Radware’s New Cloud Based Attack Mitigation Solution Protecting Against Internet Pipe Saturation

Introducing Radware’s DefensePipe, in-the
cloud attack mitigation system. On-premise attack mitigation system is the best solution
to protect online services from emerging cyber-attacks. It offers the widest security coverage including
SSL based attacks, application level attacks, low and slow attacks, network flood attacks,
known vulnerabilities and egress traffic attacks. In addition, on-premise mitigation starts
immediately and automatically and does not require traffic diversion. However, 15% of
the attacks that are handled by Radware�s ERT turn into volumetric attacks that could
threaten to saturate the Internet pipe of the protected enterprise. These attacks must
be mitigated from the cloud. Radware’s DefensePipe is a cloud-based service
that protects organizations from Internet pipe saturation. DefensePipe is operated from
a data center in the cloud and it complements the on-premise DefensePro capabilities. Defense
messaging between the on-premise DefensePros and the DefensePros at the DefensePipe cloud
scrubbing center share central information regarding the state of the attack, its attack
vectors and attack tools. In addition, the on-premise AMS verifies the utilization percentage
of the Internet pipe. If the pipe utilization is increasing and it threatens to saturate
the Internet pipe, the on-premise AMS sends a defense messaging alert to the DefensePipe
scrubbing center that is monitored by security specialists 24/7.
This alert invokes the ERT that contacts the customer in order to divert the traffic to
the DefensePipe scrubbing center. Since the defense message shared information about the
attack before the traffic was diverted, DefensePipe scrub can start immediately and effectively.
The clean traffic is then sent back to the protected enterprise and the volumetric attack
is mitigated on the DefensePipe scrubbing center.
Once the threat of link saturation has been removed the traffic is diverted back to the
enterprise and if necessary attack traffic will be mitigated on-premise. The combination
of on-premise attack mitigation system and DefensePipe in the cloud protection provides
widest security coverage, shortest mitigation response time, on-premise mitigation of most
attacks, in-the-cloud mitigation when needed. ERT fights the attack both on-premise and
in-the-cloud. Subscribe today to DefensePipe to benefit from the world’s best attack mitigation

Bernard Jenkins

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