Playing Air Guitar / Troubleshooting a Potentially Dangerous Radio Issue / A CADORS Story

Feel’s like you’re running at an incredible rate. [LAUGHING] [air guitar solo] [air drumming] [music] OK. Hello everybody. I don’t know who’s watching but… whatever, hello hello hello This is Geoff Bennett. It’s his birthday. It’s his special day. It’s always special. Jeff is an old friend and a talented
musician His band The Mark Inside were part of an emerging indie rock scene in the early 2000’s in Toronto. We live loved the rock-and-roll life
we shared a dingy rehearsal space sweaty late night stages and now as fully
grown adult males nearing midlife… we’re sharing this. Oh god this is so loose on me. I thought this was tighter… There, that will keep me alive. [music] We need to put 5…. 2? 5310. 5310. You put 7 in there.
Thank you five three one zero. Iam a good co-pilot. yay! Yes! Kilo Whisky Mike cleared take off runway 26. Clear for takeoff 26 Kilo Whiskey Mike okay here we are Geoff [music] Geoff here does not have his driver’s license. And yet I’m flying a plane. subconsciously following I just realized I was subconsciously following the path of the road below. This flight to Frenchman’s Bay is more interesting than my whole time spent living nearby. This is awesome. Thanks man. [music] Where’s Blackstock around here? Blackstock? I don’t see it. Blackstock…. found it. YAY we found Blackstock!
Yeah alright! There’s Woodstock and then there’s Blackstock. Which is the heavy metal version. Black-metal-stock. YEAH! [music] Feels like you’re running at an incredible rate! [laughing] oh my god. here come the dad jokes! Oh dude, I base my life around dad jokes, and nineties movie and TV references. That’s Rice lake over there. Oh yeah yeah yeah and … That’s Oshawa airport is down there, you can see that? And that’s the 407. And that’s the sky. And we are underneath the Earth’s Sun… now! [LAUGHING] It’s nice and cool in here now. It’s nice and comfortable. I’m like a stewardess. Would you like a refreshment. Are you comfortable. Can I bring you a pillow? I am A-OK. I could be sitting on a wooden plank right now and be happy. I see cows! Driving up to the cottage every summer as kids my dad would be like “Cows, your side” “Cows, my side”. So… Cows, my side. You ever mount guns on the front of this thing? I took them off just before this flight. Like paintball guns? At this point the flight took an unexpected turn. [radio call] …advise if there’s any conflicts, GKWM. [radio] “Last aircraft calling your mic is really muffled” [radio] “last Claremont call it’s OIJY, you are unreadable.” I’m unreadable. [dramatic music] That’s not good. Natalie I’m not beautiful we can hear
you everybody here Apparently I’m unreadable. I hope everyone knows I’m here! Keep your eyes open! kela whiskey right can I get a radio
check This is KWM can I get a radio check? [radio] “yor mic is muffled” Well I’m muffled… I don’t sound muffled. Do I sound muffled? Clear as a bell. Keep on doing circles to the right… I’m going to correct this. Check-check-check. Sorry, it’s a bit annoying. All this microphone checking… Reminds me of the old days. Check-check. I am checking a microphone. Then Clint going “Checkramaphone.! Chessnuts. Chris would do that too. Checkers. Chestnuts. Check. Check. [RADIO] “GDMA read you 4/5.” Thank you very much KWM. That’s awesome. I needed to figure that out. It’s important. I always remember when we’d do long drives out East with the band thinking aw this is nice. In the city you think the whole world is a concrete jungle But you know you as you drive out there you’re like it’s not. So seeing it up here. I know, a lot of it’s not developed right? It’s not so see it’s not as bad as you think, you know? Okay, so I think we should probably get going back. like way because a that’s actually
interesting because I admit story to tell about that July first Canada Day
which is why go out see the same stuff that was just go with you I met
yesterday got a call an instructor he said you flying a beautiful monster
bellows eight o’clock see for 4,500 feet yeah he said the ever ever like yeah but
he said at eight o’clock and I landed at 7:30
right I know I was in the area but I don’t know because he’s got all this
information that sounds like I was there yeah and I start to panic
I think it grabbed me for this is you outside for money like it’s a safety
hazard yeah at the door yes it is an actually never fuck some time are we
gonna put it up on the screen right now like way that the towers that that
contact free as well and I didn’t hear anything
he’s that great look at you basically guilty until proven innocent as a
situation right I’m like thankful that I have all these cameras going yeah I’m
like I know I can see where I am I didn’t hear any radio calls as pretty
car then pee while I’m looking through the
footage and he said I looked in the lawn for floor folks and they have at the
aisle there for and that thought that like the previous night or the next
night so it wasn’t you it was a piece of Isis is saying that Giga be screwed if
you fly into the wrong airspace I don’t three zero zero two your footing right
in front my age oh yeah that’s right in four to six I’m
gonna make this a grease another landing all right hopefully that doesn’t jinx me I don’t wanna criticize you know it’s
kind job training here on you

Bernard Jenkins

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