside after you remove it from the unit. It has adhesive and will be yucky.

    2. There is a spongy gasket cushion between the LCD and digitizer that likely wasn't included in your replacement. Reuse the old one from the damaged unit. Failures to do this will make the screen go weird with heavy touch pressure.

  26. Thanks, Zack. My kids busted the digitizer. Gotta replace the bluetooth module too!

  27. I didn't dare take my WiiU game pad apart until I saw a how to video. I decided to learn to fix my game pad's issues myself and spend $19 – $20 instead of $85 – $100. So this video was very helpful. Thanks.

  28. Hi Jerry! I know this vid is over 4 years old and I don't expect a response but me and my dad were fixing the screen, it had a dent holding down the touchscreen, so we went to fix it and made a mess of it, the gamepad's front shell is loose in the right corner, the screen is out of line and the volume slider is loose, we think we lost a part from the volume slider as it wiggles and is stuck at full volume, the touchscreen doesn't work anymore either, HELP!!!!

  29. What toaster did you record the AUDIO with? I'm shopping online for new toaster

  30. Hey Jerry. Your video really helped me replace my screen. However, after replacing I find I get a buzzing noise from the gamepad and it won't power up. Any idea what it could be. I took apart the pad and double checked the connections and everything is good.

  31. Tanks jerry, yous videos help me for ret off people and down money money

  32. My gamepad screen is cracked and my controlls are inverted too, do you know why this is

  33. Thanks for demonstrating each individual part! I looked at one tutorial and read another and was unsure about how to remove the ribbons, but your video made it very clear! Thanks so much!

  34. Thank-you. You've just made me look like a hero to my kids 🙂

  35. Do the amount of mili-amp hours in a battery decide how many hours it takes before you have to charge, how many hours before the battery stops working and needs replaced, or both?

  36. You, sir, are a saint. You just saved me the $100 that Nintendo would have charged me to simply clean off the action button flex cable. THANK YOU

  37. Hi jerry my Wii U won’t turn on anymore i thought it was the power supply so I bought another one and it still won’t turn on what do you think is the problem?

  38. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! My analog stick wouldn't ever register the up input, and I used this video to remove and put back the analog stick which fixed it immediately!

  39. What!?!? This came out 4 FRICKIN' YEARS AGO AND I STILL HAVE IT!?!? WHAT THE FRICK?

  40. I bought the screen linked in the description, does it have the digitizer or do I need any extra work before I put it in?

  41. Thanks bruh, this helped a lot. Now the B**ch is putting all this back together. 👍😉

  42. Have a problem. I think. The 13 silver squares on the back part. They're dirty but it's sticky. Like it's suppose to be. How do I clean that?

  43. Well the battery lasted me 4 years and now it’s no longer working!

  44. thank you for this great video. replaced a broken screen with a working and gamepad looks like new now. have a great day.

  45. Hi, I have a question, My gamepad only vibrates in the left side, is it normal. I ask yoy this because the gamepad felt on the floor and I have noticed that only the left side vibrates. Thanks for your time

  46. Good enough for me. Repair shop claimed $85 to fix my gamepad. Amazingly, that’s the same cost to buy a used one. I decided to buy the buttons I needed and the screwdriver to open my gamepad. I watched your video and replaced my buttons for a grand total of $10. All fixed. I can now enjoy playing again.

  47. Thank you for this video. I ordered the screen and it took me 10 min to fix something Nintendo wanted 100$ for. Really appreciate the time you took to make this. 20$ fix and some patience

  48. Very good video Jerry, although it didn't help me due to the peculiar design of my gamepad. The speakers are soldered onto the main board on both sides and I believe the only workaround is to remove and resolder… something i don't feel competent doing. The speakers also seem to be glued in. oh well, unlucky me haha.

  49. I know this is a 5-year-old video, and you probably don't check these comments, but, in theory, would it be possible to install some sort of "pass-through" or "splitter" module that would take the video feed and send it to both the built-in screen and a mounted HDMI port?

  50. jesus christ..
    i feel like they make that complicated just to mess with us
    but thanks for the video

  51. Hi I have a question. I plugged in my Wii U and forgot Smash 4 was in it, and my Gamepad is acting up and I don't want to pay Nintendo again but the menu scrolls on its own and it makes itself a controller, will tearing it apart to clean it help? Or should I just buy a new Gamepad? Thank you.

  52. The screws on the back of my Wii U gamepad got stripped so I can't open the back now.

  53. I Broked Two of this Lil Things that holds the Ribbon Cable in Contact. Can i use Tesa/tape to fix it or can i solder it?

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