Nirvana – About A Girl (Live On MTV Unplugged, 1993 / Unedited)

Bernard Jenkins


  1. I’ve always wondered who were the people in the audience. Were they all special guests or just some if them?

  2. The biggest joke is that Kurt on some lame modern show like the voice/xx has talent would probably not make it past round 1.

  3. Damn i envy all those people who witness an amazing talented man and up so close too! RIP Kurt

  4. Kurt Cobain aside society, as a 44 yo Gen Xer, we do still need to start trying to answer why the unthinkable happened next…

  5. Would've been cool if this guy is still alive. Rock music would be on another level today.

  6. Rush drummer Neil Pert lost his daughter in a car accident, lost his wife a few years later, and bever lost his mind and cool. Kurt Cobain was a little under presdure to produce new music and blew his head because he couldn't handle the pressure.

  7. When music started to go down the drain. What a psycho with a 4th grade musical abilities.

  8. He is sooo amazing! His voice is so unique and different than anyone else’s. That’s why he will NEVER be forgotten… His mark on the world is here to stay and cannot be replaced by any of these so called new rock bands claiming to be good. You can’t compare Kurt to anyone else. He’s simply the best 😎


  10. Ola Galera tudo bem Galera veja os meus videos eu toco Rock n Roll veja e Rock novo valeu um abraço a minha banda e Rocha Vulcanica valeUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  11. La pression psychologique a eu raison de Nirvana malheureusement. YOUTUBE MYSTERIOUS RELIC.

  12. Ugh. Cobain is dead, Lennon is dead, Cornell is dead, but good news, Bieber is alive and well

  13. Aun sigo escuchando su musicA
    Su musica no ha muerto..como seria todo si kurt no hubiera tenido ese desenlace.verlo en ese tiempo y ahora darse cuenta que ya no existe que todo
    Se quito de golpe.qe su imagen se quedo en ese tiempo en los 90,ahora es solo un recuerdo.como se extraña al musico kurt cobain.mis memorias tambien quedaron retenidas en esos años

  14. Is this song about a hooker?? Oh crap, I just figured out something that nobody else has!!

  15. The captions are wrong, but in some cases more interesting than the actual lyrics…

  16. I knew Dave was overrated… He supposedly is a "hard hitter", but he is barely tapping the drums here… HE SUCKS

  17. Incredible version of this song but (I thought I'd never say this when regarding Dave Grohl) he is playing too soft.


  19. @Nirvana 0:28 Subtitles are incorrect. Kurt was telling an audience member about his sweater being made of "mohair" not saying "come over here"

  20. Nirvana отлично слушается и сегодня.)🎧 Вечная музыка…✨🎸🎙️🥁🎶

  21. Was Kurt always that aloof and not talkting to fans much?

    I never engaged myself that much with Nirvana, so its my first time i recognized that…

  22. I never noticed Kurt is plays guitar left handed but is using a righty guitar.. Jimi Hendrix did the same.. being as rich as they were, they couldn't get a lefty guitar?

  23. "This is off of our first record.. Most people dont' know it.."
    Entire audience applause cause they all know it..

  24. Kurt didn't kill himself.. Chester didn't kill himself, Avicii didn't kill himself.. Chris Cornell didn't kill himself.. and the list goes ON..

  25. His smile in the end as if he is trying to appeal to the crowd when in all reality he doesn’t really care.

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