Rare lighter restoration – Vietnam war repair

Rare lighter restoration From the Vietnam war Found in Saigon / ho chi minh city Send to me to restore and repair Old history, patina, rust, dirt, mud and love new eco cleaning methods Adding super glue Adding vinegar 7% Now lets work on the cannon part The lighter is stuck in the cannon Plastic padding car body filler 12 hours later Degreasing the cannon wheels Chrome powder coating 15 minutes in 200 degrees Celsius Dinner it ready Really good and solid result Now let’s restore the lighter The lighter is stuck All the lighter parts Testing all the gas valves All the gas valves still works fine The rare Vietnam war lighter Before restoration and repair After almost 20 years the Vietnam war ended in April ’75 when North Vietnam took over Saigon The city was renamed Hồ Chí Minh City after the late North Vietnamese President Hồ Chí Minh Around 230,000 South Vietnamese soldiers died and 1,1 millions North Vietnamese soldiers died More than 60,000 allied soldiers died in the Vietnam war Approximately 2 million Vietnamese civilians where killed on both sides WAR IS BAD MAKE PEACE

Bernard Jenkins


  1. In this video I restore very rare Vietnam war lighter that was sent to me to repair. Please leave your thoughts and comment below ⬇️ DON'T FORGET TO WATCH MY OTHER VIETNAM WAR LIGHTER RESTORATION: https://youtu.be/zeNhhjl9i_0

    Have a very nice day – WAR IS BAD – MAKE LOVE NOT WAR! 👌❤❣❤

  2. This powder chrome coating on the wheels fucked the detailes up. The definition is lost.

  3. Nice just missing a wooden board on which it sotjí.A then chains with a pendant in front.

  4. Might be an idea to use some patreon money to get a nickel playing setup. Also the metal part that was broken off during initial cleanup could have been soldered back on. Nickel plating keeps more detail.

  5. Needs more demonstration of how it works rather than a history lesson about the VN war lol

  6. This is awesome!! I must say though i think the details on the wheels got a little washed out after the chrome coating..its really pretty though
    Keep it up..and these old lighters really are very unique.
    Yeah,war is bad..peace

  7. You do it great I love it But I still want you to patch a perfect piece of copper instead of a patch of copper

  8. War is bad. Right. But Russians are here (( we still have to fight for our freedom.

  9. that chrome coating has nothing to do with restoring this beutiful item. it's just wrong and ugly.

  10. Пилюлей от жены получили, за посудомойку?)

  11. I really like all the changes and updates in the video such as the descryption of the materials you re using and the final message on it. Maybe if you can put music in all video to make it more dinamic and entertain the restorations will be more addictive

  12. You can say that again, "WOW" What a super restoration. Really beautiful xxxx

  13. Güzel bir çalışma oldu dostum. Tebrikler. Barış dileklerinin tüm Dünya'yı sarmasını ümit ediyorum.

  14. Say it with me guys

    It doesn't have to be made during the war to be a war artifact. Anything that has seen battle is most likely a WAR ARTIFACT. Like the shoes collected by the nazis are on display in museums about the holocaust.

  15. Who would let this thing get in this condition in the first place? That's a cool looking little piece. Great job

  16. Great dialogue at the end and also loved the preservation of the original art instead of covering it.

  17. You need to “restore” that brush, but seriously just put the end of it in hot water

  18. Насчёт вьетнама не уверен но уж больно похоже на Царь Пушку

  19. Công nhận việt nam nhiều bật lửa ở chiến tranh thế giới vãi

  20. High time the US of A realized the fact that war is bad.. else you know karma…

  21. What is the average cost to restore these items, is it by the hour or pièce? Thx so much, love your videos.

  22. همون اول بهتر بود…………………..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Why do you put two lots of Subtitles on your videos, it's very distracting. But like your videos keep them coming.

  24. The war is bad, peace is on all. The war of Vietnam is the battle between two brothers, they have different thoughts. I do not distinguish them as North Vietnam or South Vietnamese because they are a nation

  25. video rất ý nghĩa. cảm ơn những người như anh. ủng hộ anh nhiều

  26. love your massage in the last part of this video. i'm Vietnamese. support for you.

  27. I liked it much better before you powder coated it. Original is best. Should have brought whole thing to a high polished shine. In my opinion. Repaint with exact colors. Has some beautiful detail…

  28. I'm not satisfied with the final look. Wheels are too shiny compared to a cannon. Wheels lost details, which real shame coz the step with vinegar doesn't make sense now. If you use acids than probably you don't want to lose details by mechanical cleaning.Great video anyway, keep up!

  29. Where do you find the stuff to repair like where do you find it at does people give it to you or you can you just look around for it it is pretty awesome anyways

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