P0335 Opel problem solution

In my car ‘Check Engine’ lights up
when RPM increases. Indicator goes out
when RPM is decreasing. Diagnostic tool shows error P0355. P0355 mean incorrect signal RPM.
Signal comes from this sensor. After replacing the sensor with a new one
the problem still exists ;-( The pulley has an axial runout. Sensor could’nt catch proper signal. The pulley rub against the engine block. The rubber was old and cracked. New pulley cost 80€.
I bought second hand form Meriva for 5€
and it fits 🙂 After pulley replacement the car works great
on cheapest chinese RPM sensor.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. jak się okaże faktycznie to koło to świetnie tzn. w końcu znalazłem przyczynę awarii

  2. mi moja viki w benzynie 1.6 gasnie na dohamowaniu i czasem przy wysprzeglaniu.krokowiec wymieniony egr wyczyszczony swieci sie abs i niedziala predkosciomierz i km dzienne ktos pomoze

  3. I'm from Brazil. Why didn't you put the subscribe in English ? It would help all the world to understand you.

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