OT partnering with Daimler to showcase secure remote management of car connectivity in Barcelona

Hi, I’m Philippe de Oliveira,
from Oberthur Technologies. I’m in charge of the Automotive market
for the Group. I’m really proud to show you today at the
Mobile World Congress this brand new service that we are deploying with Daimler-Benz, based on OT’s eUICC technology. For a premium car maker, such as Daimler, it’s key to deliver the best us er experience in the car. Not only in terms of the car design anymore,
but also in terms of the services that you can get while you are seating on the driver seat every single day. The services are key for them: not only eCall, bCall or concierge services, but also Internet on-board, music on-board or video on-board. To deliver those services with the best quality,
as expected in a premium car, you have to get the best connectivity experience. And this is why it is so strategic for car
makers such as Daimler to have the right partner and to manage the connectivity over the lifespan of the vehicle. OT is partnering with Daimler to deliver this eUICC technology and to download the best technology inside the car. This is why it is so important for Daimler
and for us to be at the Mobile World Congress together. We are here to showcase this technology enabling
the best connectivity experience. This is the first GSMA technology embedded in the car. Thanks to it we can definitely have all the
best MNOs partnering with Daimler to deliver the best user experience.

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