PLEASE FIX THIS… (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta)

Bernard Jenkins


  1. LIKE this video if you want the MW Beta to COME BACK! (つ◉益◉)つ

    What do you guys think about Ground War in Modern Warfare? LEMME KNOW!

  2. I saw a picture of a plane flying into a building for a split second before the video started.

    Should I be concerned

  3. This game mode looks sick. CoD formula and pacing, with a Battlefield framework. Also, the feed opportunities are palpable.

  4. I can’t be the only that thinks of the kool-aid man when running through a door lol OOHHH YEAHHH

  5. Someone actually drove the tank under the map and did in the worst spot possible, underground in the middle there is an invisible boundary box he got stuck, and almost the whole team spawned on him and since there's no redeploy about 25 of the 30 players were just stuck.

  6. I think they should change the squad spawn system. U should only able to respawn on the leader. BUT every player can be revived. This will prevent non stop players squads hordes

  7. There is a balancing issue in this mode. In one match, the enemy team has several well-organized players, they managed to maintain the counter-uav throughout the WHOLE match!

  8. The game needs fixing. The weapon balancing and spawning are broken like ww2. And the game feels like the abounded ghosts 2 they started on years back

  9. If this is what the real game is about to look like then ngl I will be asking for something COD again for Christmas

  10. Netcode is soo bad, 2v2 needs longer killcam, shotgun reload has a issue, and yeah tanks need a repair tool. But other then that the game is good

  11. I got under the map some other way I dont know how and I didnt see no enemies above

  12. If private matches are possible in ground war you should do a live stream. Invite us and let’s have fun!

  13. My game didn’t crash once on ground war and I’m on Xbox with the original sooooo

  14. M3RK… are you really going to just gloss over your 3 ever quad feed with a single bullet like that?

  15. I know what I love? The one year exclusivity for ps4
    it's amazing couse I'm on xbox and I'm getting cut content for the same ammount of money
    thanks Activision

  16. Drinking game! every time he says battlefield or Ground war take a shot of the hardest liquor you own

  17. Ground war is terrible in Cod. The spawns are broken and everyone camps. This map was bad too, if you got control of the big building in the middle you basically won the match

  18. You Should Do Mythbusters For Siege It'd Be So Fun To Watch And The Results Would Be So Funny

  19. Is the VTOL jet supposed to target you under a roof? Because I had that happen… a lot.

  20. Movement is so fast I think the maps have to be even bigger than they would need to in BF

  21. I’m so glad a good cod is set to come out. I’ve actually kinda dipped away from the channel because I just didn’t like seeing exo suit two electric boogaloo gameplay.


  23. I'm excited for the story and survival mode. Really curious to see if this is MW4 or MW reimagined, or a prequel to COD 4.

  24. Petition to add the Russian "Tactical Nuke INCOMMIINNNNG!!!" for the nuke announcement.

  25. yo, i stopped watching you for 3 years idk why, but im back to watching u regularly and im glad, missed ur vids dude!

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