Northwoods Solution Overview

Manually creating organizing and accessing
paper documents is expensive and time consuming for any business. For a human services agency, it can be an unmanageable
burden. That’s why Northwoods is here to help. Northwoods provides solutions for human service
agencies that focus on accuracy, efficiency, and client satisfaction. By partnering with Northwoods, your agency
will gain a transparent view of the key business processes, allowing you to increase productivity,
reduce worker stress, and more easily meet federal requirements for timeliness, accuracy,
and participation. Northwoods services help optimize your agencies
daily work flow. Documents will be indexed as soon as they
enter your office, making them immediately available for agency wide access. Forms automation makes it easy for caseworkers
to create and fill out forms, and field social workers can view and upload documents from
a tablet ready mobile app, making them more effective than ever before. Everything is stored with accessibility in
mind. Allowing workers to quickly identify client
needs without having to search for lost or misfiled documents. All of this translates to faster, more efficient
workers, higher client satisfaction, and an agency that is able to focus on the families
they serve. By partnering with Northwoods, you can reduce
your costs, multiply the strength of your workforce, and take the weight off your shoulders. Stop the work around’s and start the working
through. Contact us today to learn more.

Bernard Jenkins

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