Bernard Jenkins


  1. Hang on, so he's walking through London, with what looks like a detonator and no one stops him?

  2. great invention, fuck all them phone addicts, ive always had a mobile phone right from the beginning of them and Im certainly not a phone addict, I use my phone to make phone calls, amazing that!!

  3. You are the best! Never thought that can so fight with a smartphone zombies )))

  4. I LOVE IT !
    Cell phone zombies, beware!!

  5. This is fake – why did the guy on his phone next to the last woman in the cinema queue not get zapped as well – plus he is the guy in the black jacket whose face was fuzzed out earlier in theย film. They are deliberately walking like zombies from a film, i.e. shuffling along, also the girl in the cinema queue is the same one with the green backpack earlier in the video and the girl with the black backpack who gets zapped is the same girl who picks up the first victim's phone. Having said all that it is a funny video and it would be a great gadget if it was real!

  6. Absobloodylutely fantastic! I want one! Before I go to jail for curb stomping them!

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