OnePlus 3 Headphone Jack Repair Guide

Power off the phone. Take out SIM card tray. Undo two small T2 screws. You need two plastic opening tools. Slide the tool to open a gap. Be careful not to scratch the metal rear cover. Then insert another tool. Keep sliding. Then you can see a gap here. Be careful not to scratch the metal rear cover. Then pry up the rear cover on the bottom of the phone. Keep prying up. Similar to iPhone here. Slide the plastic tool to separate the side of the rear housing. Mind the power button. Take your efforts. The same on the other side. Need some time to remove it. There is no adhesive. After slide along the rear housing cover. You can separate the rear housing and the front screen assembly now. Undo 4 Phillips screws. Three small and one big screws. Remove the wire cable. Motherboard flex. Charging port flex connector. Then you can remove the headphone jack. Separate headphone jack from module. Be careful not to scratch other components. Pry out the headphone jack easily. Keep the rubber and take it off. Put rubber to the new replacement. It helps to protect the jack. Put the headphone jack in the right place. And make it fit well. Reconnect two small connectors. Motherboard flex. Wire cable. Tighten up 4 Phillips screws. Three small and one big screws. Power on the phone. Insert an ear phone to test the new replacement. If it works well, then power off. Put the screen assembly back to the rear cover panel Put the top side in first Pinch down two sides. Don’t put too much pressure on it in case you broken the screen. Mind the button. Pinch down the bottom Check whether the screen works well by power on the phone. Check the ring silent switch and the volume buttons. It works well. And the power button. Fasten two T2 screws at the bottom in place. Put back SIM card tray.

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