Park Tool Portable Repair Stand Comparison

A repair stand is the centerpiece of any workshop. It allows you to get the bike up off the ground,
spin the wheels, check the gears, do cleaning, just anything you can think of but
at a more comfortable height. We get asked all the time –
what’s the best workstand for me? Today I’m going to show you these four folding portable stands. We’re going to start out with the PCS-9. The PCS-9 is our basic stand. It has lots of great features that make your
repair work and maintenance work easier. It brings the bike up off the ground,
it’s height adjustable, the legs fold for easy storage and portability. It features our screw-type clamp
and 360 degree rotation. It’s a very stable stand – 3 point stability. Again, adjustable height and folding. Moving from the PCS-9, this is the PCS-10. Again, 360 degree rotation,
adjustable height, but the PCS-10 features quick releases to
make that height adjustment faster and easier. It also features a quick-release on the folding
part, which brings the yoke up, the legs fold in, and then it folds into a tight bundle. It also has a clip that keeps all of it together
in that bundle. This has a slightly different clamp –
this is our Micro-Adjust clamp. It allows for easy access. So easy in, and then easy out. It’s a much faster way to get
your bike in and out. This also has a composite top tube that features
our accessory ports, where you can put a paper towel holder or a work tray. You can also put the work tray down mid-level here. Moving from the PCS-10 to the PRS-25,
the biggest difference is in the weight, because this stand is all-aluminum. The PRS-25 weighs 13 pounds.
The PCS-10 and 9 weigh about 20 pounds. So, aluminum upright and extension, Let’s talk about the clamp.
This is a die-cast shop quality clamp. So it’s the same clamp you’ll find on our shop stands, and it still features our Micro-Adjust ability
for easy exit and entrance. The jaws are more narrow than the the jaws on the
PCS-10 so you can fit in those tight places. This one also features quick releases for
the height adjustment and the legs coming up, and it also has straps on the legs, so everything comes up as a bundle,
and then you can just lock it all in place. We think this is the finest folding stand on the market today. A shop quality clamp,
it’s lightweight, stable, and packed with features. Now we’re going to move on to the PCS-4. This is a little bit different style stand,
because it doesn’t all fold into a neat little bundle – basically the legs come together
and it makes a flat stand so you can hang it on a wall
or put it against a wall. If I were going to have a stand that lived
in the basement or the garage, or was going to stay in one place, this is probably
the one I would choose because of its stability. It has a four-point leg system – made of steel Height adjustable again, with a quick release, 360 degree rotation – a very stable stand. This actually comes with a choice of two
different clamps, and you can see those two different clamps on the product page for the PCS-4. With all of our stands, these rotate 360 degrees, will hold a bike up to 80 pounds, and fold for easy storage and portability. For more information about these stands and the other repair stands we make, go to parktool.com. There’s a nice comparison chart that has these
stands in it, Plus each individual product page has a video to show how it folds and operates. I hope this helps you choose which
stand is right for you. Thanks for watching.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. I have the Pcs-10 love it.
    Still waiting for the Shimano coaster break repack tutorial🤓

  2. isn't a 3 point leg system always going to be more stable? since it can always be stable on just about any surface. unlike a 4 point that needs a even/level surface.

  3. I love my PSC-4 with the -5D 100 clamp system, I have had it for over a year and restored many bikes with it, you can see it on all my videos, it works great…

  4. I own the PCS-10 and highly recommend it for the home mechanic. It is pretty stiff and stable for cleaning and wrenching bikes. The quick release on clamp and height adjuster is worth the additional cost compared to PCS-9. It folds down to a size that can be carried in car. It is a little bit heavy but I have no concerns on that.

  5. biggest mistake I made was not wanting to spend those few bucks more to get the pcs-10 and ripped myself a new one by getting the pcs-9. The enormous difference in convenience is so much larger than the price difference. If you ever doubt about these two, get the pcs-10. The quick release handles everywhere are more than worth it. The pcs-9 works but it's far from comfortable. And I've been using it for a good 5 years now.

  6. do these accommodate large aero seat posts? like the ones found on Time Trial bikes ect

  7. It's well worth getting a stand. I've had the pcs-10 for a few years. I don't like the clamp as much as the higher end shop clamp shown in the last stand (5c), but after getting used to it I am very happy. Occasionally I'll have to reposition the bike because the screw adjuster handle is running into something like the saddle and can't be turned. Not that big a deal.

    Also, the pcs-10 is a lot less foldable than I had expected. I never fold it up because those silver release buttons are a p.i.t.a. So I just push it into a corner when not in use.

    Whatever stand you get, you will not regret it. And you will wonder how you ever got by without one.

  8. The PS4 is awesome! We have two at work and it's taken many drops and bangs but it's just as good as the first day it was used.

  9. this video really helped me in buying a stand. I love my PCS-10. Park tools are the best. I have learned so much from your videos. Thank you

  10. I still have my PCS-1 from the late 90's. It's a heavy beast, but it's still going strong!

  11. Will the PCS-4-2 clamp jaw opening works on Felt IA bikes? How wide does the clamp jaw opens? The IA seat post has a width of 10 centimeters x 2 centimeters thickness. Can you please validate?

  12. I like the PCS-4 a lot, that's the one I would buy if I ever got one.

  13. He comprado varios prodúctos de esta marca y son de gran calidad y estoy muy satisfecho !!!

  14. I like those but ain't have money for those expensive repair stand, just go and create DIY repair stand.

  15. My PCs-10 the rotating rear clamp that keeps the bike from rotating sticks after I tighten it down. I have to bump it a few times to free it up to change the angle. Why is this happening?

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