Pro Tools® SE Installation – Mac OS X – Troubleshooting

Getting up and running with your Pro Tools SE recording software is easy to do. Just follow the instructions during installation
and you’ll be recording your first tracks in no time at all. From the Desktop or Finder of your Mac,
insert the Pro Tools SE installation DVD it’ll pop up on the desktop just here. A window will also open with an icon for the installer double click it to begin installation. Press continue and you’ll be greeted by the welcome screen. Now the Pro Tools installation is a two-step process but it’s important that you do not connect
the audio interface that came with your Pro Tools SE system. If yours is already plugged in, then un plug it right now. Installation time will vary depending on the speed of your DVD reader. Click continue and agree to the license. Now! Two important keyboard short cuts that Pro Tools uses are already assigned to the Dasboard, and the Spotlight
function in the Mac. I’ll show you how to change these in another video. Click continue and verify that you’re installing both the
Software, and the Content. Both are checked by default and will install a total of 7.92 gigs on your Hard Drive. Click continue and when you’re ready hit install, you’ll be prompted for your administrator password, enter it, and you’ll be warned that a restart will be required upon completion of the installation. Now progress will begin and software components
will begin to be installed. Now at some point during the installation
. you may see your Dock disappear,
. and then reappear
. with the Pro Tools Icon on it. Nice!
. As software installation progresses towards
the end the content will then begin to be installed. Get yourself a Coffee! Now once step one has been completed, step two will begin. And again it’s important that you do not connect your
Audio Interface. Simply choose the correct device the Key studio, The Vocal studio, The Recording studio, or any other compatible
Pro Tools SE Interface. The driver will only take a few moments to install, and you’ll get a message after completion. Now finish the Installation by pressing the restart button and letting your machine cycle through a reboot. You may want to take this opportunity while your restarting
to plug in your Audio Interface. Once that’s done and your back up at your Desktop,
. use the Dock to launch Pro Tools SE.
. The first time you run Pro Tools it’ll take longer to boot as it has to initialize all of the Plug-Ins. You’ll also be asked one-time, to enter your
administrator password. If you didn’t plug your Audio Interface in while
the machine was restarting you’ll get the following message, and if you do, then plug in
your Audio Interface, and then hit OK. Now take a moment to fill out the registration.
. It’s easy, it only takes a moment, and it lets AVid
Customer Service help you better whenever you have a problem. Name, Address, email, phone number. Hit next, answer five simple
questions and that’s it! You’re good to go. Click Register. And now you’re at the Pro Tools Quick Start Menu,
ready to make music with your Pro Tools System.

Bernard Jenkins

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