Opera Browser Problem With Easy Solution!

Hi guys it’s ChilliPowered. The other day
I was watching a video by KingTutsPro about the web browser Opera. If you don’t already
follow KingTutsPro you really should, i’ll link to his channel he has some great stuff
on there. Anyway, it had been a while since I used opera
so I downloaded it and started checking out some of the cool features he pointed out.
Things like the popout videos that you can use to follow along with tutorials, the built
in ad blocker and turbo mode. Anyway, I was really impressed with Opera
so I decided to, you know, keep using it as my main browser. Then I rang across big problem.
I went to download some royalty free music from youtube, which if you don’t know you
can download royalty free music and sound effects from youtube, and i couldn’t. As you
can see the screen below there is completely blank. Now i’ll switch over to Chrome and
show you what it normally looks like. As you can see there is a lot of content that you
can freely use some of it you need to attribute some you don’t. So I started thinking aww
jeez is this like a problem with the browser, like you know, some browsers just don’t work
on certain websites as well as they should. But anyway, I dug a little bit further and
I remembered I had the ad blocker on so I went and turned it off, refreshed the page
and lo and behold we now have full access to the content. So I thought it was worthwhile just making
a quick video and pointing that out. If anyone else is having problems with that particular
feature in youtube or even any other website it’s probably worth while turning off the
ad blocker and seeing what happens. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the video and found
it useful, if you did please remember to hit the like button and if you want to see more
content of mine hit subscribe.Thanks for watching

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Its says at least one file is corrupted please reinstall opera. This problem is I am a computer noob and I don't know how to reinstall opera.

  2. I loaded Opera on my laptop where I also have other browsers , such as explorer, mozilla firefox and google chrome,and have had no problems , my problem is if you have more than one site as on facebook ,under different configuration , google chrome will overwrite the info you saved on Opera and then when you go to open the site you have saved on Chrome ,it will always open the site you have saved on Opera,

  3. Forward and back navigation have stopped working on mu Opera browser and one have that happen to them ?

    Odd thing is that I cleared it from my firewall so it could "automatically update" which I didn't really need it to do as that any update can screw up shit… might have been the mistake as to let it update.

  4. my opera browser problem is that there is no sound i can't hear anything and also in this video i have never heard somthing wtf

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