Palestinians: What is your solution to the conflict?

If you were the leader of Palestine what would be your solution
to make peace with Israel? Karem
Nablus There would be rejection from the people because they (Israel) is the one
who occupied us we do not want peace with them Peace would not work with them They have to leave us
This is our land When he says the land
does he mean 1948 or 1967? Which land do you mean? Palestine 1967? 1948? All of it It’s ours Because there is no 1948 and 1967 It is all Palestine If you were the leaders of Palestine what would your solution to
the conflict be? Bethlehem Resistance She believes the same thing Peaceful resistance? non-violent resistance?
armed resistance? She is saying non-violent resistance
(rock throwing, etc.) She is saying both kinds
and she is saying all kinds Beit Jala Do you think that there is a solution? There is no solution Put both sides into a volcano Ramallah (she requested to be blurred when
she found out I also ask Israelis questions
because then being in the video is normalization) What would I do? I would make Israelis go back
to their country because they came from Europe and America We’ll find a way to get them back to their country Do you know that 60% of Israelis… First of all, 70% of Israelis were
born in Israel and 60% came from the Middle East they didn’t come from Europe or America Most Israelis did not come
from Europe Ya, of course If we want to think about it… Why would they go to Poland?
Why would they go to Europe? Listen Palestine is known for having
the three top religions which is Islam, Christianity and Jews We don’t mind Jews living here We mind Zionists living here But the people here are Zionists
are not Jews So there is a big difference between
being a Jew and a Zionist What’s the difference? Zionists kill Palestinians and they give the bad,
fake story that Palestinians are the terrorists when actually it’s and Jews are just people following their religion that’s the difference If you were the president of Palestine what would your solution to
the conflict be? Mohammad
Nablus My dear sister, we don’t have
a solution to this conflict this land is our land and we do not agree to negotiate and I guess he got scared and left The ideal solution would be for this
land to come back to its original owners We are the original owners
and the land is ours and our ancestors and these are occupiers who
occupy us But that is unlikely to happen Give me a more realistic solution As a people, we cannot coexist with Israel They are our enemies
they occupy our land They forced our people to leave Just one small comment the guy who did not agree
to answer (on video) said “you can use my answer” and she said “no, I don’t want your answer” Exactly, you don’t get an answer Yes, in Arabic, go ahead Faiza
Jerusalem First of all, for us Palestinians
this land is ours We don’t want to solve the conflict this land is ours Palestine So there is no way to reach a compromise or joint solution or peace This is our land The only solution is for them
to leave our country or lands There is no possible way for
us to live on the same land or to have peace This is the only solution we can reach Why can’t she, want to compromise? Because each one of us
considers the land their own but actually they are the ones who came to our lands and occupied us So it is very hard for us to accept them on our lands Not to mention the Israeli policies that are pressuring us and
the people who live in Jerusalem and not to mention that they
are controling al Aqsa and they don’t allow
Palestinians to enter so it’s very difficult for us to reach a solution She means all of Palestine?
(what is today Israel) All of Palestine 1948 and 1967?
– All of it If you were the leaders of Palestine what is your solution to solve the conflict? Rose
Nablus It would be very hard This is a very big issue
a very difficult one that has been going on for several years What solution does she want? If you would look for options or solutions it would be very hard to find a solution for the situation we are in right now Gharad
Nablus First of all a leader or president should know how to get the other leaders on his side In this country, in this area in this country it’s all built on favouritism
all built on interests So if you know someone then you can move forward and only the strong can survive or can live But what solution does she want? Do you mean for the country? To have peace, to have a normal life I believe that the people united us people united like one hand You mean the Palestinian people?
-Yes This would be the solution Yes the Palestinian people Other than that, we don’t have weapons unlike the Israeli occupation the Israeli occupation is supported
with weapons, with arms Nobody is supporting us in that way We don’t have that kind of support I believe if there was love between the people then we could move forward and can acheive something unfortunately, people are still looking for positions (of power) She is using the word “chairs” Because everyone wants to feel power
– Yes Let’s say that Palestinians are united
Then what? God willing, we will be victorious and we will return to our country Meaning the land of 1948 (Israel)? The 1948 lands
they both said this Ulfat
Ramallah When you pass away that’s unfortunately what happens

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