Range/Stove/Oven Repair – Replacing the Door Handle (Whirlpool Part # 74011768)

Hi it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today we
are going to show you how to change the door handle on your range and it’s a really easy
job, all you are going to need is a Phillips screw driver, let me show you how we do it.
Now to do this repair we will need to remove the door from the range which is a simple
procedure, we’ll just open the door fully and there are some hinge stops that are located
right where the hinge goes into the opening to the oven and just pry those outward till
they are fully extended, and we can close the door until it comes to a stop and at that
point we are lift the whole door and the hinges right out of the range, and then we can set
it on a suitable work surface so that we can change the handle. Now to do this repair we’ll need to remove
3 Phillips screws across the top as well as 3 across the bottom and we can turn that door
around and we just take the painted screws off of this bottom trim piece, and we can
slide that off, bottom of the glass and we’ll set that aside. Next we are going to remove
the glass from its channel at the top of the door, now there are some self adhesive tape
along the sides that you may need to break free first, and if need be take a party knife
and slide it in there and cut through those, and just pull the glass away from the handle,
use caution, it just fits into three little slots on the top there, so we can take that
glass off and it’s a good chance to clean both the inside and the outside. Now the handle is held in place with two brackets
that support that top trim piece, so remove those and we can lift that top trim off, we
can just turn it over and you’ll see that there are two Phillips screws with large washer
that secure the handle to those brackets, simply remove those two screws and our left
and right brackets to make sure that we don’t mix them up
and discard the old handle, set our new one
in place and we will insert that screw through the hole in the top trim piece, line it up
with the opening on the handle, just start that screw enough to hold it in place, and
do the same on the opposite side, make sure to remove any excess plastic that maybe caught
in the threads of those screws that will prevent them from threading into the new handle. Then we can tighten those two screws securely,
now when we tighten these screws we want to make sure that the handle is centered, and
that the brackets are perpendicular to the top, and that we tighten them securely and
now we can reassemble the handle and top trim piece to the door, we should first put the
three white painted screws through the top first and then we’ll secure the brackets
on the inside afterwards. Now with the top three screws in we can next install the four
screws that secure those two brackets and next we’ll put the outer door glass back
on, we will slide it up into the top trim piece till it bottoms out, center it side
to side, and then we are ready to put the bottom trim on. Just slide that over the edge
of the glass, we will start by inserting the center screw first and then both those side ones, before we tighten
those screws we want to make sure that we have that glass firmly pressed into the top,
so we don’t bend the bottom trim piece when we are tightening the screws, and now we are
ready to put the door back on the oven. Now to reinstall the door, we’ll line up the
hinges at the openings in the oven, make sure they are fully inserted, open the door completely
and close the hinge stops, push them till they are fully inserted into the oven liner
and our repair is complete. I told you it was an easy job, thanks for watching and good
luck with your repair.

Bernard Jenkins


  1. Finally! The door came off easy enough but we couldn't get it back on. We realized that we had taken the door off in the closed position (instead of half opened) and the hinge wasn't in the correct position. After the hinge was pulled out to match the position in this video, it slid in perfectly. Thanks!

  2. That's great news, Laura! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and that tidbit of info here :). Glad to hear you've got the issue resolved now.

  3. Thanks for the useful video. I struggled putting my door back on for an hour before I found your video, even though mine was a different model/brand. After watching your video, I had the door back on in 30 seconds.

  4. Great job. Thank you ..even I could do it after seeing your video. much appreciate your guidance.

  5. Great!…
    It doesn't look so "really easy" to me tho…lol!. But your demo was just what I needed to help me get it done without breaking something. Thank you so much!!

  6. I have a smooth top Kenmore electric and handle is loose which is make glass not stay in with the little  the upside down triangle clips

  7. I'm just so happy that some people take the time to do this!
    You just saved me 140.00 in parts and labor!
    Thank you!

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