Pitch vidéo de Nova Ideo, solution d’innovation participative agile

Do you spend long hours in meetings? Everybody makes proposals to improve things! And it is difficult to find the good ideas among those that were proposed. The good proposals are those that were shared and that reflect all points of view. In a nutshell, you must have the crowd work for you. But do you know that, beyond 12 people, a group isn’t efficient any more? This is why you must use an agile participatory innovation tool. With Nova-Ideo you can:- collect the ideas and questions of a group, – organise discussion threads, – jointly and iteratively write implementable proposals, – collect the support or the opposition of members – and finally disseminate the opinions of the steering group. Nova-Ideo is based on 12 years experience of development of collaborative software. It was validated by the official technical department Etalab as suitable to be proposed to French public authorities. Engie / Axima deploys our tool since April 2016. You can try it by going to nova-ideo.com You just need to click on the Pricing tab, to choose your subscription formula, and to validate. It’s done! Your first innovation box is created. You will receive your connexion details by e-mail. You can use Nova-Ideo to: – generate ideas – co-create – exchange with your partners or customers
– even jointly write a document, a set of rules or a book, and this, even if not all participants share the same points of view. It’s up to you to invent the usage scenario with which you will create the innovations of your success.

Bernard Jenkins

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