Old Wall Hung Bathroom Sink Repair And Replace 1 of 8 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

so gonna trade in the up faucet itself which would prove it the washer we sitting down on the face others feet which would allow water to cool through
so let’s take a closer look at let’s see what we could do to stuff that drifted following your
local okay before he thought he worked on the
faucet let’s make sure the faucet is all down
here we have a cuddle just as we have the mayor of coming to
the house now we know the mate cut off to the house is working
we’ve covered it on the left you will have your hot water
and on the right you’ll have your cold water now let’s
turn off the hot because we’re going to start with a high
of seven work with it solana tornado better yet let me give you a
closer view okay i’m new york also view
intentionally goes well Don all-purpose I loosen up the packing up to head cut
off out as good privacy is good here okay guess is you have the country are you may service going to ask
you have one on just about every Bell your house so what
do I do think they have also you can feel a lot better see with the packing not may look like me about pay now here is pregnant PCS should be a
closer look here packing up K we’re going to do it’s just like to give them a within a
given a quarter turn top 100 okay K know what are using this particular cool
here just call a pair of large that what time it let’s put the hell back on here handle screw screwdriver okay that will show you that the start or to the heart of so we could cover all talk and field what may be causing it to you true a
whitewater will cut off when they may be the washer the sea from a diff phone for ninety stuck in
the you know well okay now let’s start by taking out the
flossing handle so that we can get down to the nurses holiness Washington stuff
down game got it hello now let’s take this statement here which turned clockwise christmas red kite twist up K K at some point would take it off your
hands K now this will still enforce it looks like C here we have a washer to wash your screw here no which holds the loss in
place okay the washer does he appear to be too
bad but if you notice if you look at the
school on top you see a lot of calcium buildup sometimes is calcium buildup can build
oh so much lol actually create talks calcium that will prevent the Washington
City flash on his feet and sometimes little
late you want to continue to weigh on Andrea so what do you do in that case we have
trash in the faucet retail for me to say if you get someone to help you having to
do it but we don’t you think turned off of understate all on slowly Cup although hollow closet as the water comes out in a push-up a trip to have done it okay and I don’t flush out all the trash is
standing great now if there was any interest in their
should be out and will be we would be ready to put this team back
in let’s look a little closer look at some more you UK this evening yes it is calcium bill of
this screw here K okay here I have that washes and all these watches are a lot of
different sizes to piano which mainly you pick this up in a
hardware store of homes blouse just give box before it
washes than half a minute okay I was a a screwdriver K let’s see if we need is through all okay
sometimes it’s not easy when I like to do when I do have what’s
going on tonight repair pliers such as this grab still we would hope nicest 30 instilled in me now screwdriver paying to hand down quite tight enough K well as you can see sometimes pretty
hard to try to get their school of their so in that case when you get a problem
where you do so stripped a screw out just pick the whole stage in 280 hardware store so they can match it up come back home sleeve jacket okay with
this particular one here this damn near this crew is already
loose so I am going to show you how to take care
of which I’m sure K we get this tree is missing

Bernard Jenkins


  1. The story in the about section is very touching and i wish more people would give others a hard needed break at times. People deserve it and even the smallest things can bring a smile to someone's face.

  2. @GareTuup2 Thank you very much. That was a two for one day. I got a smile on my face as well and a good warm feeling doing the right thing. Thank you for understanding. and stopping by Have great day.

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